Ali and I started off the day yesterday by dressing up in our Pretty Princess Dresses for Daddy:
Or, more accurately, I threw on a dress and went to get Ali up for Church, at which point she about fell all over her crib with excitement, saying “MOMMY has a pretty pretty princess dress on!! I want to wear a pretty pretty princess dress like Mommy!!!”

And so, we wore them together.

After Church, we had lunch at our house for both of our families. While Chris grilled out a triple-meat-man-feast (HIS choice to cook on Father’s Day – I’m not that terrible of a wife), Ali was discussing with the whole family what their favorite colors were.

She was careful to ask everyone individually what they were, and would make a mental note of their favorite color, along with their shirt color. (She thinks the two should always be the same, so she’s a bit judgemental if your shirt and your favorite color don’t match.)

Then Mom asked her what Mammaw’s favorite color was. Ali looked at Mammaw,
And then without asking Mammaw, without hesitation and with authority said, “White!”

Of course. Because she obviously DYES her hair that color.

So I’m sure you’re wondering if Oreo has been peeing on my bed since Mom came over for the first time. Thankfully not yet, because my Mom is still being a wuss and using her walker.

However, besides the positive fact that it doesn’t upset our sensitive cat, Ali absolutely LOVES it.


Hours of entertainment.

It makes all of her gymnastic dreams come true. . .

. . . and even makes a nifty Big, Big, Bridge for Gordon and Spencer.

Yes, Ali thinks that Gramamma plus her Walker rocks. I’m pretty sure she’ll be disappointed when Gramamma heals up and doesn’t carry a gymnastics kit around with her.

Mom also brought her wheelchair, which Spry Mammaw decided to give a try, to see what it would REALLY be like to be old:
She obviously loved it. I’m pretty sure she’s going to feign a broken hip any day now.

Speaking of love, I’m pretty sure that Eli could live on dirt cake, and dirt cake also lives nicely on him:
(Chris ALSO made dessert. Am I a horrible wife or what? Or he’s the most low-maintenance Father on the face of the planet. For the record, he wanted to do that for his Mom’s recent birthday. I’m saying that so that not QUITE as many of you judge me. So stop judging me. I made the corn on the cob. And cut the watermelon. Oooh and I mixed the tea.)

And now, for the one and only photographed token Father of the Day, here’s my Dad playing with his two favorite Grandkids:
So that was me yesterday. I didn’t cook, nor did I photograph the honored Fathers appropriately, but hey – at least I wore a pretty pretty princess dress.

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Makes Me Look Bad.

  1. to cute…. I'm glad Chris had a good fathers day. I tried to tease Alex about it being a fathers day for him…but he didn't buy it. Good thing, b/c it wasn't true.. :) :)

    Anyway, I hope everything went well. :) :)

  2. Awesome dresses. Tip from the Robinson children: Throw a blanket over the walker and you have an instant secret clubhouse.

  3. too funny!
    poor Mawmaw tho…Ali would probaly say my favorite color is black, since thats about the only thing I wear!
    and you both looked very pretty in your pretty pretty princess dresses on Sunday!

  4. That's some pretty dresses.:)I should make a dress like yours soon.I think I have some fabric like that.

  5. Luke always loved playing with Ryan's grandmother's walker, we never have to bring toys when we go visit her!

  6. Lianne – we made a secret clubhouse out of the walker today. It wasn't nearly as big of a hit as the Gymnastics toy, but fun nonetheless :)

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