I remember being very young. . . still small enough to ride in the seat on the back of my Mom’s bicycle. We would ride, along with my older brother on his own bike, a few blocks from our house to Marsh’s Bakery. We would go inside and stare in amazement and delight at all of the delicious looking treats.

Then Mom would give us the amazing news we were hoping to hear: “You can pick one thing out – whatever you want.”

I always chose the most brightly colored pastry in the cabinet – the Frog Cookie. After receiving our choices with excitement, we would ride our bikes to the nearby park and eat our magically delicious treats.

20+ years go by. . .

Ali and I found ourselves in a bakery this week. She was stunned and amazed by all of the delicious looking pastries in the cabinet. After letting her run back and forth a few times oohing, ahhing, and pointing with delight at the amazing assortment of goodies, I told her that she could pick out one treat – whatever she wanted.

She looked up at me with stunned, wide blue eyes. She couldn’t believe her amazing fortune.

Much like myself at her age, she picked the brightest treat in the cabinet, except this one was a bright orange smiley face cookie. The man behind the counter got it out for her, put it in a little baggy and then leaned all the way across the counter, stretching as far as he could to reach her little hand.

She looked up at him with beaming eyes and said, “Thank you!!”.

As wonderful as it was to be a kid and get to experience the magic and wonder of receiving an unexpected treat, it is infinitely more wondrous to be the one to get to create the magical moment.

I’m pretty sure that moments like these make parenting as magical and wondrous as being a kid ever was.

13 thoughts on “Magic.

  1. Wow what a great story, It must be great to be able to carry on the tradition. I would have loved to see her reaction in person.

  2. Aww, that just made my heart melt. Your little girl is so beautiful. Sweet memory you guys will share together.

  3. My grandmother used to take me to Marsh's, and we always had their orange rolls for Christmas, they were delicious! We always went to the one in Trussville, but it closed down & I didn't know there was another one, where is it…I'd love to have an orange roll!

  4. Awww… that was such a sweet story. (made me almost cry) My mom used to do that with me. I'm going to have to start doing that with my kids.


  5. That is magic! She looks thrilled.

    Esme picked out the pink sprinkles as her choice when I gave her the option. But being the nit-picky eater she is, I ended up eating most of it. I should just stick with popsicles and ketchup.

  6. that is precious!!!
    i remember Marsh's bakery too! thats where my parents' wedding cake came from…

  7. The biggest treat in Leo and my life, though we did not know each other, was to get to go over to the Marsh Bakery WAY over on the other side of town and get a treat. Some things never change. LYB

  8. it's always better seeing your child's excitement about something even as good as it was for yourself as a child.

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