Cousin Eli’s first birthday was on Saturday, so much fun was had by all. Especially Pop and his two Grandkids.

Ali was quite happy about her hat and her bracelet. . .

But then Pop borrowed her bracelet so that HE could have a hat.

No, that will never do. . .a girl needs her bracelet!

Somebody get this man a hat!!!

Pop is weird. . .

Maybe if I ignore him. . .

I guess I should share Pop with Eli, since it IS his birthday and all. . .
Happy Birthday, Eli!!

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16 thoughts on “Birthday Fun With Pop

  1. That bracelet is perfect! Esme has lots of outfits it would go with…

    And grandpas are wonderful, too!

  2. I have a picture of my husband wearing Tosha’s bib and pouting. It is hysterical. I think it’s such a blessing when grandparents don’t take themselves too seriously.

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