First of all, let’s announce the winners of the giveaways:

The winners of the April Reader Appreciation Giveaway are:
Top Commenter Winner: Jennifer
Comment-On-The-Post Winner: Amy Wade

Congrats, ladies!! Comment on the post and let me know if you want a Bruster’s or a Starbucks gift card!!!

And the winner of the Prima Princessa DVD is: Sherri419


Now I must do a quick follow up on my post yesterday – I L. O. V. E. that half my readers thought I was crazy to see a dancing man (YES, Lianne, I HAVE lived in Alabama my WHOLE life), and the other half totally saw a dancing man too!!!

But my favorite observation was by Gina (not the Gina that Ali is about to be her Flower Girl – she couldn’t see the dancing man – but Gina from Sand Rock) – she pointed out that the deer dancing man actually looked like the Dave Matthews Band slogan:
And she is SO right!! In fact, I think it was this similarity that subconsciously made me think it was a dancing man to begin with. The deer came out around the same time that DMB was waning in popularity, so they crossed on the path of bumper sticker life.

Ahh, the deep thoughts we discuss here. It warms my heart.

5 thoughts on “Winners and The Weird Dancing Man’s Origins

  1. I’m shocked I won again on your blog! This makes twice!!

    I would love Brusters. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks to your blog, I can no longer say that I hardly ever win anything! Whoo-hoo!!! And I’m totally pumped that I get the Starbuck’s card. I don’t do coffee, but I LOVE their hot chocolate, and my husband is a coffee-holic. I see a mini date night in our future! Thanks so much!

  3. LOL! I crossed my eyes and tried to see the dancing man, but still can’t see it!

    I wish I had won your cool prize, but at least I got a sarcastic shout-out! I’ll take what I can get.

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