Even though she never actually got a bubble out of the wand. . .

It didn’t deter her from trying her best. . .

and enjoying the journey. . .

even when she ate a few unformed bubbles.

I couldn’t help but noticing that her hair is getting so long. . .

Porch time is the best.

28 thoughts on “Bubbles = Dimples.

  1. Very cute!! I love bubbles. We haven’t played with them in awhile I am totally getting the bubbles out tomorrow.

  2. She’s so cute. Those are some great pictures of her. :). Her hair looks so good in the back. Hopefully it’ll look that good next weekend. :)

  3. She is precious. I can’t imagine how huge the dimples will be once she gets to form an actual bubble. It will be fabulous.

    Recently my girls and their friends had their “bubble machine” out and we have great pictures. It will be in a post very soon.

  4. Did the bubbles ever get spilled? My bottles of bubbles only lasted about 15 minutes before they were spilled.. lol i always had a backup. she is adorble!

  5. She is TOO cute! I love her long hair! My computer crashed so I have been catching up on your posts…I love the levels of neatness!! That is totally us! I never make our bed unless someone can see it…we’re just going to mess it up again. :) My husband loves it when we have people over b/c it is the only time the house is really clean. :)

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