. . .yes. . .I know there’s no “s” after deer. But it didn’t rhyme without it. . .

Although I thought Ali was all better at my last update, Ali and I went to the doctor this morning after all. She had been telling us all weekend that her ear hurt. She’s never had an ear infection, but she also doesn’t tell us things hurt unless they do. And a couple of times, she told us it hurt and then started crying. And THAT is really odd.

Also, in an odd combination, she had been complaining that her tummy and bottom hurt. Go figure.

So we were on our way to the doctor, and I was telling her that we were going to see Doctor Amy and that she would make Ali feel all better. Our conversation from there went like this:

Me: “Doctor Amy will make you feel all better!!”

Ali: “She will give you some medicine?” (Again, so you don’t get confused, Ali says “you” instead of “me”)

Me: “She might give you some medicine! We’ll see!!”

Ali: “Ali’s tummy hurts. And Ali’s bottom hurts.”

Me: “Doctor Amy will make them feel all better too!”

Ali: “Doctor Amy will kiss your bottom?!?!?”

Me: “No, I don’t think she will kiss your bottom, but she will make it feel better a different way. She will look in your ears, and in your mouth, and in your nose, and will make sure everything looks good!”

Ali: “And she will look at your chin!! And your cheek!! And your other cheek!!!”

So we got to the doctor, and unfortunately the last nurse to give Ali shots was the one who took us back to the room. So naturally, Ali got a bit worried and wanted me to hold her. But she perked up when Doctor Amy came in because she LOOOOVES her (she was actually talking a lot about her last week (she thought Chris’ next-door-at-work-neighbor Misty was Doctor Amy), which made me a bit suspicious that it was all a ruse to see her, but Ali’s not old enough for stunts like that. . . I don’t think). . . . wow was that a run-on parentheses.

Turns out, she did a good job of self-diagnosis. Her darn cold decided to take up residence in her ears – she has her very first ear infection. And, to make it count, it’s a double. She has a fully filled left ear and a half filled right ear. No wonder she was hurting!!

So we’re on antibiotics (Doctor Amy chose that option to make it feel better rather than the “kiss Ali’s bottom” mode of treatment – odd, I know), and hopefully she will be better soon.

Now for a completely unrelated thought – I was reminded when I saw it at the pharmacy parking lot today that I left off a bumper sticker last week in my grand cryptic bumper sticker explanation!!
This one has a great “see how clueless I am” story behind it. They are all over the place down here in the South, and every time I looked at it, I saw a weird little dancing man (see, he’s got his hand out, and his knee up like he’s doing a jig. . .you know you see it).

Then, my all-wise friend Barkley had a pink one and I asked her what was up with her dancing man. She looked at me like I was crazy and asked what in the world I was talking about. I pointed to her bumper sticker. She quickly told me, “That’s not a dancing man!!! That’s a Browning symbol – it’s the head of a deer!!!”

I can now see the deer, but I will always see my weird little dancing man first.

12 thoughts on “Ears and Deers

  1. Very entertaining the way a toddler’s mind works, isn’t it? Bless her heart to have a double ear infection – no fun. Fortunately those meds work fast. I just hope they don’t make her sick to her stomach like they do Amy Beth.

    And for her stomach and bottom, could it be constipation? That’s what David kept complaining about when he was constipated. Lovely conversation, I know…

    And finally, I was cracking up at your weird dancing man sticker! I wish I could have been there for the conversation with Barkley. I would have been in stitches, I’m sure! (and I have wondered what that sticker was for, but I could tell it was a deer)

  2. Oh. My. Word. It took YEARS and my husband pointing out the deer for me not to see the little man. I likened it to Dave Matthews little flame man though instead of a dancing man. I swear, every time I come over here, I feel better about something. Thank you!

  3. LOL – those two comments in a row are perfectly confusing – two DIFFERENT Ginas with completely opposite opinions.

    First of all, I am so glad that someone besides myself DOES see the dancing man. Wow I feel so nearly normal now!!!

    And Jenn, Ali’s hurts are definitely not constipation. I’ll just leave it at that.

  4. You can kiss Ali’s bottom and make her ears better if that is what she wishes.
    I saw that symbol for years; first I thought it was like one of those girly symbols like on semis, then I thought it was a dancing something. Years later Leo told me it was a deer head, which at first I didn’t believe because I could not see it. And, remember very early in our marriage he convinced me that turdles changed their shells among other things he has convinced me of over the years so I was leary. LYB

  5. Sorry Ali has a double ear infection:( Av has had at least 4 already, so she is lucky she made it to over 2 before she got one…Hope the antibiotics kick in SOON!

    And I used to be SO confused by those deer stickers too. Jon had to tell me what it was:)

  6. Aww…I hope Ali feels better soon.

    “Dancing man?” Seriously? Did you *just* move to Alabama? LOL! I wish I could see something else besides the poor deer head.

  7. Poor Ali! I hope she feels better soon!

    As for the bumper sticker, I first said it looked like someone dancing, then I thought it looked like a pregnant woman rubbing her belly, lol… then I realized it was a deer. Interesting!

  8. I’m trying really hard to see your dancing man, and I just can’t seem to see him. I saw the deer right away since it was in your title.

    I hope Ali’s ears are all better soon.

  9. Sorry Ali has an ear infection. I had one last week, and it isn’t any fun. Now I just have a cold.

    Oh and don’t feel too dumb it took me months to figure out that bumper sticker was a deer’s head not a dancing man.

  10. I still can’t see a dancing man, but I don’t think I even had that much clarity about the shape until I saw the deer! Ah, the phases we go through…In all honesty, I liked it most because it was pink! Bet you couldn’t have guessed that one! Kiss Ali for me :-)

  11. I hope Ali feels better soon!

    I have tried and tried to see a dancing man, but you’re going to have to show it to me! I’m lost! My brother-in-law works for Carolina/Browning Footwear, so I’ve always seen the deer! :)

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