TWINS at 10 weeks!!!

So I would normally be telling you about how that Chris and I are leaving today to go off for our anniversary and how wonderful and relaxing it is going to be, and that Ali will be headed to Gramamma and Pop’s to get to do things like this:

But obviously, I have other stuff on my mind. . . .

. . .like, for instance. . . did you happen to remember that today is April Fools Day? ;)

20 thoughts on “I Have Something to Show You. . .

  1. I did remember that today was April Fool’s day! You are funny! I am sure you will get many shocked readers.

  2. Good April Fools, but I wasn’t fooled for a minute. I saw you yesterday and you were too cool, calm and collected to be hiding twins :) Mom

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!! I do have to admit that my heart skipped a beat in shock for half a second…
    Scott actually wanted to do the same exact thing…I hope I talked him out of it…
    Have a great trip!

  4. and WAIT A SECOND!
    I of all people would have known about this!!! :)
    I just realized this and had to come back and comment…

  5. okay.. well i fell for it.. hook, line and sinker! WOW.. that was a great one.. wow.. i was actually calling Jaci (to go over my shock) and when she picked up I just read the part about april fool’s. Oh I am SOOO mad at you.. LOL. Wow. my head is still spinning. I hope the jokes on you.. lets wait for when you do announce the next baby…or babies…

  6. You didn’t get me! And we better never find out you’re pregnant by reading it on your blog!

    Have a good anniversary trip.

  7. I thought about doing a similar “announcement” for April Fool’s Day, but I was afraid that my Granny, a daily reader, wouldn’t catch the joke.

    Happy April Fool’s Day! Here’s hoping you go unfooled all day.

  8. you got me! man, i was really excited there for a second. i almost hope this comes back to bite you:)

  9. I had thought about doing the same thing – except not the twins thing – but I chickened out.

    You almost got me, but you were looking too thin for a woman 10 weeks pregnant with twins…

    By the way, whose ultrasound photo did you swipe for this prank?

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