. . .this slideshow was playing at a certain wedding at our Church:

(be sure to turn up your sound):

(and yes, we WERE brave enough to put our “awkward phase” photos in it):

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. . . and it has only gotten better since that day.

21 thoughts on “8 Years Ago Today. . .

  1. Okay, so now I watched the slide show and you made me cry again. How did ya’ll go from tiny little kids to grown u[ sooooo fast?? I am getting old and nostalgic. LYB

  2. Happy Anniversary! Loved the slide show! I didn’t realize your anniversary was so close to ours. Have fun on the trip this weekend!

  3. Beautiful slide show! And I can so see Ali in you, from your baby pictures! Wow!

    Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you have a wonderful day & many more happy years together!!

  4. Oh, Happy Anniversary to you! I love the slide show. What song was that?

    I hope you have the very best day ever with your own Sweet Hubby!!!!

  5. It was “The Other Side of Me” By Michael W Smith.

    Normally, I would think a Smitty song would be total cheese for a wedding in this day and age (and totally rockin’ awesome in the 80’s or 90’s!), but that song has always struck a deep, deep chord with me. And when I first suggested it to Chris when we were wedding planning and played it for him the first time, he immediately started getting a bit teary eyed. We knew it was the perfect song immediately.

    And is very unknown, which helps in the anti-cheese factor :)

  6. Rachel,
    That was such a sweet “smilebox” to see. Ali is absolutely the spitting image of you. Wow!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  7. The slide show was so sweet. And I could really see Ali in your childhood pictures!! I was surprised. Happy day and weekend.

  8. Ah, so sweet. I sang that song at my brother’s wedding – I really like it! And that baby pic of you looks so much like Ali!

  9. How cute are y’all?! I love the pic where he’s sitting at the lake and you are sitting on a deck. It’s like you are looking for each other, or something. So sweet!

    Ali looks a lot like you…

    Happy Anniversary!

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