I am sitting here typing with an extraordinarily itchy chin, but with no way to stop the itching. Why? Because I had the pleasure of getting a root canal this morning, and I suppose the numbness is starting to wear off.

OH it itches.

My dentist referred to my procedure as a “Rooty Tooty”, making it sound like some old fashioned candy that could be bought for a penny at the Soda Fountain in the 1950’s.

As if he was trying to make it this pleasant, vintage experience.

And although I found the nickname a bit annoying, there WAS one thing that made this root canal better than any other I’ve had (yes, I’ve had them before. I have the worst teeth on the planet. If I could, I would have them all pulled and get teeth transplants). And that was the amazing tooth tarp.

Actually, the official name is a “rubber dam”. I have never seen one of these before, and it was AWESOME. It was this tarp-like thing that they put on a metal brace and put over your mouth and only pull the tooth through that they’re working on.

So it kept me from experiencing that nasty feeling of tooth shards flying all over my mouth and down my throat. It kept my mouth open with less effort from me. It kept the suction and spray out of my mouth. And it kept me from getting any gum or mouth cuts, and therefore getting the bane of my existence, mouth ulcers.

I am a BIG fan of the tooth tarp. Whoever invented it has my undying appreciation.

I would have loved to have taken a picture to show you the amazing tooth tarp, but I don’t know that my rooty tooty dentist would have appreciated me asking him to take a break so I could take blog pictures. However, if you search Google Images, you’ll see what it looks like.

I was actually going to use a random Google image picture to illustrate this post, but there was something very unsanitarily disgusting about showing someone else getting dental work done on my blog.

After my dentist appointment, I had to go get my antibiotic prescription filled. The pharmacist is getting a bit tired of seeing me – my THIRD visit in a week, between Ali and I.

While I was waiting, a Starbucks craving hit. I told myself it would be ridiculous to get a Starbucks while my mouth was 80% numb, but I just couldn’t help it. I had twenty minutes to kill and nothing could take up that time but sipping a Starbucks. And hey – I can’t very well eat, so I might as well enjoy a nice hot drink.

But I did only allow myself to the smallest size – no falling for their “it’s just a few cents more” like I usually do! And although I managed to drink it without dribbling it all over myself, I really only tasted about 36% of it. But hey – it was a good 36%.

Okay – I’m off to search for a brillo pad to scratch my chin with.

10 thoughts on “A Rooty Tooty Itchy Chin.

  1. Your dentist called it a “rooty tooty”? That’s funny….sounds like children’s dentist lingo. :) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. That tooth tarp sounds like one awesome invention! I’m the exact opposite, though, my dentist always tells me what great teeth I have, so I don’t have much reason to need a tooth tarp.

    Your last line about looking for a brillo pad cracked me up. I hope the itching goes away before it drives you crazy.

  3. So sorry about your tooth. you know your teeth are all Chris’s fault, for if you had not gone on those pills years ago your teeth might be fine, well, I’ll blame hime anyway so as not to think he is perfect. The tooth tarp does sound interesting, I have never heard of such. Go scratch away!! LYB

  4. Your post titles are great.

    I thought I had the worst teeth on the planet. OK, so we both do. I have had my share of rooty tooties and they are not so much fun. I think they take too long to complete. I think I had the tarp used maybe once and thought that was pretty cool, too.

  5. I hate going to the dentist. So glad your experience went well. I’ve never heard of the tarp either. I may be tempted to google for pics ;)

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