Due to the major problems I have been having with comments on my blog (and many, many other people have been having on their blogs but somehow Blogger isn’t recognizing it as an issue) I am switching back to the old comment system for now.

I hate it with all my being, but the only thing I hate more is for people’s comments to not get saved, so alas, I do what I must.

So now to leave a comment, depending on which screen you are on, you either click where it says “## Comments” and it will take you to the comment screen, or you can click where it says “Post a Comment” and it will take you to it.

If you have any problems leaving comments or any problems with anything in life for that matter, please please please let me know by commenting (don’t you love the impossible?) or if you can’t comment, by emailing me or commenting on my sidebar chatty thingy.

Thanks for understanding. Let me know if you have questions!

13 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Testing, Testing. Old system, I hate you, but you are more reliable than new, fancy system, so I accept you for who you are.

  2. It works for me. I actually prefer this particular comment system. I have been having problems leaving comments on your blog for awhile, but I persisted and always got the job done.

  3. I just got use to having to press post a comment twice.It’s been going on for several months.

  4. Yeah, I prefer this way to the one you’ve been using. I also always had to click on it twice for it to accept my comment. And lately there were a couple of times that I had to enter it 3 times.

  5. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you so much for your post on “Mommy jeans”. I’ve been trying to find a blog that addressed the issue with the specifics you gave. I’m a stylish (I hope) gal in her early 60’s. But, I’ve just discovered my jeans may all be MomJeans. Ack! Of course, I know about bootcut and flares, which I wear. My problem is that unless the waist hits my belly button, if I bend down my “crack” shows. I’ve tried low-rise and I just cannot seem to find any that work. Is it possible to find hip jeans that don’t make my rear look longer/bigger than it is? I look forward to your next post on slacks/jeans for gals over 50.

  6. Ha… I thought it was just me! I didn’t realize anyone else was having problems. I actually don’t mind this system. The other is nice, but this isn’t bad. ;o)

  7. Hi Mazie!
    I hope you check back here for an answer to your question, because there’s no email address attached to your name.

    I definitely think you can find some good ones, and I really hope that my post on Monday helps. I would recommend trying Ann Taylor – their jeans were amazing in my research for my second post!! There will be more details on Monday, but feel free to email me if you want more information!

    And everyone else – I’m so happy that you’re happy with me going back to the old system – although now it makes me wish I’d done it weeks ago! Had I known you were suffering so much, I would have. Communicate, people!! :)

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