In my last post on Mom Jeans, I promised to show you that it can be done – you can be an older, or more “mature” Mom and not have to wear Mom Jeans. In fact, my aim was to show that someone who already admittedly wears dreadful Mom Jeans can be miraculously transformed simply by wearing the right cut of denim.

My Mom had agreed to be my subject for this before the first post was published, but I was afraid she would back out after seeing the graphic detail that I included in my project. However, when I saw her at a family lunch the day after it posted, she told me she was ready to go the next day.

My Dad, however, was not as impressed with my post. He didn’t find it funny at all, and just said that it proved the point that “women dress for other women, not for men.”

To which my Mom quickly shot back, “Of course they do!! If we dressed for men, we couldn’t go out in public!!”. To which Mammaw (my Grandmother) chimed in, “Too true!”

You really need to experience a meal with my family. The conversations we have. . . they are too joyous for words.

I explained to my Dad in my most analytical voice that actually that is NOT true. Women dress for themselves primarily. All women really just want to “feel good” about how they look. They do, however, secondarily dress for other women, tertiarily dress for their husband, and quaternarily dress for other men.

I didn’t use tertiarily and quaternarily in my original speech, but I do love those words, even if they are improper versions of tertiary and quaternary.

So we promised to meet at the research facility the next morning.

Then I got nervous.

What if I couldn’t pull this off?

What if she hopelessly had The Dreaded Long Butt and my theories were wrong?

What if it truly was not avoidable in some cases?

Oh, the anxiety was gripping.

But I was relieved, delighted, and a wee bit shocked at the outcome of our research. So, without further ado, here is my report:

The Study of the Replacement of Mom Jeans in Moms over 50 Years Old

Hypothesis: That the condition known as “Long Butt” and proven as simply a wardrobe mistake in previous works can also be replaced with much more flattering looks even for more mature Moms, and that proper dressage in appropriate jeans can be potentially life changing.

Research Laboratory: Riverchase Galleria.

Test Subject:

Subject C: Sara.

Aliases include: Mom, Grammama, Miss Sara.

Age: 57.
Height: 5’5″.
Size: 12-14.
Mom Status: 3 Kids – ages 29, 27, and 22; 2 Grandkids – ages 2, and 9 mos.

Subject C is a self-admitted Mom Jeans wearer. After reading The Researcher’s prior research, she admitted to committing all of the cited Mom-Jean crimes. This fact changes the research methods from trying to prove a point to prevent Mom Jeaneage to actually trying to reverse the current Mom Jean situation. Which can be woefully seen in the subject’s Natural Habitat: Testing Standards: As opposed to the prior research, we did not stay only in her current size of jeans, as we are trying to fix an issue here, not just prove a point. However,regardless of how bad The Researcher would have liked to have modified the rest of her clothing to match the new jeans, they were kept the same in the name of proper research standards. Fixing everything else will have to be another test for another day.

Testing Oversight: Provided by Ali,LLP. Yes, she lost her partner, Radford. However, she DID have some help from Elaine, our fitting room associate, who can be seen in some of the pictures as well.

Here is the research team (photographed by the above mentioned Elaine), which included Ali, LLP; The Researcher; and Subject C:

Our first and most productive stop in our research was Ann Taylor. This store ended up being a perfect fit for Subject C’s body phase.

An important factor of finding the right jean is to first recognize that us as women go through many body “phases” from the time we’re 10 years old until we die. I mean, NOTHING stays the same for long, does it?

So you must be willing to try jeans at different stores until you find the one that fits your current body phase the best. Most stores cater to a specific age group, which can help steer you in the right direction, but still may not be entirely right for you. For example:

Delia’s – Typical body phase market = 12-20 years old.
Express – Typical body phase market = 15-30 years old.
– Typical body phase market = 20-35 years old.
New York & Company
Typical body phase market = 25-40 years old.
Ann Taylor
Typical body phase market = 30-50 years old.
Chico’sTypical body phase market = 45-70 years old.
Sear’s (where all Mom Jeans in previous post were tried on) – Typical
body phase market = 70-150 years old, or for anyone who just happened to time warp straight from the 1980’s.

Disclaimer: all above data is in The Researcher’s approximations, and is not information from the mentioned stores.

Back to the data. For comparison, here is the view of Subject C’s natural habitat again:
And here is the first pair of jeans (size 10) that Subject C tried on at Ann Taylor (and please forgive the flash, but The Researcher couldn’t pull Subject C away from the mirror after changing her life):YES. It’s true. Subject C DID, in fact, just lose 30 pounds and have a 50% butt shrinkage factor before your very eyes. The Researcher AND Subject C were completely floored.

Let’s point out the factors that contribute to this amazing transformation.

1. Length: This was discussed at length (no pun intended) in prior research, but this is a perfect example. Having jeans that are short give the effect of the worst, most unflattering pair of “skinny jeans” ever, because they bring all of the attention to the smallest part, ankles, giving the effect of a triangle:
Subject C was insistent that the new jeans were too long, but even though they seem long by traditional standards, the results are undeniable. Jeans that almost come to the floor dramatically lengthen the leg.

2. Leg line: This goes hand in hand with length. Besides the length being too short, the cut of Subject C’s old jeans was “tapered”. This just heightens the triangle effect. Notice that her 2 year old Granddaughter understands the importance of length AND leg line better than Subject C:
Subject C’s new length and leg line, which is “boot cut” (MAYBE the length is a quarter of an inch too long, but it would be perfect if Subject C would wear ANY KIND OF HEEL AT ALL):
2. Pocketage: I will not dwell on this point because it was belabored quite thoroughly in prior research. If you don’t know what I am referring to, PLEASE go back and get a refresher, as this is the most pivotal point of all research done.

Previous butt:New Butt:
The Researcher sincerely had NO IDEA that Subject C had such a non-Mom, curvy-and-not-flat-or-long butt under there. If this isn’t proof enough that it’s all in the pockets, then nothing is.

3. Modern cut and Detail: Notice the modern pocket stitching and the fading detail in the front. The Researcher seriously COULD NOT believe how skinny Subject C looks at this angle.
The Researcher’s husband, upon seeing this picture of his Mother-In-Law, said, “That looks like YOU, not your Mother!!”

Of which The Researcher is choosing to take the compliment that she transformed Subject C, rather than taking the insult that her husband told her that she looked like her Mother.

Final pictures of this pair, just to reiterate the point that there absolutely MUST be a bucket of 30 pounds of prior body weight sitting in the corner of that Ann Taylor dressing room:
Can you believe that butt gets free coffee at McDonalds?! She may start getting carded!

And a front view of a thoroughly shocked and excited Subject C, upon discovering the body she didn’t think she had:

The above jeans were $79, but were on sale for $39. They were purchased by The Researcher for Subject C as payment for any and all intended or implied insults in this research document. Hopefully this doesn’t violate any ethics in research clauses, but the Oversight Committee DID approve of the purchase.

The second pair of jeans we researched were the Trouser pant. The Trouser Pant is a sophisticated, modern, yet mature look for those not yet convinced of the hip leg cut illustrated above. They are more dressy, and can be done very right or very wrong.

First, done right:

Notice the flapped pocket, the still-tapered fit, and the modern wash.
The Researcher still felt that the above pair were too baggy (size 10), so she went and got Subject C a Size 8 (at which point Subject C fainted onto the floor). And although The Researcher felt that the fit was better, Subject C was quick to point out that it did, indeed, create a Muffin Top (lingo that Subject C obviously learned from The Researcher’s prior research):
So the Researcher agreed that concessions could be made for a looser fit, but only to avoid Muffin Tops.

Now, let’s look at the Trouser pant done wrong. This was at a different store (which will remain unnamed since we found nothing positive there, but we can just say it was an “Older Age Ranged Store”):
This trouser pant presents multiple problems:
1. No Shape/Too Baggy: The leg cut is more like a very poorly tailored pair of dress pants, and so they end up looking very unflattering.

2. Pocket: The flap pocket is preferred in most cases, because it draws attention away from any potentially saggy-looking lower-butt curvature. Also, if one’s shirt covers those tiny pocket entries, then it has major potential to just look like the Grandma Jean, as defined in prior research:
Here is another Trouser Pant done wrong, except in the opposite direction. These were tried on at a “Younger Age Range” store:
The wash and length were good, but the rear was too tight, which was just accentuated by, again, having no pocket flaps to detract attention from the fit.

After all of this research, the consensus was definitely that Ann Taylor was the ideal store for Subject C’s body type.

So now research has proven the Mom Jeans/Long Butt Theory both ways. Subject A and B, who didn’t wear Mom Jeans, showed that they can have a Long Butt by wearing Mom Jeans. Subject C, who has been wearing Mom Jeans for decades, has shown the immediate and dramatic improvements that come about by NOT wearing Mom Jeans.

And with that, I leave you with hot Subject C’s profile:
Who knew she was such a hot Gramamma??

167 thoughts on “New Studies Prove that Replacing Mom Jeans Can Result in Surgery-Free Liposuction.

  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation! I will be forwarding this to my mom for sure!

    Of course I need to go jeans shopping with a friend and a camera. How cool!

  2. You are a great researcher. I need to take you shopping with me. You only live what, an hour away?

  3. That was as amazing as all the hype! Incredible! I definitely want you to help me shop for my next pair of jeans!

  4. would you be willing to hire out your services? After the last post, I got all nervous about my jeans in my closet. . .WOW! Your mom looks awesome, so I expect you can do that for everyone, right?!

  5. Thanks everyone! But the idea is that with all of the technical information given in this post and especially the first one, that anyone can shop for jeans and successfully buy a non-mom jean pair!

    However, I'm willing to help anyone that agrees to have their butt plastered on my blog. >:)

    1. Rachel! This was such a fun, interesting and informative double post on the Mom Jean Horror (And, How to Fix/Avoid!) — thank you! Learned a lot.
      Fortunately, I have a daughter, daughter-in-love and a young friend who are all beloved, kind-but-honest, so, I can “phone a friend” w/ texts or, if very lucky, catch them when we are together — and, near my closet! I expect we “girls” to be ruthless with my prior choices weeding out — and, with new purchases!

      Also, wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your humor, spirit and, that you feel great about and love using the “non-words”, “tertiarily” and “quaternarily” — SO heard you and your love for really great-when-perfect words, no matter what! However, creative license aside, I bet this was a slip: “…first recognize that us as women go through …” I’d be willing to bet that you meant to say: “…first recognize that we, as women, go through…” or, “…first recognize that we women go through…” When we are stuck with what word to choose, it’s usually easy to make the situation simpler by checking a pared-down version, such as “Who goes through?” “WE go through!” Simple — much simpler, even, than staying away from MOM JEANS, for goodness sake!

      Please tell your mother that she does, indeed, look 30 lbs. thinner and, terrific! How fun! So glad you and she have a great relationship!

      All the best!

      1. I cannot believe that someone actually commented to correct your typo/grammar slip-up. Seriously? No. Just no.

    2. I am definitely willing to have my butt players on your part of it means me getting a great Jean! Loved this and the other one that linked to this

  6. I’m floored. You are a genius! I’m dragging my mom to Ann Taylor. I just honestly thought there was no hope.

  7. This is hilarious Rachel! I can’t believe you posted pictures of your mom’s butt!! She’s definitely a trooper!!

  8. I have officially gone in to shorts until October. Maybe by then I can find “Over 50” cool jeans. I cannot believe the difference. LLLYB

  9. I am amazed!! I kept scrolling up and down, “no, that can’t be! but it is!!” Thanks for taking the time to complete the research:) I’m kinda excited that I actually need to go jean shopping soon:)

  10. thank you so much for sharing this. I’m almost 42 and hate buying jeans- but BOTH of your posts were so helpful. Can’t wait to get some new ones now!! You guys are awesome. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  11. Rachel!
    You need to make this into an eBook
    and sell it on Ebay! WE all want to look skinnier than we really are; and there’s no crime in that right?! Hey, we need not look bigger in our jeans than we really are, thanks to you!
    I so enjoyed your article, you are a great writer! I love the picture of your little girl, Ali standing next to grandmother and you point out Ali is the one with the best length for the most flattering fit! Boy, she sure learns fast, huh?!
    I enjoyed y’all’s visit to our store and am glad to have made some new friends.
    And guess what? The Ann Taylor full price jeans are STILL ON SALE for 39.00!!! That’s as of tonight, Wed. March 11,2009!!
    Thanks for the free publicity!
    God bless,
    Elaine from Ann Taylor

  12. This is awesome!!! I am always trying to talk my mom into letting me take her shopping. Your mom looks great in her new jeans!

  13. I just found your blog today, and what a great post! First of all, I can’t believe your mom agreed to this (my mom would never!). But what a difference! You should offer your services to other “Mom Jean Wearers”! You could change the fashion world!

  14. This is awesome. Mom doesn’t wear jeans, because she can never find a pair to fit her. I’m sending this post to her.

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  16. I found you through BigMama’s FF post and must say– this is research that would change the world if all the MomJean offenders would read it and heed the advice. Awesome post!! I would LOVE for you to shop for jeans with me. Your mom looks amazing in her new jeans.

  17. I loved this post, and I am headed to AnnTaylor ASAP to get me some non mom jeans. Your mom was an absolute sport and came away with a great pair of jeans. I loved it!

  18. I’m impressed! I have really enjoyed reading both of these posts. You made me take another look at the jeans in my closet. Although I did not have any long butt jeans in there, I did have some that were just not right.

  19. LOL! This is hilarious! What a great idea. I can’t believe you got your mother to go along with it, but it worked! You made your point! Mommy jeans have got to be outlawed!

  20. God bless the sweet woman who allowed all the befores and afters of her butt. You look AMAZING!!! Great post!

  21. What can I say? Great study with beautiful results. You’re mom looked great. Did she buy them I hope?!

  22. I loved your post about the mom jeans. I am guilty of wearing mom jeans for too many years to count. I’m 45 and a size 16P. I ordered the Ann Taylor jeans online. Loved them. My daughter was startled by how good they looked. So she took me shopping at the mall for more jeans. I found a pair at Old Navy. I am having to get them altered a bit since the back stuck out. But otherwise they fit good. I don’t understand why the waist band of so many jeans is so big? I’m not skinny, must be my hour glass figure! LOL!

    So I want to ask you what other stores should I be looking at? I’m losing weight and will be in a size 14 in probably another month. So places like Lane Bryant are too big. I’m on the cusp of sizes. I had never shopped at Ann Taylor. It was a pleasant surprise..

    Thanks again, you have transformed my life!

  23. I love these posts. So true. I am so glad that my 62 year old mother does not wear Mom or grandma pants. She actually shops with me at the buckle and looks great in them. I have a pant obsession and have committed to never wearing Mom pants.

  24. That was awesome. Not only very thoroughly researched and informative, but laugh out loud funny!

  25. Wow- I'm 26 and pregnant with my second baby and that gives me hope I can still be hot at 50 or 60 with those jeans. Great work!

  26. WOW, you are an awesome writer and did a great job with your Mom. I am 54 and 5'1" and wear 8-10P. Have you even tried the Lee Riders at Wal-Mart as suggested by Stacey London of WHAT NOT TO WEAR??? Try it, they look like skinny jeans on me and they are only 20 some dollars. BUT that's not to say you did a great job. I LOVE IT!

  27. My daughter sent me your links so I went to Ann Taylor today. They no longer make this style. : ( But I thought maybe I could get a pair on eBay? Would your mom mind sharing the info on her label?

  28. Linda – I got my Mom to check, and here's what she came up with:

    "On the size tag it says Modern Fit , Lindsay waist. On a small
    inside tag at the side seam are these numbers on one side 227254 and on the
    other side these numbers ID#8054C. "

    Hope that helps! Good luck!!

    1. The Ann Taylor Lindsay Waist Jeans! I bought these jeans 3 years ago, and was lucky enough to get another pair 2 years ago on sale! Unfortunately, they do not make these anymore and I would also love to get a few more pairs–size 2…I was googling to see where I could find some when I came across your blog–well done! If anyone knows of a warehouse somewhere that may have these—Would love to know! Thanks and good job! The ID #8054C cited above is the same as mine, but the other number is different (probably irrelevant)..

  29. honestly fabulous! loved both posts!
    could you show us how to not have mom butt when wearing shorts?? summer’s comin’!

    1. Oh I SO wish I could figure that out – I hate shorts, because they all make me look like I have barrel thighs!! I really need to do some shorts research this summer and see if I can find a solution…

  30. Good for her! Thank you for doing all this research. Wish you could come shopping with me. I have a closet full of jeans, but only one pair that I like the rear view in.
    She looks younger, thinner, hipper and GREAT! Love her smile, too.

  31. I am a MOM jeans wearer. sad but true. I am a 48 year old mother of three step mother of 4 and grandmother of 7 ( I know makes me feel old just reading it!!!) Both articles on Mom butt are very enlightening. In fact I may have to print them out and take them shopping with me so I get it right!!!
    Thank you so much for tirelessly doing the research to save the world from the long butt!!!

  32. I am really late reading this but thanks for both posts. Love your mom’s transformation. Very good info about pockets – I had no idea.
    My problem is talls are too long and regular not long enough and I need a longer rise. Any thoughts about how/if/ it is ever acceptable to lengthen jeans. I lucked out in the 70s when I was young and it was cool to add ribbon or whatever.
    Thanks again. I will now look at all slacks with new critical eyes.

  33. these two blogs were HILARIOUS but SO TRUE! great “research” and love that you showed both ages.

  34. Your sense of humor makes me laugh outloud! And just as important, your information is most helpful!!!!! Thanks — you are delightful!

  35. Well, that was THOROUGHLY entertaining while at the same time providing me with hope for myself, which I had given up on a long time ago… Thank you! :-)

  36. So thankful for this and the previous research (Long Butt). Because of this my Mom Jeans are now at the local Good Will store. Found some jeans that fit me better at Old Navy. But plan to take a trip to Ann Taylor very soon.

    1. That’s great – congratulations!!

      For the record, I took my Aunt to Ann Taylor not too long ago, and their selection of non-mom jeans has waned considerably. I ended up taking her to Express, and they fit much better.

  37. Love it. I have believed for a LONG time and refuse to wear the mom jeans. Great research. Need to post this post for all the other moms out there who need to read it and laugh. 45 year old me is ready also to get rid of my beloved cords which I have fortunately lost enough weight to have them hanging off of me. Baggy pants…..NO!!!!

  38. I LOL, being a Grandma that wears Mom jeans on a daily basis… looking forward to my next trip to Ann Taylor! Maybe I can lose that last 15 pounds in their changing room, too!

    1. Best of luck!! Although for the record, the last time I took someone (my Aunt-In-Law) to Ann Taylor, a lot of their jeans weren’t as flattering as the ones pictured here. I ended up helping her get jeans at Limited and Express, and they looked great on her!

      1. I can never find jeans at Ann Taylor. I have to have curvy fit and their curvy fit doesn’t do it. Have been wearing the Not Your Daughter’s Jeans brand for a few years and love them but now I’m paranoid that they may in fact be MOM JEANS. I’m 45 but trying to stay young :)

  39. Wow. Just wow. Very insightful and informative to someone who had no clue. And you did all that research with a toddler in tow!

  40. I stumbled upon your first experiment and the link to the sequel and loved reading them both!! You inspired me! Being a mom-jean wearing AARP card holder for years, I had settled into Levi 550 complacency. Reading your blog prompted me to get in the car, drive to the local Levi outlet store and let the store clerk determine my body shape (demi curvy) and put me into some non-mom jean styles. Love it! Tell your mom that this over-60 mom says she’s lookin’ hip and hot now.

  41. Wow. I know I have been wearing “mom jeans” but at age 53 I really didn’t care. But, now that I have seen the transformation in your mom’s, er, derriere, I am rushing out to buy a new pair of jeans. I see that this blog is 3 years old, but I trust I will still be able to find a trendy new pair somewhere, if not at Ann Taylor.

    Now if you could just just figure out the solution to buying jeans for women 5’3″ tall, where Misses length jeans are 1-2 inches too long, but Petite jeans are are 1-2 inches too short. It’s like they only make pants for women 5’2″ and under, or 5’4″ and over. Ugh.

    Thanks for a fun read.

    1. Great!

      No, Ann Taylor has unfortunately gone off the Mom Jeans Deep End since this post. I would recommend trying the short length at Express, in either the Stella or Eva brands.

      Let me know how it goes!

  42. Rachel, At 62 I never understood exactly what you described in these two excellent articles. I recently bought a pair of jeans that I felt good in. After reading your articles, I looked at my backside and saw my pockets did curve under as recommended. The length thing is a problem for me at 5’3″ the hems are too short (petite) or too long (regular). I may have to commit to having even my everyday jeans hemmed to the appropriate length. My other problem is my apple belly.

    If you’ve done research of widening waists, please let me know. If not, a possible subject for research. Almost everyone gets to this stage of a wider waist.

  43. Rachel,
    Love your post. I am 45 years old. I just lost 20 lbs. back to size 6.
    I have been struggling to find jeans that fit my new size. I finally tried one of the younger age stores where my daughter shops. Those jeans fit so differently. After reading your blog I understand why and see how they make my behind look better. I have a very flat but, but the pocket placement gives me a little bit of shape. I will remember this and not just get lucky next time. Thanks

  44. AWESOME article & “research”! I’m going to go through my clothes today & see how much I need to get rid of! Thank you for the inspiration!

  45. Thanks to you AND YOUR AWESOME MOM! I recently went shopping with my mother and was there when she discovered Not Your Daughters Jean. She was sashaying around and feeling GREAT about herself in minutes. Life is too short to wear unflattering clothes :)

  46. I just stumbled across this in Pinterest. So informative yet funny. I hope and can get my Mom…wears her jeans too high and too tight, and my m-i-l…wears elastic waist jeans, to do this. Thanks for your research!

  47. Loved both articles. Lots of great tips, although as an overweight grandmother, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to accomplish. Can’t seem to find anything between grandma jeans and muffin tops. Looks like I need to check out Chico’s and Ann Taylor.

  48. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this website, but I am guilty as charged and will be shopping immediately with my newfound enlightenment! I honestly did not know about the pocket effect, but totally agree now that I see what it does – especially since you featured the exact same Lee jeans I currently have in my closet. Thank you also for proving an older mom can also wear flattering jeans, as I am no spring chicken anymore.

  49. I just stumbled across this on Pinterest as well and wanted to thank you for your research to enlighten the rest of us. I ended up switching from mom jeans, but not really knowing why and so it helps to understand the physics behind this and to identify how to not end up with them.

    Do you have any insight on ‘baggy butt’ that happens when wearing pants, sometimes jeans?

    1. You’ve just got to find a brand that doesn’t stretch out through the day, and if you have a small butt, find a jean that’s made for a small butt!

  50. Thank you for your research and humor on a lesson very much needed for all age groups! Now I need to return the two pairs I bought in error.

  51. Thank you so VERY MUCH for all the great information on how jeans are SUPPOSED to fit!!!!!! I, too, am a grandmother, who would like to look as young as I feel! Thank ygoodness you are listening to us young “older” women! We are totally forgotten about and ignored by most stores!
    Thank you so much!

  52. Love your humorous writing, and very well done illustrations! I’m a convert!
    Actually, at 54, never dressed THAT badly, but now understand what makes a difference. Thank you! If my 76 yr old mother really cared, I would know how to help!

    1. I have not tried these myself, but from what I’ve heard, they have some work to do to get the pocket placement right. However, they’re going to be different on every body, so it’s worth a look to see how the pockets fall on you.

  53. I had to post a response to this one. I read all of your other “butt blogs” and I seriously laughed my butt off at the Sears age range! I like to think of myself as a very young looking/acting 40 something who is completely unwilling to let my butt become long! Please pass along to your mom that she looks incredible out of the Lee’s. She transformed entirely and all I can say is WOW and good for her!

    I have three adult daughters, two of whom are plus sized and it was really refreshing and awesome you did not leave them out. Big butts DO lie when they are in the wrong jeans!

    Thanks for the awesome advice. I had no idea about the space between pockets and just how much of the view I am missing when trying on jeans. I hope to provide my derriere with the most flattering jeans from now on.

  54. I am 55 and have the Diva boot cut from Old Navy. I also have a couple of pairs of Miss Me in bootcut and skinny with back flap pockets. There is such a major difference. I only wear the Old Navy at home lol! I have to fight my 18 year old for my Miss Me skinny jeans. It is all in the back pockets and cut. I also believe they look better with a tall heel! I wouldn’t go to the mailbox in skinny jeans from Old Navy! I don’t have skinny jeans from Old Navy, but if I did…

  55. OMG!!! This was the cutest, funniest, most informative fashion advice blog I’ve ever read!!!! Thank you so much! Please address the wide butt syndrome in your next blog!
    Still howling!
    Glenda Barnett

  56. You are a delight! I’m a 53 year mother and soon to be grandmother. I found your research very helpful even though my BFF has kept me from wearing mom jeans for years. I will never forget when she introduced me to a lower cut pair of Calvin Kleins. It took 10 years off my life and I threw away my Chic jeans forever!! Keep up the good work!

  57. Your post-the original, and this one that lead from Jeans for 50+, have been so entertaining! Thanks for all the research-you have saved me countless depressing hours of searching for some new jeans. HA! I am 50 this year, 6 ft tall and size 12. Most everything I put on for jeans gives me the long mom butt. I hate it! My fave jeans are Levi’s and they have holes thru them. Before looking for patches I think I will head out tomorrow and hunt some new ones. Now I know where to start looking and where to avoid. I hope my butt will look as good as your moms! Thanks again, and also thanks for the giggles! (my husband had to look over my shoulder to see what was making me laugh. Long zippers, 3rd cheek, etc.) :)

  58. Hello. I found your blog via Pinterest THREE HOURS AGO and I was completely suckered in. Well-written and humorous, so a big thank you!

    I’m almost 47 (sob) and hate shopping for clothes, particularly jeans. At 59 inches (it sounds so much taller than 4’11’, doesn’t it?) and about 105 pounds, I still have a bit of a C-section pooch even 8 years later. =/ I had not bought jeans in YEARS because I hate the process… the crying and sobbing in the dressing room got to be more than I or my 20-year-old daughter could bear. Two days ago, we went to a local consignment shop, where I found a couple of pairs of– dare I confess?– Old Navy jeans. One is the Diva (size 3) and the other is the Sweetheart (size 2). Who comes up with these names? Any way, they fit great , and both pairs got the squeal of approval from my daughter. “Look at Momma, rockin” the skinny jeans!” She’s a good one for my ego, that one is. Now that I’ve read through these posts and comments, I’m rethinking those two pairs of jeans. Ouch. I think I may head to Express?

    1. They do work on some people, so maybe you’re one of those people!! Feel free to send me a picture if you want – I’ll be glad to help if I can and send you in the right direction.

  59. Just had this forwarded to my by my 27 yo daughter, do you think she is trying to tell my something???!!!

  60. I’ horrified to find that I’ve been wearing mom jeans for years ( Old Navy Sweeheart) now that I know I have to rectify the situation ASAP
    Thank you for opening my eyes

  61. This made me laugh. I’m 54 with 3 grown daughters who constantly keep an eye out for a mom butt appearing. I appreciate it. I have found that for my body type ( short waist, long legs) that women’s jeans just are a huge NO since most of them seem to be made to ride just below my bra… I have found that Wallflower brand curvy juniors fit amazing and are actually made long enough. The other bonus…$29 at Shopko.

  62. Love your blogs they are so helpful, just found them today. I am 62 and 4’10” and 120 pounds. Big waist and tummy, skinny legs. I should only weigh 95 or 100 at my height. Suggestions? Also, I recently heard of some Diane Gilman jeans, DG2 I think, as perfect for baby boomers. Are any of them flattering and non-mom? Thanks.

  63. On my way from size 24 to 16. Already lost 34#.
    My goal is size 14 jeans. Currently in Grandma jean.
    Thanks for the hints.

  64. wow. As a dedicated Mom-jeans wearer, I was very skeptical. I thought your mom looked fit and comfy in her own jeans. While I didn’t think she looked thinner, necessarily in the new jeans, since the originals had a slightly baggy fit, absolutely she has the butt of a 20-something in the jeans you got her. I will certainly be rethinking my stance on pockets and taking your advice on length to heart. Still need pants that fasten around the waist so they don’t feel like they’re falling off, but thanks for the convincing!

  65. How extremely informative AND hilarious! In my casual observations when out and around , it’s scary how MANY women, and not just gals over 40, wear hideous, unflattering jeans. Including the dreaded mom jeans. I’m 58 and have never worn tapered, high waisted jeans. Except Brittanias back in the 80s. But that was the style!!

  66. I have the problem of jeans cutting me in two in the front crotch area. I don’t like the “split-tail” look, but I don’t know what causes it in order to avoid specific cuts of jeans. What causes this?

    1. You probably need a jean with more room in the crotch (perhaps a higher rise), a different fabric (less spandex and more weight) or a size bigger. Hope that helps!

  67. What a great article! I really enjoyed the photos. What a difference! I recently discovered (inexpensive!!!) jeans at Charlotte Russe. They fit me much better than other more expensive jeans.

  68. Thanks so much for all your hard work ( sorry about those achy legs-Epsom salt bath-or circulation stockings help hurting feet and legs)/I appreciate the help. Now if someone would do this for the guys out there! (or is there a blog I missed).

  69. Sears 70 -150, lol so true

    thanks for all this research, now jeans make sense to me.
    I will make a short list for when I buy my next jeans.

  70. Thank you!!! I am just reading your blog for the first time. I learned of it through a link on Pinterest and it has replaced man repeller as my favorite style blog. You put the jeans in jeanious! (misspelling intended). Please keep up your very important research. You are making the world a more beautiful place. With regard to your review of Gap jeans, I was glad to learn that I am not the only person who looks horrible in most if not all Gap jeans. One question, have you ever tried the gap always skinny cords? Unlike gap jeans, the cords are crazy flattering on me-to the point that I have had several women complement me on my butt and gone straight to the gap where they purchased these magic cords for themselves. Thanks again!

  71. Your research was very interesting and I give so much credit to your test subject. I am in my fifties, and I don’t think I would have had the guts to do this as your mom did. (although she looks wonderful). She has the same body shape as I do, so this information is going to help immensely! Thank you to both you and your mom! I loved the humor you put in this also. Very good blog.

  72. My daughter has told me to read this article, and that I wear the classic mom jeans. She insisted that I go to the Buckle and try on their jeans. After trying on Miss Me, and Rock and Republic jeans. I was amazed. I had to bite the bullet and pay $158.00 for the Rock and Republic, but they look great! Well worth every penny. No more mom butt for me!

  73. Oh I just loved this post and the one before! But how embarrassing to find out all my jeans are Mom Jeans :/ Well, you have made me feel like I have more choices! My two problems are I hate shopping and I”m almost 64″, with petites too short , while regulars are dragging on the floor. I can’t wear heels due to an orthopedic problem. I find my shape has changed with “the change”, even though the weight hasn’t much, so I don’t shop because I can never find anything…it doesn’t help that I live in a very rural area of far Northern California, with just a Walmart, Sears and Fred Meyer, the malls are 2-3 hours away. I know you can’t help me with the first problem, but do you have any specific suggestions for my height (weight is 135) and shopping choices?? Thanks for contributing so much to making our lives a little more beautiful and humorous! Terry

    1. I would say don’t be afraid to hem to get the perfect length – very few people have jeans that are perfect in length for them, and hemming is a relatively cheap way to get PERFECT jeans.

      It’s hard to say what brands would be best for you without knowing more about your particular shape, but I have done several more posts about jeans (check out my denim category) that give more advice on great specific brands. Right now, I really love Red Engine – they’re fantastic, but pricy. For a less expensive option, try Express.

      Hope that helps!

  74. Okay! I’ve now read all the way through the two articles (originally, a FB post link by a beloved young mom friend about the same age as my younger son). You are a wonderful, warm and caring writer and communicator, Rachel! It’s terrific that you take great care of your blog, are a real “friend” to your fans, here, responding with truly helpful suggestions and “atta girls”! Going to next read your latest posts of jeans/denim. Thanks for all the help — and, the humor! So happy that you are still here, writing; I wasn’t sure, noting the dates of the original jeans posts.

  75. wow, I can’t believe this post is 5 years old now. I am 60 and wear the Target mom version because they are so safe and I have no idea of what to look for, besides no elastic. Who would think pockets would be so important!! I am not as out of shape as my butt looks in my jeans. However, I am so afraid of those very short zippers, This signals to me my crack is going to show when I bend over. People just don’t seem to care about their cracks or bra straps etc. Are short zippers and butt cracks truly connected or I am worried for nothing? I am now fixing to go shopping for jeans and see what’s out there. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Also, I am kind of long in the rise anyway, which makes me more afraid of short zippers. Most pants that fit my hips are way too large in the waist.

  76. I found a link to this on FB! Loved your mom’s willingness to stand in there for us baby boomers! I just bought two pairs of jeans off of ebay via your suggestions. I’ll let you know!

  77. Just found you and read this – wonderful! I am “over 50” and had been wearing mom-jeans up until about 5 years ago when my daughters bought me some Not-Your-Daughters-Jeans – they are wonderful, too! I also LOVE Ann Taylor – my favorite store. Also have the blessing of having a Factory Store and Loft near me, so it’s great! Your research is fun and well presented – Keep up the great work, Rachel!!!

  78. Being ‘over 50’ as not stopped me from trying to make my butt look great in a pair of jeans. I went the Gap/Old Navy route but discovered Xpress until they closed in my area. I actually found some at Kohls that are not really a MOM jean. So thank you so much for pointing out what I’ve been saying for years. Our butts CAN look good, GREAT over 50.

  79. I must say, that I had a ball reading these post, and looking at the pictures. Totally enlightening. For a plus size petite woman ( by 1 inch) it is hard to find jeans that I think fit. According to your post, they probably don’t! Hahaha. I will never look at a pocket the same way again. I found this because I wanted to wear a pair of jeans tucked in a pair of boots. God help us all…I’m gonna do it. I even got up and checked out my butt. OK. Flaps? yes, with pockets. stitched pockets, yes. smaller, higher pockets, yes. pockets closer together. By God, I thing I got it!!! Aww heck…..too short. They look like your mom’s. (Sorry Mom) One stinkin’ inch taller than a petite. Drat. Thanks for the info, and the encouragement for us to look better. Skinny jeans and boots for the Heart concert in Biloxi!! I might even hit the slots I feel so good. :)

  80. I am 72 years old and wear size 10 Gloria Vanderbilt jeans because I can button at the waist. I am only 5’1′ so they are still too long even with a boot. Loved your blog and learned at lot even at my age.

  81. I just came across your blog and this post (not sure how!). I am 51 and know I wear the dreaded Mom Jeans and desperately want to change that! I am in the process of losing weight (7 lbs down since Jan 2–about 25 more to go) so that gives me a little pause as I don’t want to spend much money on jeans that won’t fit for too long (I hope!). One question I have that has always concerned me about jeans/pants is that I am very short waisted. I don’t know to get jeans with a lower rise that don’t create a muffin top. I wish I could find a personal shopper! :) Keep up the good work and many blessings on you and your family.

    1. Sorry for my late response!

      Try these brands – they have higher rises or some higher rise cuts:

      Red Engine
      J Brand
      Genetic Denim
      Joe’s Jeans
      Lucky Brand
      HauteLook carries most of these jeans at half off from time to time, and they do a good job showing how high the rise is of a particular cut.

  82. It was very refreshing to find helpful info on dressing, for women over 50. Most sites cater to younger, much thinner women. I love your sense of humor and will definitely be following your website. It’s extremely hard to dress “middle age” women, we don’t want to dress like elderly women, but we also don’t want to dress like our daughters. Thank you sooooooo much for including the more mature woman!

  83. I have a challenge for you. I have long legs (34 in inseam) and typically wear a 4 or 6 so getting a pair of pants to come to my heel is a challenge. In addition, I am a petite, in other words have a short torso (with regular length arms). The long legs + short torso combo doesn’t work for most any jeans on the market today. I have a small waist, so any pants that are supposed to be on the hip are at my waist, and if i let them slide down to my hips, I have 2-4 inches hanging lower than my crotch (a very uncomfortable fit!). This also means the pockets on the backside are usually way too high, and there is way too much extra material in the front of the pants. Since most women’s jeans have only one belt loop in the back, a belt is useless since the waistband just pops out from under the belt and/or the back area gets all bunchy making shirts get caught there and/or adding 3-4 inches to my body circumference. I’ve tried Levi’s curvy but they are too curvy for me (the hip area is baggy) and the front is still too roomy (I can fold the waistband over once). I’ve also tried Gap’s boyfriend — the legs are way too short, and the back gaps ridiculously in a size 4. Gap doesn’t make a tall length any smaller than size 4. Please help.

    1. Hmm…. how much are you willing to spend? I think there are some good brands out there that would work, but they may be on the pricier side, unless you could find them on sale. I would try:
      Hudson Jeans – their standard length is 34-36″, they have a very short inseam, but a wide waistband to help keep them in place.
      Joe’s Jeans – These are just great all around jeans – great fits, long lengths, comfortable denim, and you can find them in almost any cut.

      Also give Express a try – especially their skyscraper jeans, if they still have them. They’ll be cheaper than the above two.

      Hope that helps!!

  84. Don’t take offense. I am not a mom. And i am not over 50. I am probably your age. Maybe younger. I would absolutely wear what your mom was wearing in the first picture, except i would roll up the jeans, and i prefer Levi’s. Not Lee. I LOVE Levi’s. I scour for vintage 501’s as a hobby. The improvement is lost on me. I love the sweater too. Your mom’s clothing just screams good quality Americana. I am not fashion illiterate. I grew up with low rise jeans like most people our age. In 1999 I recall wearing jeans so low, you couldn’t even wear a thong, unless you didn’t mind the straps showing, and in fact, that is how lots of people wore jeans. I used to love low rise. Actually, I understand that if you have a few extra pounds round the mid section, lower rise is a good idea. then the waistband sits comfortably under the belly, and you can cover the whole offending area with a long shirt. But even if I were someone completely different i would not go back, because it is BACK.. Why are you so hot to stay in that low rise rut? Long but? Why is a short rectangle better? High rise gives a perfect heart shaped bum. And why wouldn’t you want people to notice the bottom curve of the but? isn’t that the whole point?

  85. I love this post, it got me out to buy new jeans for the first time in forever! Who would think the changes could be so dramatic? The pocket-placement advice is so transformative.

    Can you PLEASE do a post about shorts?? I haven’t bought shorts in forever either, too discouraging. Jean shorts?

    1. I want to, if I can ever get the chance to take the pictures! I got some amazing ones from Joe’s Jeans and Red Engine this year (on sale.) Even on sale they were expensive ($50) but SO worth it!

  86. Today I was looking for a pair of jeans, I’m 63, WAY too heavy, 5 kids, 6 grand kids and haven’t worn a pair of jeans for years and years since I put on soooo much weight that I was frightened to be seen in them. I used to love the feeling of pulling on a pair easily, zipping & buttoning up.. Stretch jeans came along & they were comfortable until I found you have to keep pulling them up to your waist (no fun). THEN I found your blog which I’ve spent much too long reading/laughing and thoroughly enjoying., but you are in U.S. And I am in Australia, I’ve obviously heard of Gap (make-up?) but none of the others, so I can really only buy online. Besides, I wouldn’t have the courage to walk into a jeans shop & try every type of pocket, leg shape, denim colour and young/old jeans. They’d think I was crazy and want me out asap.
    It’s awful, my life’s surely not over yet – although for JEANS I fear it may just be …………unless you can suggest anything I could possibly do ?????? I’ll def keep reading you – you’re wonderful.

  87. Well of course I wasn’t even beginning a thought like that!! No, it’s just that you always seem to be very definite about trying before you buy, and that’s hard – for the reasons I’ve explained. They may seem pathetic to others but they’re MY pathetic. Lol.
    I’ve been looking online, and even had success with 2 pairs I bought last year, but unbelievably I can’t remember which site it was. Utter madness. I was looking at Not Your Daughters Jeans the other day because somebody told me they were the best jeans they’d ever worn – and they’d want to be at the prices. I don’t know if you pay the same, but ordinary straight leg (not boot cut ) were close to $200. Apparently they contain more spandex (4%) than the others. Have you any info on them at all? Would it be worth spending the $, after all they can be refunded..
    Ezibuy have an enormous range, with a good site that’s clear and full of information etc – they have the obligatory ‘plus size’ section but I find it insulting, boring and the jeans look awful. Maybe it’s just the realism I am finding uncomfortable. LoL. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks, jane.

    1. You might try Talbots jeans, Jane! They have a lot of fabulous styles, including plus size. :) I love mine! They’re well worth the price and last forever.

  88. So funny! Someone earlier in the blog mentioned the problem of always having to pull up jeans. I have that problem. I really hated when stretch jeans came out, for that reason. They feel great until you move – then they start sliding down. I have very few curves (except the unflattering one in the belly). I’m 5’3″ and short waisted. I just ebay’d my old Old Navy Weekend size 2 long jeans, they are about 5-10 pounds too small, but I LOVED their fit. Are any jeans nowadays made with 1) non-spandex mixes and/or 2) higher waists?

  89. I am 50 plus and really do need help. I am pear shaped and my bum is the largest part of me even though I weight under 120 1lbs. I have gone everywhere trying on jeans and the pockets always seem to emphasize my bum.or the waist is too big. Is there anyway that you can break this down to something simple I could take shopping with me? Sort of a yes or no check list? When it comes to this topic I just get so lost and confused.


  90. Love your website!
    I am 60 and size 18W. First I have to say, awww, your mom looked so comfy in her old jeans : )
    Chicos makes the best jeans for the older mom crowd. They understand the apple shape that happens in middle age.
    NYDJ makes good jeans also, but the fabric and fit can really vary, so best to try on in the store.
    Ralph Lauren jeans are nice, but the fabric can be heavy and rough.
    A ribbon belt is a good thing to have to prevent downward slipping of the stretch jeans. Sadly as you get older, you body does not always love being squeezed, although it does look nicer.
    Your mom and models were really nice to try all those jeans on! Thank you!

  91. I know you posted this a long time ago. I was wondering if you have ever done a plus size denim makeover.

  92. I have a challenge for you. I am 51, small framed, 5’3-1/2″, 120 lbs. I have small thighs, am longwaisted, and after 3 kids a pouchy belly. Worst of all I have a condition called NO BUTT AT ALL. I have read your blogs and am taking notes for when I go on my upcoming Jean Shopping Expedition. I feel like I need the high waisted jeans to hold everything in (my current jeans create the yummy muffin-top), but I do not want to have the appearance of LONG BUTT or NO BUTT AT ALL. I have a pair of Day Trip Lynx high waisted from the Buckle that are highwaisted and I think are ok in the rear. However they are skinnys and I just want some nice looking Bootcut jeans. Do you have any suggestions on what brands to start with? Can I order high waisted without having MOM JEANS? HELP!!!!

    Oh-I love your blogs!!!!! You are a fantastic writer!

  93. So have you done an update since bootcut jeans have gone out of style? Because pretty much all the jeans I’m seeing on your posts are several years old now and are totally out of style and not flattering.

  94. I am 41 years old, 5’4″, 145lbs; size 10.

    The problem is that, no matter what size or length, there is ALWAYS a three inch gap in the back caused by my bubble butt..

    I have a round bottom but slim waist (no muffin top or pouch). My bottom doesn’t really create wide hips but rather comes out away from me.
    I love seeing all of your examples, but in my mind I just keep asking, “That really makes sense, but what about a gap??” Also, a lot of the examples are intended to enhance the bottom and improve or create roundness. I certainly want my bottom to look attractive but I am very self conscience about the roundness I already have.
    I used to wear mom jeans so that there was less attention to my bottom. I have also gone the other direction and tried jeans that show off my curve, but end up feeling like a stuffed sausage.

    What can I do about a bubble butt and gap in the back?

    Please, please help me…….please.

  95. This was great! I have jeans that
    look great on me, but they are constantly slipping down. A belt doesn’t help.
    Any suggestions? Denim seems to stretch out so badly

  96. Oh my gosh!, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading a blog. I absolutely love your writing style and the research & information you have provided is wonderful! I have 3 daughters in their 20’s who will occasionally tell me I wear the wrong style of clothes but I never understood why they were wrong until I read a couple of your posts on jeans. I appreciate your detailed explanation and photos and I’m for sure going to have to read more of your blog to see what other tidbits I can learn. I can tell from reading all the comments you have received over the 6 years since you’ve written this, that you have inspired a lot of moms & grandmas (just from this one post!) to dress nicer and feel better about themselves. And I’m sure there are MANY, MANY others who feel the same way but did not comment! Thank you for that Rachel and keep on blogging!!.

  97. Wonderful research!! This was 100% what i needed. I am 50, and have the hardest time finding jeans. I HATE “long-butt”, and that third butt cheek in the middle look. I had no idea that the placement of the back pocket made such a dramatic difference! Now that i know how to (1) avoid “mom-jeans’, and (2) the right way to measure, for a perfect fitting bra, i’m actually exited to go cloths shopping, not dreading it! Thanks!! ( your mom looks great in her new (non-mom-jeans) from Ann Taylor!)

  98. Hi Rachel, here I am seven years later reading your post and getting my great laugh of the day!! You are a detailed, hilarious, approachable writer/researcher. Your Mom is awesome and I love how you love her! Give her my thanks for modeling her bum and inspiring the rest of us! Thank you for a fun, encouraging article!

  99. This was very informative. As a self proclaimed Mom – jeans wearer ,I was impressed with the outcome . I , myself love Levis mostly button fly. Which are harder and harder to come by. Would love to see you review these Mom- Dad jeans. I am also guilty of wearing old Navy and Gap. . I am a short girl 4″8 and muffin topped . What can you suggest . Prefer straight legs type sometimes boot cuts. Never ever will I do flare .

  100. I loved this and laughed myself silly. I am an avid junk shopper and love Thrift Outlet Village’s 50 cent day. Can’t try them on but for that price, the dog will enjoy sleeping on them if they don’t fit. For that reason I have every brand under the sun. I’m 68, tall, and wear a 6. I’ve had good luck with LEI and Bongo, they fit with my longer torso/shorter legs. For the higher waistline, I have a pair of Jones New York that I love. I usually pass on all GAP and Old Navy, within 30 minutes it looks like a family of gypsies moved in with you. Having a really flat butt, I have fallen in love with Miss Me Signature Rise with the flap pockets and haunt Ebay for a good deal on used ones. They give you curves nature didn’t and fit better than anything I have ever worn. I went to the department store to find out the exact style and size I would need, then started looking for second hand ones online. I think the reason they are so popular (and new, expensive) is that they make everybody look good and have a style for every body.

  101. Thank you to you and your wonderful volunteers for your time and research. You all have performed a heroic national service in the name of jeans shopping.

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