I was playing kitchen with Ali yesterday morning and reveling in the “genuineness” of her play food.

I was having an internal monologue to entertain myself while she “fed” me all sorts of said food. . .

Seriously. . . is that supposed to be a bagel or a doughnut??

And the Fried Chicken Leg looks more like an old fashioned money satchel.

And I’m not even going to SAY what the spaghetti looks like.

How is it that the lettuce is half the size of the strawberry?

And the Chocolate Chip cookie looks more like it has Chocolate Covered Espresso Be . . . hey. . . . wait a minute. . .
And I started thinking. And thinking. And thinking some more. Feeling much like Winnie-The-Pooh regarding his beloved honey, I couldn’t quit thinking about how delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies would be if Espresso Beans were in them.

So I went to Target and bought the following:

Choxie Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans:
And Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (I wasn’t in the mood to make any from scratch. Besides, I should see how this works first):
I love how it says “Chocolate Chip FLAVORED Cookies”. Are they not even real Chocolate Chips?!?

Then last night, I did a test batch. I mixed two Espresso Beans in each cookie and put another one on top:
However, Halfway through baking, due to cookie expandage, I decided that they needed more Espresso Beans:
The aroma coming from the oven was heavenly.

And the result. . .

Well, let’s just say that you’re lucky these pictures got taken in time. They were all that I imagined, and then some. They were exquisitely delicious.

And, even though I ate 2 cookies for a total of 10 coffee beans, I had no trouble at all sleeping last night. Which is pretty amazing for me, since all you have to do is breathe on me with coffee breath and I’ll be jumping all night.

I’ll be making the rest of these for small group tonight. Then we’ll see if it’s just me (although Chris loved them too, but he’s my husband – he has to), or it they really are great. I guess if it’s just me, maybe I am pregnant.

Then again, since most of my small group IS pregnant, maybe that’s not the best measurement. . .

9 thoughts on “Either I Had a Moment of Culinary Genius or I’m Pregnant. . .

  1. I totally took a double take on your title:) I was like “YOUR PREGNANT?!” Oh wait…nevermind! Or are you…?! :)

  2. I am NOT pregnant . . the title was just a commentary on how I am not usually the type to get fixated on something that I MUST have to eat. . .especially when it is food that has not yet been invented. :)

  3. That sounds INCREDIBLE! Off to the kitchen to see if I have any comparable ingredients… You are MURDERING my diet, just so you know.

  4. If you were here with me, you would’ve heard an audible gasp when I read, ‘hey…wait a minute..’ Cuz I started thinking the SAME THING!

    Must try this. But also must remember to never feed it to my kids at night. Don’t want to take any chances.

  5. Great idea…maybe you can send a batch to England, especially since I can’t get Pilsbury ready-made dough or Choxie stuff. No Target. Whah! Seriously, though, you come up with some good ideas. Have an extra one for me tomorrow night. :-)

  6. Hmm… I’m looking for a post, in a few days, that announces your pregnancy! lol

    The cookies look really yummy!

  7. those look so yummy! ah, brings back the days of cookie baking in high school! :)
    you SURE you’re not on the preggo bandwagon??

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