Caution: The following post might make you ill, nauseous, or otherwise queasy. At the very least, it will make you not want to shake hands with me ever, ever again.

You have been warned.

Ali is feeling much better from her stomach virus on the top end, but on the bottom end, she is still, erm, struggling. And to make matters much, much worse, she will, ahem, struggle in the middle of the night but not wake up (since it kind of lets itself out, thankyouverymuch), and so in the morning, she is very, very uncomfortable.

So, in an attempt to prevent this happening during the night on Wednesday, I checked on her before I went to bed.

But it was very dark.

And I couldn’t see, nor did I smell anything.

However, this stuff has been sneaky, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to save her from certain discomfort.

But I also didn’t want to wake her up.


I stuck my finger down into the bottom of her diaper. . .

rubbed it around. . .

. . .then pulled it out and smelled it.

Oh yes, I did.

She passed the smell test.

Unfortunately, sometime later in the night, much past my bedtime, she would NOT have passed the smell test, so she was quite uncomfortable Thursday morning.

Which means my finger testing was all for naught.

During her nap, she woke up crying, and so, again, I went where only Mothers have gone before.

Thank goodness, she passed the smell test again. And that she is feeling better(-ish).

And yes, I did wash, scrub, and sanitize my hands before making cookies.

Oh, and in case you didn’t make the farfetched connection between this post and the picture, it is Lady Macbeth, trying to scrub that “darn” spot off of her hands.

9 thoughts on “I boldly went where no one BUT mothers have gone before. . .

  1. We’ve all been there. However you regret that test the instant it comes back positive. When mine have bugs like that I set the alarm in the middle of the night and go check. If mine sat in it all night they had horrible diaper rash. That is the only time mine have had diaper rash but it was really sad. I’m glad Ali is getting better. A throwing up 2 year old is no fun.

  2. Strangely enough, I’ve done that too. The list of things I never knew I would do before becoming a mother has gotten really long!

  3. Wow you are braver than I am! I got your Macbeth reference too which made me chuckle. Glad Ali is better.

  4. Ha! Yep, I can say I have been a member of that humble club as well. As a mom, you find yourself doing things you think no sane person would do. Like spit baths. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, lol.

    When I worked in daycare, I would pick the kids up & sniff their butts, to find the kid that had pooped… and they weren't MY kids! And I wasn't even a Mom at the times. *gasp!*

    I'm glad Ali is feeling better, though.

  6. Hey, what kind of badge do they have for that one? You need to add it to your collection.

    That was brave, my dear. Honestly, and I’m not sure why, I have five kids and have never done the finger smelling test. How’d I miss that?

    It might be related to the fact that my stomach couldn’t handle the positive result. Not sure.

  7. I’m with Carol – not with the five kids part, obviously – but with never having done the smell test. I think I would have tried a flashlight first.

    Glad she’s feeling better. Have fun with Thomas the Train today!

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