After begging me to play for a couple of weeks, she asked to play for the first time.

Fidgeting?? Her??? Nah . . .
Very, very focused:
Warming up:
Catching Fishies!!
Ducking to miss that shoe flying towards her. . . unfortunately, ducking doesn’t do any good. . .
And, for the record, she scored a 20 on her first soccer game. That’s better than a few of our friend’s first tries on New Year’s Eve (who will go nameless).

Ducking to. . . build up some momentum??
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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Another Addict.

  1. She is such a cutie! I love my Wii Fit. ANd my two year old dies laughing when i let him play. it’s so funny to watch!

  2. So far this is my favorite ww this week! Priceless! You KNOW she’s hooked now! lol! Priceless – with the ducking! What a sweetie!

  3. I am amazed every day at the things she is doing. Are you sure she is only “one day from two”? LYB, k

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