A couple of people have asked me if Ali understands the difference between Gramamma’s chickens, which she dearly adores, feeds them, and gets their eggs, and the chicken that she eats. I’ve never really known if she put two and two together and realized they were the same thing, or just chalked it up to a multiple naming issue.

I mean, she knows three different Davids and never has trouble with that concept, so maybe she just thinks that there’s an animal called “chicken” and a food called “chicken”.

However, I think that idealistic view of my child’s reasoning abilities may be false.

We were driving home from Church on Sunday and she was looking at her animal book. I looked back and noticed that she was pretending to pick up bites from her book and eat them. Upon a closer examination, I noticed that she was “picking up” from the kittens picture.

So I casually asked, “What are you eating, Ali?”

In an ever-so-logical and calm voice, she responded, “Ali eating Kittens.”

Me: “Eating Kittens??”

Ali: (picks up another bite) “Kittens. BIG bite. MMMMMM.”

3 thoughts on “Maybe She Understands TOO well. . .

  1. Oh no! Too funny but I see your dilemma. Just rest assured that she won’t be eating kittens for real!

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