Sometimes, things happen or Ali says things that I can’t figure out for the life of me, like that time she said a sentence very urgently all week and I never could understand her.

The other day, she handed down another great mystery. Lucky for me, though, this one was solved.

Ali had just woken up and I was preparing her breakfast. I called for her to come eat, and she arrived soaked – she had water all down her shirt.

I looked all around for the puddle (or river) of whatever she had apparently found and spilled. No luck. Looked in the kitchen, living room, dining room, office. . . nothing.

I asked Ali, “how did you get wet?”. Ali responded, “Oro!!”, as if that completely explained it.

The cat?!?

Now Oreo isn’t one to usually be suspected of foul play, but based on Ali’s testimony, I got down and smelled her shirt. Surely Oreo didn’t. . .

Nope. . . no smell. And we ALL know that cat pee is the MOST pungent odor on planet earth. Must be water.

Still can’t find any puddles.

Tried to pry more information out of Ali, but she refused to elaborate on the source of her sogginess.

So I put the mystery aside and fed her breakfast.

That evening, when Chris got home, Ali was reaching up on the kitchen counter, saying “Oro’s water!!”.

She got the spray bottle that we sometimes spray Oreo with for punishment and started spraying her shirt in quite familiar looking patterns.


Just call me Nancy Drew.

8 thoughts on “Mysteries of Toddlerdom

  1. funny! I hate when you can’t understand them and they get so frustrated or should I say passionate about what they are trying to say:)

  2. that’s so cute. We are in that, “what the heck did you just say?” phase too. I do alot of, “show me” around here.

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