So now that I have a daughter old enough to be interested in princesses and fairy tales, I’m getting reacquainted with all of the Disney Princesses. It’s so interesting looking at them through the cynical eyes of an adult for the first time, rather than the dreamy-I-want-to-grow-up-and-be-a-Princess-too-and-I-hear-there’s-a-Prince-in-England-about-my-age-I-wonder-how-I-can-go-about-meeting-him? eyes that I had last time I was watching “The Little Mermaid” and “Cinderella”.

I mean, Disney makes being a Princess look wonderful and charming, with the perfect hair, eyes, dresses, jewelry, elbow-high-gloves, glass slippers, and of course the Perfectly Perfect Prince.
You don’t find out until much later in life that in reality, a Princess’ life is really much more like this:
Okay, okay. I know she is a Duchess, not a Princess, but it’s the closest thing there is. At any rate, it doesn’t look nearly as glamorous now that I’m an adult and know that being royalty means being chased around by Paparazzi non-stop, having horrible teeth, having to make it “look” like you spend all of your time doing charity, and your every move being gossiped about by the whole world.

However, to continue the completely-not-grounded-in-reality fairy-tale dream for every little girl, Disney has made sure to make it clear that anyone can be a Princess – anyone can have the perfect life.

Whether you’re a redhead with no legs,
the typical brown haired, brown eyed girl,
discriminated against at airports,
an Indian,
or EVEN if you still fix your hair just like you did in the 1950’s.
But I noticed one thing in particular about one of the Princesses that proved that even Princesses aren’t always happy with their natural appearance:
Did you see that? Yup, Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora, has dark brown eyebrows. That Princess-Blond hair? TOTALLY out of a bottle.

And I bet those eyes are violet-tinted contact lenses, too.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

12 thoughts on “A Princess Reality Check.

  1. Oh my..I never noticed that about Princess Aurora, how funny. Well it makes me feel better for the times I changed my hair color. Although I never went blonde.

  2. How do you come up with this stuff? Too funny.
    We are with Agape Academy out of Pinson. Lots of my friends are in it and it is only 3 years old. So, still pretty new and small.

  3. Rachel- you are so funny! I really enjoy your humor and light-hearted yet transparent style. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog… but I admit… I read it all the time! Forgive me? :)
    I wanted to weigh in on the Disney movie topic. I have two boys so we haven’t watched many princess movies, or any actually, just the ever popular Toy Story or Jungle Book. A friend and I were just noticing that in all the Disney movies the happy ending involves some sort of romantic relationship. I seriously can not think of one where there wasn’t a hook up. Can you? I think it’s crazy and I’m glad there’s no hookin’ up on the island of Sodor! :)

  4. Welcome! And thank you very much! And you’re right. . . I can’t think of an un-hookup ending myself. But let’s be honest about Sodor too. . .you don’t think that Thomas and Emily have a thing?? There’s tension all over the place in their relationship!

    They ARE the Ross and Rachel of Tank Engines!

  5. ha!
    Aurora is my favorite…
    funny small story about Disney princesses: whenever Tiffany Vignuelle and I would play together, we would make plays based on all the Disney princess movies. I was always the princess and poor Tiff was always the wicked witch/stepmother/evil whatever. Sad for her. And, no, we did not have Prince Charmings in our plays. We did however make Noel and Brandon play all the Dwarves one time…

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