So I just finished watching Miss America and feeling totally out of shape and, well, in general how every girl feels after watching Miss America, so I decided I’d write a blog to encourage myself (by the way, why did Miss America say that the first thing she was going to do after winning was thank the other contestants?? Was she thanking them for being inferior to her so that she could win? anyway. .)

It has been four weeks since I started my accidental resolutions of Juicing and Wii Fit, so I thought it was about time that you got an update.

First of all, I must admit that I haven’t been doing much Wii Fit lately. You know, life got busy, TV shows started back up, and plus anytime I turned it on during the day, Ali wanted to play it. Soo. . . .we’ve gotten out of the habit. But I really did enjoy it and I want to get back to it. We’ll see.

However, I am juicing quite religiously. I LOVE it – it is super delicious, easy, and quite nutritional. I make a mix of fruits, vegetables, or both for breakfast pretty much every day, and for lunch some days.

Most of the time I have definitely felt more energetic, and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 4 weeks. Although the juice is very filling as a meal (I usually feel stuffed after drinking it), I think it has shrunk my appetite considerably – I find myself eating MUCH LESS than I used to at regular meals.

Ali also loves my juices. I make my juice while she’s eating her breakfast or lunch, and she spends her whole meal excitedly talking about getting to drink “yummy juice!!!” or “DEEEElishus juice!!!”.

Even Chris had some this morning – he’s usually not around for breakfast and lunch, but since it was Saturday, here’s he and Ali sharing a glass of Pear/Orange/Grape/Apple Juice:
And although that juice didn’t really have a nice tint, I usually just love the colors of the juices. Here’s a picture of a vegetable mixture I made one day. It all mixed together while it was juicing, and then separated out into this beautiful rainbow:
So, that’s my update. Now, having flushed the images of Miss America out of my head, I can go back to being content with myself. As always, thank you for this wonderful therapy session!

6 thoughts on “My Non-Resolution Update

  1. That’s awesome that you are juising so much. We have a juicer and used it a lot at the beginning but haven’t done it in forever. You’re giving me inspiration to start again:)

  2. I’m wanting a juicer now. You have one and a girl at work has one, and you both love it. I’d never even heard of one till you got one. :)

  3. I really want a juicer now. It doesn’t make sense to get one with a different kind of power cord (the U.K. kind) and then have to get rid of it or sell it on e-bay or something. I think I’ll have to wait until we move back, and then I’m goin’ shoppin’!

  4. So the last picture looks like some kind of strawberry kiwi mixed drink…but you’re telling us it’s a veggie drink???
    Did you mix it back up before you drank it?

  5. Greta – yes, I believe, from the top down, that was Tomato, Cabbage, Celery, and Lemon, then in the adjoining glass, carrots. I poured them all into a bigger glass and mixed them together. If you like V-8, you’d love it – it’s much more flavorful. The secret is the lemon – it really makes it all come together and very tasty.

    It sounds like I may should do a more detailed post about juicing later – the specifics and all. Let me know if you’re interested in more information!

  6. Miss America and juicer post… Hey wheres
    the low sugar,low fat,anti-aging with fiber
    juicer recipe we all need,after watching
    Miss America? LOL

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