Wordless Wednesday – Snapshots into a Toddler’s Mind

Ali will be 22 months old at the end of this week, so here are some snapshots of what goes on in a 22 month old’s mind:

Ali’s still confused about spatial issues. She was playing with Bonnie’s schoolbus at work on Monday, and kept insisting that she wanted to “sit chair”, pointing to a specific schoolbus bench
seat that she wanted to sit on. Here are her attempts:
Let’s just call it a good imagination.

She is more into black and white, objective things, just like Mommy. I had to roll some coins the other day, so I gave her some coins and wrappers to “help” me. I explained about which wrapper went with which coin, how dimes were worth “10 pennies” and nickels were worth “5 pennies”, etc. She loved it. Granted, I had to dislodge pennies out of the dimes wrapper several times, but she definitely has some accounting chops.
And the final snapshot: I was trying to distract Ali for a few minutes while I finished something up on the computer, and I suggested that she write an “A” in her little notebook. She went busily to work, and a few seconds later, showed me her work:
This HAS to be coincidence. . . right?

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