Ali will be 22 months old at the end of this week, so here are some snapshots of what goes on in a 22 month old’s mind:

Ali’s still confused about spatial issues. She was playing with Bonnie’s schoolbus at work on Monday, and kept insisting that she wanted to “sit chair”, pointing to a specific schoolbus bench
seat that she wanted to sit on. Here are her attempts:
Let’s just call it a good imagination.

She is more into black and white, objective things, just like Mommy. I had to roll some coins the other day, so I gave her some coins and wrappers to “help” me. I explained about which wrapper went with which coin, how dimes were worth “10 pennies” and nickels were worth “5 pennies”, etc. She loved it. Granted, I had to dislodge pennies out of the dimes wrapper several times, but she definitely has some accounting chops.
And the final snapshot: I was trying to distract Ali for a few minutes while I finished something up on the computer, and I suggested that she write an “A” in her little notebook. She went busily to work, and a few seconds later, showed me her work:
This HAS to be coincidence. . . right?

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18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Snapshots into a Toddler’s Mind

  1. She writes better than I do! I type so much now I’ve forgotten how to use a pen (or crayon). Very cute pictures.

  2. You never know! My daughter was really good with the crayons really early, too!

    Love the series of pictures. Cute!

  3. I have a 23 month old so I know it is so fun to try to figure out what “they” are thinking. And I think she did a great A!

  4. Ali seems like a very fun little girl. I think that is most definately her drawing an A. Sawyer did the same thing at her age. A and O was the only letters that actually looked right. He had a magnadoodle and I’d tell him what letter to write and he’d do it. I don’t know if Ali is this way but Sawyer loved to draw. He also would draw an apple. He would make a circle then draw a straight line out of the top. He would be so proud showing everyone and saying apple! The odd thing was he never liked to color pictures. He only wanted to draw. He would be annoyed with coloring books. He only wanted blank paper so he could see what he was drawing. He’s just now at 3 started coloring and not just drawing. I’m not sure what that means….

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