If you’ve been a reader for a while, you will probably remember my first Bloggy Scavenger Hunt. It was much fun, so I wanted to do it again! I am picking almost all new blogs to send you to, so it should be an adventure, all the while taking you to several wonderful blogs!!

This is another music giveaway, and here are the prizes:

  1. Red Mountain Music’s “Silent Night” (that was featured in this earlier giveaway as well – click here for more information about this album)
  2. Third Day – “Christmas Offerings”
  3. Sara Groves – “O Holy Night”
  4. Casting Crowns – “The Altar and the Door” (Not a Christmas CD)

UPDATE – I have added two more prizes to the Scavenger Hunt – Two $30 Gift Certificates from Birmingham Menus good for any one of 32 independently owned restaurants in Birmingham!! Go to this post for more details and one more entry chance to win!!

There will be six different winners!

Here are the the ways to win:

  1. Comment on this post – counts for one entry – comment whatever you like EXCEPT the answers to the scavenger hunt!
  2. Follow each clue to find the answer. Do as many or as few as you like, and then email me your answers to me at rvzcallahan@aol.com. DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS IN A COMMENT TO THIS POST or everyone will copy your answers! You get one entry to the contest PER correct clue answer, for a potential total of 14 entries!
  3. Go to the update post and follow instructions there to get one more entry!

So if you maximize your opportunities for entries with both of the above routes, you can have 16 entries into this contest!

You do not have to be a blogger to play or comment. You can still play if your blog is one of the ones in the scavenger hunt – you can even get an entry for the clue on your blog! Everyone is eligible! You have until December 1st to enter. The winners will be randomly chosen from all of the comment and scavenger hunt entries and announced at 3pm on December 2nd. There will six winners – two for the restaurant certificates and four for the CD’s. The CD winners will get to claim which CD they want by commenting on the winner’s announcement post on December 2nd.

Ok – so here are the clues, along with very helpful hints:

1. What is great new toy did Lindsay give to Eli? (hint: 11/8/08)

2. Between the thirteen Moms that write at 5 Minutes for Parenting, how many children do we have? Be sure and count all of the ones on the way also! (hint: check the “Meet the Parents” page)

3. What great adventure is Hannah and her family about to embark on? (hint: 9/7/08)

4. What was going on last week at Steph (in Chicago’s) blog? (hint: 11/11/08 – 11/16/08)

5. What did Jennifer discover about little Amy Beth’s taste in food? (hint: 10/24/08)

6. Is there anything that you do understand that Brooke doesn’t? If not, just tell me one thing that you really don’t understand just like Brooke. (hint: 11/14/08)

7. How does Jodi’s son Samuel like wearing his pants? (hint: 10/15/08)

8. Why is my neighbor Alice getting to redecorate her dining room? (hint: 9/18/08)

9. Why did my other neighbor Freddy just demolish half of his mantle? (hint: 11/9/08) (all of these neighbor home improvement projects are starting to make me feel guilty!!)

10. What super sweet thing did Jaci’s daughter Mia do for her sister Averi last week? (hint: 11/14/08)

11. Why did Gina get a new digital camera, and what “adorable” child got to be her test subject for trying it out? (hint: 10/12/08 – 10/15/08)

12. What is one thing that Kate has learned slows Cohen down to cuddle for a few minutes? (hint: 11/8/08)

13. According to Steph (in Georgia’s) kids, what are the outfits of those in the apocalypse? (hint: 11/13/08)

14. Where is Boomama and her Mother-In-Law’s favorite place to shop? (hint: 11/3/08)

Good luck! Don’t forget to comment on this post for your extra entry!

15 thoughts on “Second Randomannual Bloggy Scavenger Hunt!!

  1. Count me in! It’s sounds like SO much fun!! What awesome prizes! I would love to win any one of them!
    kaysheree (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. For my comment (and my entry in your contest), I’ll include a technical tip. To make your e-mail address a link which will launch the reader’s e-mail program with your e-mail address in the To: field and “Contest Answers” in the subject. Just highlight your e-mail address in the above post and click the link button. Then replace “http://” with “mailto:rvzcallahan@aol.com?subject=Contest%20Answers”. (Don’t enter the quotes, just the text within the quotes.) You can replace the subject with whatever you want but you must use %20 in place of any spaces.

  3. Aaaaaah! I can’t believe I almost missed it! I’ve just been soooo busy these last couple of weeks. Thanks for posting a reminder so that I could enter!

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