. . .unless Gramamma takes pictures.

Mom kept Ali last weekend while we were in Tuscaloosa. She had given Ali some of the last piece of Nick’s birthday cake. While she was cooking, Ali came and asked for more. Mom was busy, so she said “no” without paying much attention or turning around. When she finally did, she found out that Ali had figured out how to self-serve herself. From the trash.
Meeeeeee???? (I love the incriminating splat of icing on her cheek)
Trash cake is better than no cake!!
Mom also bought Ali a hat after seeing this post. Here are some cute pics she took. Notice the icing all over Ali’s collar. Trash cake. Yummy.
And one more set: Mom took a picture of Ali and Eli that just stunned me. He is catching up with her WAY too fast!! Look at the amazing difference from just a few months ago to now:

Ali and Eli the day that JC and Lindsay got to bring him home from the hospital on June 18th. He weighed 4lbs, 10 oz. and was one month old:
Ali’s first opportunity to hold Eli on July 4th:
And then her holding him on Saturday night (he’s 6 months old):
Isn’t that unreal?!!?!? They’ll be playing together in no time!!

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11 thoughts on “Slightly Wordy Wednesday – What Happens at Gramamma’s Stays at Gramamma’s. . .

  1. Ali is just a sweet thing! I love her hat it’s so cute. My son was 4lbs. 7 oz. when he was born. At six months he still only weighed 6 pounds. He’s now 3 1/2 and still tiny (28 lbs)but he has blossomed. Eli is such a cutie! He gained weight fast. I bet his parents are really happy about that!

  2. She is too cute! My little boy will just grab anything out of the trash. At least the cake top was on top of the trash can!

  3. Great pics, Rach! It amazes me how drastically different Eli looks now than just five months ago. Was he really ever that small? It’s hard for me to imagine it now.

  4. Ali and Eli are so cute. All of Ali’s pics were adorable. I love her facial expresions, and the incriminating evidence. :)

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