Extremely Messy: First experience with Spaghetti – confusing, slimy, and fun, all at once. . .
Extremely adorable and (sniff) grown up:
AJ taught Ali how to play “Ring Around The Rosy” in the lobby after Church on Sunday:
Ring around the rosy. . .
Pocket full of Posies. . .
AJ! Whattarya doing on the floor?!!?Ooooh!! I get it! It’s part of the game!!!
And then Miss Ginny saw how much fun they were having, and HAD to join their game. . .
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26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Two Extremes

  1. How adorable!!! I love that Miss Ginny “got down there” with them! How fortunate to have the camera handy!!!

  2. Rachel,

    Great post on Ali today. My girls and I think she is adorable!

    Thanks for checking in on my blog at “Joy in the Journey”. You’re right about the pantry being pretty big for Europe. It’s still a bit small for my needs, but I’m glad we found something that works. The washers in the kitchen have to go; we have a laundry room off the kitchen thankfully. How ’bout those combination washer and dryers?! lol

  3. That is hilarious! That big “Whatarya doin on the floor” got me big time – cracked me up!

    And then to see Mrs. Genny (I think she spells it with an “e”, even though she pronounces it with an “i”.)down on the floor with them! That woman is a hoot, and just one of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet. Our church is so blessed to have her.

  4. Okay that is WAY TOO cute! I love the first photo too, reminds me of the time my son ate spaghetti and kind of coughed/choked on some and about 10 minutes later he blew it out his nose. I was laughing so hard I was crying.
    Happy WW!

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