Disclaimer: The following post has vast generalizations and is not written in a fully analytical fashion at all. I am sure that any homeschool debate team could pick it apart in seconds. And I’m OK with that.

I can’t believe that I’m writing a political post. Frankly, I’m sick of even reading them, being as they are quite numerous right now. But for some reason, I can’t convince my fingers not to write this. And it is not as much an argument as an analytical observation.

As the media has gone on and on (and I have gotten sicker and sicker of this whole election deal) these past few weeks, I can’t help but think about why republicans are villainized and democrats are hailed as kings. I mean, the obvious and simple answer is that most of the media is left-wing. But why?

Also, even in the debates, I was sickened because of how much more attractive Obama’s platform came out of his mouth as opposed to McCain’s. Besides the fact that he has more charisma, I could just “feel” the American public buying into his message easier than McCain’s.

I finally came up with one option as to why these two things could be true.

Tough Love.

No one “likes” tough love, but everyone needs it. I am a big believer in the principle myself, as I’m sure many of my friends (and especially my “daughters“) would begrudgingly attest to. I love being able to help people, but there have been MANY times that I’ve wanted to help someone out of a dilemma, but realized that if I did, I would be enabling them and they wouldn’t truly benefit from my help in the long run. So instead, I could explain to them the truth, pray with them, guide them in how to fix their issue, but ultimately leave the power in their hands. And even though it may not have been the answer they hoped to get, in the long run, they were (or will be one day!!) appreciative.

The thing is, people must be responsible for their actions. They cannot be coddled and provided for, because this makes them feel “entitled” to be taken care of, or in one word, SPOILED.

The Republican’s platform on economics and moral values could both be considered as “tough love”. You are not entitled to money that you didn’t make, the government is not going to provide for you, and you cannot erase your decisions and their consequences by getting an abortion. Nobody likes to be told “no”, but “no” can be one of the most educational and growth-inspiring answers that one can get.

The Democrat’s platform on economics and moral values could be considered as “enabling”. You’ve made some bad decisions? Here, let us give you some money to fix the problem. You’re pregnant and you don’t want the responsibility that follows? Here, have an abortion. Make YOURSELF happy.

Which is more appealing to a humanist mindset? Obviously, the latter. When a person is focused on themselves and desiring to be taken care of with little input (a la “free lunch”) they are much more attracted to the democratic theology.

But in the long run, the nation doesn’t go “all democrat” because we need tough love – we need to be pushed, to be encouraged, to be exhorted to be responsible, to make wise decisions, and to take responsibility for our actions.

Ending Disclaimer: I know that there were vast generalizations in this post. One exception I would like to state is the Democrat’s stance on the environment – they are a bit more “tough love” on that issue than the Repub’s. Also, I would like to state that I know that there are Dem’s who have reasons to be democratic that have nothing to do with a humanist view of wanting to be enabled. This post was just my thoughts on the reasons why the Democratic platform sounds so much more “attractive” to everyone than the Republican’s. This is not meant to pigeonhole anyone or insult anyone. Just an observation.

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  1. I admire you being so bold to put your thoughts out there- so many of us want to do the same but don’t know how to say it or are too afraid! Ha! It’s good to get those thoughts and feelings out- your openness is what people come here for! : )


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