Ali and I went to Barnes and Noble today so that she could enter into Ali-Heaven for a few precious moments:
(I’m starting to think we should get her a train table rather than a play kitchen for Christmas. So much for reinforcing gender stereotypes.)

Anyway, they of course have tons of toys for sale around the playset. Especially the learning toys that appeal to bored-out-of-their-mind-Mommies-because-their-child-goes-into-complete-other-world-when-playing (unless Mommy happens to talk on the phone or use the computer, at which time they are completely incapable of playing without Mommy’s help).

Back from the second rabbit trail. So one of the popular learning-toy brands out there right now is Melissa and Doug. They have some really cute, and useful stuff.

Learn how to read a calendar. . .check.

Learn about musical instruments. . .

Learn animals. . .

Then I saw this one:
Are you kidding me?? Really? Just what I want my toddler to learn: how to unlatch any lock! While you’re at it, can you go ahead and teach her how to

sneak downstairs after mommy and daddy fall asleep, slide a chair up to the door, and use those new unlatching skills to go outside and play?

Because that would really save me a lot of time.

Also – don’t forget to make the sequel puzzle – how to undo all childproofing gadgets! Especially the plug covers!!!

6 thoughts on “Early Learning FAIL.

  1. That is TOO hilarious! I love the cute pictures below too. I can’t believe Miss Ginny got on the floor with them:)

  2. Wow! You are right, not exactly something you want your toddler to learn. Cute pictures though of this and her playing ring around the rosie.

  3. Ha! I never thought of that. They actually have that puzzle in the nursery. My boys love it. Don’t worry, it’s in the older nursery kids class – for the 3 yr olds and up. Because they’re mature enough to know better than to use that on the latches at home – NOT!! :)

  4. that is hilarious. bc i was just at the parent teacher store tonight and saw that lock thingy.. i laughed out loud and thought, “there is no way in h.e. you know, that i would buy that for my boys.. lol. especially since the window in his room has a lock like one of the ones on that “puzzle.” C’mon Melissa and Doug there are other ways to teach fine motor skills..

  5. *grins* true. But we have a lock box like that and my goodness, my oldest LOVED it. In fact, she loved enough that she broke it, but that’s another story.

    And you know, she hasn’t escaped yet :)

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