I am over at 5 Minutes for Mom’s awesome sister site, 5 Minutes for Parenting!!

I will be hosting a weekly column there where I will be featuring different blogger’s most humorous posts about parenting and children.

I am so excited to join their amazing team, and am also really looking forward to reading all of the great blog submissions that I will be getting!

Be sure to head on over and check it out!

And, if you’re visiting my site from 5 Minutes For Parenting, WELCOME!

Please feel free to peruse the site, and especially check out my “most popular posts” I have listed at the left. They include stories about art made from my Uncle’s toenail clippings for my Aunt’s Christmas presents, a photographic rendering of everything I learned NOT to do with my baby during the first year of her life (or maybe everything that I learned wasn’t so dangerous after all – but I’m not admitting which it is!), my adventures of mixing with Pop Culture “enthusiasts” AND their response to my documentary on their convention, how I managed to brutally wound myself while sleepwalking, and various other adventures and stories.

I also have a giveaway going on right now for three sets of awesome books – just comment on the post to enter!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you often! AND don’t forget to follow the instructions at 5 Minutes for Parenting on how to submit your most humorous blog!

5 thoughts on “Guess where I am today!

  1. I just happened by this blog and I am glad I did..who doesn’t need a funny kid story once in awhile? Where do you post submissions?

  2. Hey, I was referred to your blog by someone who thought my kid stories might be funny enough to submit. Since I think my entire life is a joke, I mean a riot, I’ll need an outside opinion on this one.

    How would I go about submitting something?

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