I was changing Ali’s diaper Friday afternoon, and when I got the old one off, she threw her legs up to her head and said,” TEMP-ER-A-TURE!!”

She had felt a little warm, and I had even been thinking about taking her temperature, so I followed her instructions and took it.

Sure enough, she had a slight fever.

However, this intuition of hers didn’t help her when I asked her where babies come from (yes, I asked my 21 month old this question!)

She stayed with my Mom (Gramamma) on Saturday, and Mom told me when we picked her up that she taught Ali that God made the moon. Of course, wanting to quiz her (that is, quiz Mom’s teaching abilities), I asked Ali on the way home:
“Who made the moon?”
Ali: (pause) “God!!”

Me: “Who made the stars?”
Ali: (quicker) “God!!!”

Me: “Who made Ali?”
Ali: (very quickly and excitedly) “GRAMAMMA!!!!”

8 thoughts on “Women’s Intuition Starts Young

  1. That’s pretty funny. Ali thinks that Gramamma made her. Did you tell her that you and Daddy made her? Or did you tell her that God made her?

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