Just in case you haven’t gotten enough news commentary and analysis. . .

Her pre-debate commentary:

Her post-debate commentary:

And it wouldn’t be complete without an outtake:

6 thoughts on “Ali on Politics

  1. Hilarious! The part about “you said that better than Joe Biden” and “you said that better than Sarah Palin” cracked me up!

    And tell Ali that I love her bib. It’s very important for a commentator to be well dressed. Have fun at the Southern Women’s Show today!

  2. That is just too cute! AND I could soooo here you telling her “Sarah Palin” on the outtakes! Precious!! :)

  3. You can hear you telling her to say Sarah Palin in the out takes video. :) Those are cute though. :) :) She’s a doll.

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