Ali’s bedtime routine includes a bible story and prayers. She loves both, which is so wonderful. I love that she begs to read the bible and to pray!

Ali has her own bible, a children’s bible, of course. She calls it “Ali Bible” (which sounds a just a little bit like “Ali Baba”). Being a children’s bible, they usually “softball” the stories a bit, and write them in a way that children can comprehend. However, sometimes they are comically blunt. Here are the stories from the last two nights:

God is Angry

God told his people to listen to Moses, but some of them said they wouldn’t obey Moses any more. God is very angry with these men. God tells everyone to get away from them, because He is going to hurt them. Then all of a sudden the ground opens up and there is a big hole. They fall down into the ground, along with their houses and their friends, and everything they own. Then the earth closes up again and they are all killed.
Numbers 16:23-35

The Snake of Brass

Can you see all the snakes in this picture? Do you know why they are biting the people? It is because the people have been bad again. So God has sent these poisonous snakes to come bite the people, and many of the people are dying. They have come to Moses. They say, “We have been bad. Please ask God to take away the snakes.” So Moses prayed for the people and the Lord told him to make a brass snake and put it on a pole. Moses took a hammer and some brass and made a snake. It isn’t a real snake; it isn’t alive. God told Moses that anyone who looked at the snake on the pole would get well again. The people in the picture are looking at the brass snake on the pole. Now they will be all right. But anyone who won’t look will die.
Numbers 21:5-9

Sweet Dreams, Ali!!

4 thoughts on “If she wakes up screaming, at least I’ll know why. . .

  1. LOL! When she gets old enough to sit through a longer story, I suggest the “Jesus Storybook Bible”. It’s awesome. Not only does it tell the stories, but it also explains on a level little ones will understand how it relates to Jesus (by showing us our need, by being a symbol of what He will do, by prophesying about Him, etc.)Josh and Amanda Cannon gave it to us, and we love it! I have been moved to tears more than once as I was reading it to my boys – and not from fear :). Who knew a children’s Bible book could do that?

  2. Ha! We just read those two as well. I thought they were a bit strange too. In fact, I think I started laughing while I was reading thinking about telling my 11 month old about a bunch of snakes biting people.


  3. Hi Rachel! I know you wrote this over a month ago, but I just read it today. It reminds me that your Ali is at just the right age to begin hiding God’s word in her heart. When our oldest children were 3 and 2, we began singing the scripture to them. We were amazed at the amount of scripture they could learn–whole chapters–when it was set to music. We started by buying everything sold by Thy Word Creations. They’re still around, and everything is on CD now. Then we started writing our own, and that’s been really fun! We just launched our own website to be able to share our scripture songs and coloring pages with other families. I’d love for you to visit and see if you think it might be useful for Alli. If you’re so inclined, feel free to link to me or share my site with your thousands of readers! : ) Thanks again for your fun blog! : ) Melissa

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