The Night We Turned into Lego.

On Friday night, I found myself putting on makeup while squinting at a tiny Lego Minifigure for reference. The night before, I was designing a hoodie and yoga pants – while studying that same minifigure to guide my fingers. There are far too few times in life that this occurs, but our family made the […]

The Year We Were Vaguely Arabian.

We’ve found ourselves in a bit of a Halloween Tradition: decorating our trunk and handing out candy for our Church’s Trunk and Treat. But the problem is, when you spend your first year dressed as a Pregnant Mary, Donkey, and Angel, it’s seriously hard to ever top that. (Nor will Noah ever live up to […]

The North Pole of Halloween.

You might have noticed that my husband has a bit of obsession with Christmas. …Which would explain why he was willing to dress as a donkey to get me in a Pregnant Mary outfit two years ago. So as my husband encourages me ever quickly down the slippery slope of becoming a Holiday Liberalist, we […]

I Adore My Husband, Even When He’s An . . .

Yes. That really is Chris that I’m sitting upon. You see, he’s always had this strange desire of wanting me to play the role of Mary when I’m pregnant. I avoided it when I was expecting Ali, but this year, he begged relentlessly. And so, I agreed. With one condition: that he couldn’t be Joseph. […]