You might have noticed that my husband has a bit of obsession with Christmas.

…Which would explain why he was willing to dress as a donkey to get me in a Pregnant Mary outfit two years ago.

So as my husband encourages me ever quickly down the slippery slope of becoming a Holiday Liberalist, we found ourselves, yet again, in a Christmas scene for Halloween.


…except that Chris got a promotion – from sweaty donkey to ridiculous elf (in a pair of boxers that he so fortunately won four years ago.)

…and Noah got a demotion – from the unborn Son of God to Token Polar Bear in Random North Pole Scene (RNPS).

…but he did add a bit of interest to his costume, as he preferred the Abby and Brittany look.


Although Noah ran from every photo opportunity,


and only allowed me side shots of him in full costume as he desperately declothed his head,


Ali stayed true to her Princess ways and allowed a full photoshoot, requesting that I be sure and place them on my blog, not Facebook and Twitter, so that more people would be able to see them.

So here you go, blog – you’re welcome.

IMG_1083 copy

IMG_1093 copy



But while I was busy photographing the children, Chris was already at Church constructing his beloved RNPS.

Upon arrival, the kids were…well, they were more impressed than they looked.


Ali remembered the extreme businesslike attitude that it takes to hand out candy to 3,000+ kids, so she did a few stretches, planned her candy sorting strategy, and watched as the crowds drew nigh.


(While Noah tried to stash as many suckers as possible in his Polar Belly.)

The superheroes landed, and Ali set to work.



Noah watched, slurping down candy, confused as to why his sister would give it all away.


But more exciting than 100 pounds of candy was the arrival of someone very important…


Pop, back from Memphis, with his own “custom” Halloween costume, or eye at least.


Ali exhausted early and was swept away by her Fairy Godmother to go candy-collecting,


And so I re-recruited Noah – just to see if he would actually give the candy away.

Surprisingly enough, he did.  But he painstakingly made every kid wait a good fifteen seconds as he contemplated letting go of the goodness,


and then was the King of Awkwardly Long Eye Contact, just daring them to not appreciate the gift of which he bestowed.


Noah and I broke away to check out the other trunks as he sucked the life off of yet another sucker stick.


My favorites included the 50’s Soda Shoppe,


The Italian Ristorante,


The iPhone that dropped candy out of the bottom upon choosing an app,


CANDY MOUNTAIN, Charlie(!!),


An extremely happy Mexican Restaurant,


And, strategically choosing the last stop of the trunks, Heaven.


It was a long night for Polar Bears everywhere.


But fortunately, there were substances available in a high enough volume to drown any amount of sorrows.


And because there just haven’t been enough already, here’s a gratuitous cute photo of my kids.


Because that’s the real meaning of Halloween.

(That, and stealing all of the good candy after they go to bed.)

24 thoughts on “The North Pole of Halloween.

  1. So very fun! A church here in Fairhope has taken to throwing a huge party like this, which on one hand I love that everyone has a safe place to go, but I miss the kids going door to door! The church was rockin’ last night, and sucked every trick-or-treater off the streets!

    My, how times change!

    1. I know what you mean, except that I’ve NEVER lived in a neighborhood with more than three trick-or-treaters, so it’s like the fun I’ve never been able to have by participating at the Church.

  2. Precious! Love that you had a great excuse to wear something comfortable (and cute!) Love the red jeans- you can sport them any time of the year from Christmas to the 4th of July! And it’s good to see you were not gravely ill!

    1. Thanks! Chris calls that my “Clarissa Claus” outfit. He’s careful not to call me Mrs. Claus due to the age implications, so he’s decided that Clarissa is Mr and Mrs Claus’ teenage daughter. Smart man.

  3. Love the costumes! Ali looks so sweet and pretty and Noah looks cuddly. :) I wish our church did something like this! It looks like a great outreach. Love the sockhop. How fun!

    1. It really is a fun outreach. There are a lot of apartment complexes near our church, so the population density is extremely high. It’s amazing how many kids live around there!

  4. Wow! You guys really go all out for trunk or treat! Even heaven in a trunk!!! Your kids are absolutely adorable and incredibly photogenic!

  5. wow! i’ve never been to a trunk or treat. your’s sounds awesome. 3000 people! your kids were adorable. i totally swiped the good Dove chocolate once the kiddies were in bed. they can’t appreciate that!

  6. It looks like you had a blast! And so many creative people in your church! Great photos (as always… your family is so photogenic, it kills me!)

  7. We had some Christmas Decorations at our church event too. They were so out of place, but I like the idea. I didn’t hand out candy because people scare me so I just donated a ton beforehand so I could bring the kids and recollect it. I wore horns. My 5yr old went as spiderman. There were so many spidermans there that I’m pretty sure there was some sort of cloning accident. My second just wore his skeleton pajamas and my baby was a clubbed baby seal. My hubby is a stick in the mud and refused to make any dress up effort at all. I’m pretty sure there is nothing I could do to convince him to even wear a festive hat.

  8. Oh, you guys are so cute! I love seeing kids in halloween costumes each year. My oldest did not dress up this year. She’s too cool for that right now. And my son requested that he not be “anything cute” this year. He was a soldier, but I still thought he was cute. ; )

  9. That looks like the most fun “Trunk-er-treat” ever. When we had our fall festival at church, we had freezing gale force winds. Not so fun.

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