Carving Out Time in December

From a distance, December always looks like this euphoria of slow, quiet days and a relaxing break from school. In reality, December becomes a crazed sprint of shopping, planning, gathering, familying, Christmasing, and Birthdaying. With two children’s birthdays sandwiching Christmas, there’s never a lull in my to-do list. And then I end up in mid-January, […]

36 for 36.

I have always loved to read, but it has been a pastime, like many, that comes and goes based on my stage of life and ability to concentrate. As a kid I read constantly. As an adult, I’ve had short spurts of reading often, followed by long breaks of zero literary pursuit. 2017 has been […]

Things I’ve been Enjoying.

I have not cared to blog AT ALL the last couple of weeks because I have just finished my first re-read of all seven Harry Potter books. One of my favorite book series, I’ve wanted to do this but never felt like I had “the time” to dive in. But Ali finished book 4 (Goblet […]

The Best New Crafting Bling: Fimo Slices.

It’s been way too long since I’ve made a craft project worthy of sharing. Today’s is brought to you by purchasing the wrong product, because sometimes you discover something fabulous by screwing up. Such was the case with Fimo barrels. I loved making Fimo beads when I was a kid – the rolling into a […]

Gifts for the Lego Lover

Thanks to a swarm of Christmas and birthdays, I’ve been tipped off to, have searched for, and have randomly found a plethora of Lego-Themed gifts. A bunch of it showed up in Chris’ stocking, to which he kept exclaiming, “How did you even find this stuff??” So, in order to help you all find Lego […]

Your Worst Nightmares…Stuffed.

I don’t understand why I just found out about this – it should have been breaking news. My friend should have known. I should have been told immediately. But alas, I wasn’t told until weeks later. But at least I was told. A friend of ours gave another friend of ours a very special Christmas […]

Christmas Shopping: Ten Ways to be a Double Blessing.

Starting at the end of this week, the Christmas madness begins. We all feverishly make our lists, attack the stores, and desperately seek out unique and thoughtful gifts. I gave up on the stores a few years ago – I discovered that Amazon was easier, and often less expensive. Plus, having all of my Christmas […]

Stuff I Like, Early 2013 Edition.

Since we have two birthdays and Christmas all within three weeks of each other, we have a large influx of “stuff” all at once.  And so, I typically find myself at this time of year anxious to share some new, helpful finds.  No one asked me to talk about these things – they’re simply additions […]