Two Sprinkles of Life.

I got a much needed haircut last Friday. It’s been at least a year since I got a trim and the ends of my mistreated hair felt like Rumplestiltskin’s Straw (before turning to gold). I had to find a new hairdresser because mine moved out of state, so that’s something I can put off for forever. But […]

That Time I Fought Captain Hook and Won (Sorta).

On Sunday night, Chris and I watched the next to last episode of Once Upon a Time’s Season Three. It featured a lot of Captain Hook (Also known as the beautiful and charming Killian Jones), along with a good deal of time travel. My subconscious was greatly impacted by these things. The first time I […]

Sleepwalking is a Genetic Disorder.

I would like to take a moment to thank my new video monitor for convincing me that Noah will never be allowed to move out of his crib. …and yes, he was asleep for almost all of that.  Heaven help his wife.

My Break From BlogHer.

I have been known to break my nose whilst blogging. I have also been known to visit the emergency room at wee hours due to sleepwalking injuries. I like sticking to a theme. Which is why, I suppose, I took this weekend as an opportunity to break my nose, while sleepwalking, while at a blogging […]

Phantom Baby.

This is one of those posts that’s going to either make you think that I’m a bit crazy, or you’re going to say “YES!!! I’ve experienced that! I’m glad I’m not the only crazy one!” (So, I guess either way, you’re going to think I’m crazy.) Oh well. Chris and I encountered a strange phenomenon […]

She Has Now Taken Over My Dreams.

I admit it: I am apparently in “Mommy Mode” now. You know that dream you have right as you’re drifting off to sleep that you’re falling and it jerks you awake, as you gasp a huge breath and try to grab ahold of anything to keep from plunging to your death? That dream varies for […]

Sand Dollars, Sleepwalking, and Strange Photography

The last few times we’ve been to the beach, I have tried to find a whole sand dollar. Partially for the sport and achievement of actually finding one, and partially because my friend Amanda told me that she always wanted a genuine, found (not found in a gift shop) sand dollar. I have tried several […]

Sleepwalking: an official "Medical Condition"

I have been in the ER four times in my adult life, all on holidays. Holidays should scare me, they really should. 2002: Halloween 2007: Thanksgiving 2008: Mother’s Day 2008: 4th of July I am typing with one hand and a thumb today. I was injured last night – no, not by fireworks or anything […]