Noah is six years old, and this year was his fifth year to attend the Petit Le Mans race. My dad is a Tech Inspector for the Le Mans series, and the importance of being related to such a cool guy might have gone to Noah’s head.

IMG_4192 Road Atlanta 2017 Petit Le Mans

Granted, I don’t think most kids would blame him – the access he has enjoyed is unparalleled.

IMG_4076 Road Atlanta 2017 Petit Le Mans

IMG_4100 Road Atlanta 2017 Petit Le Mans

IMG_4046 Road Atlanta 2017 Petit Le Mans

This year was Ali’s first year to join us (she has always preferred to have a quiet weekend alone with Gramamma – no headphones required), and also perhaps the last, as my Dad retired after this race.

IMG_4010 Road Atlanta 2017 Petit Le Mans


The very next weekend, my kids were at my parent’s while Chris and I were at a football game. My dad was already settling into his retirement quite gracefully, really enjoying his time away from automobiles. Because Ali, Noah, and my Dad built a coaster car together.

IMG_2407 Coaster Car

I cannot very well tell you about the process since I wasn’t there, but Ali wrote a paper to help me out.

Coaster Car Paper

Coaster Car Paper 1

Gramamma sent me pictures of the process, which further helps explain how a coaster car works.

She documented the plans…

IMG_2386 Coaster Car

IMG_2391 Coaster Car

The manual labor (and professor),

IMG_2390 Coaster Car

IMG_2398 Coaster Car

IMG_2405 Coaster Car

IMG_2414 Coaster Car

The racing details,

Coaster Car IMG_2412

Coaster Car IMG_2416

The mechanic’s signatures (all hand-built luxury cars feature this),

IMG_2419 Coaster Car

And the inaugural voyage, where Noah took out a blueberry bush on his way down.

IMG_2421 Coaster Car

As you can imagine, there were both successes and crashes…

Both of which Noah also documented for us in his diary.

Scanned Image 3

Scanned Image 2

If you’re not lying in a swarm of grass beside a car at the end of the day, did you really have a fun time at your grandparent’s house?

I think not.

Editor’s Note: Regarding the odd color choices, Noah insists on writing in his diary according to his Synesthesia colors. This takes FOR-freaking-EVER, but it makes him not complain about writing. So I just make sure I’m out of the room, enjoying my morning coffee, for the process.

5 thoughts on “On Building Ones Own Race Car.

  1. My dad and I built a coaster car when I was about Ali’s age. Ours had a real steering wheel made using a modified rack and pinon system and a lunch box behind the seat for a “trunk” (I think I must have insisted on that. I was the envy of the neighborhood!

  2. Oh what fun! Memories of home made cars from my youth. My dad built “go carts” for us but because we lived on Fairfield Highlands, we had brake pads made from old pieces of tires. Steering with a rope was such fun! Your dad is such a cool pop making precious memories for Ali and Noah.

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