1. If you’re into basketball or not into basketball and just into making brackets or letting your kids make brackets (as we have been since our oldest was two, because we like to teach important life skills), if you’re quick (I know – I really meant to get this out earlier this week but THIS WEEK has been busy. Or something), join my bracket group here. The winner gets roadkill note cards. Or, if that scares you (and really if that scares you should you be reading my blog? Seems unsafe for your health), I will be glad to send you Picture Birmingham note cards instead. I think you have to enter before the first game, which is at 12:15 today. Told you I was last minute. But bracket challenges are always fun and full of trash talk and I couldn’t let you miss that!
  2. If you are a local mom and have been following our Alabama History journey, I have a really exciting event coming up at the end of the month that your kids may want to come to. It’s at night so you don’t necessarily have to be homeschoolers, but it’s geared toward elementary school.
    Email me for more details!

That is all. I hope to be back tomorrow with a real blog post. But THIS WEEK. Or something.

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