November and December are the busiest, are they not?

I’ve barely been able to put coherent thoughts together to talk to my children, let alone write. But I have been taking pictures and screen shots. So I’ll share those with you to buy myself some time.

Audible has decided to really hedge their bets on their advertising plan. I think it goes something like this…

“Okay guys. This ad will be directed specifically at moms. But we have no way to know if their children have been cuddling with them or LITERALLY torturing them. Or both.”

Saw this box. Immediately assumed “Take A Kidney, Leave a Kidney?”

That feeling when you agree to meet someone at their house to purchase something off of CraigsList and you show up and you’re not so sure it was a good idea…


Personally, when I go into a public bathroom, I prefer to not need to identify whose poop is in there.


Who doesn’t love a good custom fitting.

IMG_0295 3
I hope Bonnie Ree also has an obscene amount of hand sanitizer.

Confession: I still have a home phone. I do not know why. I never answer the calls.

But WHO WOULD, with the calls I get??


I feel like we’re to the point that biologists are just trolling us with creature names.


Oh – Biologists AND lake namers.


And while we’re at it, candy makers.


Can you really trust a Pest Control guy that seems to be under siege himself?


I have many thoughts about this window.


a. I love being loved, but preferably in a non-violent manner.
b. I am impressed with the excellent window penmanship, but
c. It appears that, although Jess is still loving faces off, Tiff has moved on from the practice. Maybe she’s now just loving people in a standardized way.

Do you really want to be sitting behind your friend the inflatable unicorn? What if it all of a sudden feels the urge to deflate?


I can only assume that there is some seriously championship liquid that comes out of that machine.


Thank you, V-Tech, for teaching vital life skills at such a young age.


We found the most royal tree on a walk the other day.


It’s not simply a Sparkleberry Tree.


It insists on being referred to with its royal name,

Tree Sparkleberry.

I guarantee you that Tree Sparkleberry has her Siri refer to her in the same way that mine refers to me.


And finally, I’d like to say:

My dad is the best. That is all.


…or at least, until I asked his permission to share the above screenshot.

5 thoughts on “Cheer Amidst Chaos.

  1. Your dad is the best!

    We still have a landline – not sure why. We live in a “battleground state” so we gets lots of calls from presidential candidates. Next election, I will vote for whoever calls me the least.

  2. Too much!!! What does Roll Tide taste like? My kids already know how to take selfies. The stick would just become a weapon.

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