Just a Tiny Note…

This week has been all about stuff. Exciting stuff is happening, but all that stuff is taking up ALL my time.

For instance, I spent 10 hours Monday BUILDING SHELVES. WITH MY HANDS. I didn’t even know I was capable.

On Tuesday, I walked five miles within the walls of my house CLEANING OUT STUFF. WITH MY HANDS.

I mean I didn’t walk five miles with my hands but I cleaned a lot with my hands.

Are you seeing a pattern? My hands are tired. And purple. And bruised. And not so good at typing right now.

I’ll be back very soon with fun stories and before and after pictures (the before pictures might make you a little queasy, so you have that to look forward to.)

But until then, I just wanted to let you know that Siri and I are getting along much better now that y’all helped me out, as evidenced by this conversation with my husband.

You’re welcome, Kathleen. He’s a catch.

p.s. – Before you all ask, Chick-Fil-A just released frosted coffee, which is a mix of iced coffee and ice cream. It’s life-changing, and free today (Wednesday) and next Wednesday. You’re welcome, you and Kathleen.