I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day.

I adore my husband, have plenty of romantic feelings toward him, and love to celebrate anything with a date or weekend away whenever we get the chance. But I would prefer to not fight the entire world for a table on those occasions. And Valentine’s just feels so contrived…I don’t want to feel the pressure that I MUST be able to post a picture of my beautiful bouquet on Facebook on the 14th day of February every year or have people message me to inquire worriedly about the state of my marriage.

I’m a rebel. What can I say.

But when we received this in the mail…well…it just changed how I felt about the holiday.


Such original words – I would absolutely cherish them forever! So well-written and from the heart! And even better that the last letter of my husband’s name couldn’t fit – Christophe sounds like my exotic French husband – or an Ice Peddler from the north mountains who never takes baths and learns about love from trolls.

But they did not fail to sell their unbelievably exquisite jewelry. The ultimate gift. It doesn’t get any better than this, guys. Your wife told you she wanted a weekend away from the kids, or perhaps just a thorough vacuuming out of her car? Nah – she’d rather have The Perfect Sentiment closest to her heart.


I sure hope Christophe takes the hint.

I wanted to be prepared if he did buy me the perfect gift, so I did some intensive shopping to find him just as special of a gift.

And I did just that.

On Etsy.


I MEAN. Can you imagine how awesome we would look on our Valentine’s Date, me with my Christophe necklace and him in his $150 gunmetal leggings? Oh. My. Gosh.


If Birmingham had gossip pages, Christophe and I would most definitely make them.

12 thoughts on “Preparing for That Special Night.

  1. Cracking up over here. “Christophe”. How very European!

    We’re not super big on Valentine’s Day either. We stay home, get nice takeout, watch a movie, and drink wine. He doesn’t get me flowers because they’re so marked up and we’re cheap. I don’t mind getting chocolate though. Any excuse for more chocolate is a good excuse in my book. And it all goes on clearance on February 15th. :-D

  2. That model looks like a female’s body with a male’s head, and it looks like he’s missing a very important part…

  3. Ha we got the same mailing, except it had my *Brother’s Name* expressing his love for *my Mother’s name.*
    I thought it was hilariously fantastic, him… not so much.

  4. My eyes! My eyes! They burn!! (Zoolander could take lessons from that guy).
    Because I love history: The original Valentine (a priest during the Roman Empire) visited those in prison (quite rebellious at the time), encouraged couples to marry in the Christian Church and spread Christianity to the Romans. In return, he was beaten and beheaded February 14, 269 AD. Today, we celebrate Valentine’s day with chocolate, really expensive flowers and apparently, jewelry from Christophe. :)

  5. I got the same mailing with the same names! For some reason, as I glanced at it while chunking it in the trash, I read Christophe and thought it was a parent trying to name their little girl after her daddy or granddaddy and pronounced it Chris-sophee! (as if it were a gift coming from a little girl to her mom!) It was a busy day when I got it and I was clearly out of it! HA!

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