But How Will They Be Socialized?

It’s the most legendary question that homeschoolers get asked.

I remember being a kid and my parents getting asked, as a first reaction, from everyone they met who had yet to understand this radical new way to educate children. (In front of me, no less, as if they could see through my eyes a profound lack of socialization.)

(Then again maybe it was not my eyes but my overly bushy eyebrows. Thank goodness for tweezer school.)

25+ years later, homeschooling is legit mainstream and even downright trendy, but I, now a homeschool mom, still get asked this question. Regularly. It’s as if some people are convinced that the only place children can possibly experience socialization is within the confines of an education facility, that place that they’re required to spend a good amount of time quietly at their desks. Most people aren’t quite as angry about the issue as the commenter I mentioned yesterday, thank goodness, it’s usually asked with more of a sense of bewilderment and confusion. But it is definitely still asked.

So, I present to you, one of the many ways the children get socialized.

We finish school by lunch nearly every day and often sooner, because homeschooling is, assuming there are willing students involved, dang efficient (might be the main reason I’m a homeschool partaker – so I don’t have to spend evenings doing homework in between dinner and bed. That’s right – I homeschool because I’m lazy.) As such, if it’s a pretty day, which is often the case in Alabama, we set out on an outdoor adventure to fill the rest of our school day – counting as PE, Science, often history, and sometimes even socialization.

I have a text group called “Homeschool Network O’ Last Minute Adventure*” that I try to remember to message before we head out. Sometimes it’s too last minute and no one can join us. Other times, we have multiple families join us, as was the case at Moss Rock Preserve last week.

We had a hiking baby,

Hiking kids-fresh-out-of-being-toddlers,


Baby again, totally photobombing,


Some seriously skewed boy/girl ratios,


(Ratios that Noah might have enjoyed quite a bit,)


And a giant.


Seriously does this picture not make Ali look like a female Fezzik? I mean it.

(Anybody want a peanut?)

They built pulleys to help them climb up forest hills,


Crowded into mystical rock holes,


Practiced their serious faces,

Their silly faces,

And brushed up on their photobombing skills.


They explored waterfalls,

Graffiti Enclaves like the hippest of hipsters,


Climbed rock facings,

Fished with sticks,


Had moments of quiet reflection,


And invented Splash Photography.



So, the answer is…adventuring together. This is how the children will get socialized.


* If you’re local and a homeschooler** and not a psychopath and want to be included in our Homeschooling Network O’ Last Minute Adventure, please do let me know. 

**You only have to be a homeschooler because we usually go during school hours. We’re not weirdos that only socialize with other homeschoolers.