I pulled the post I published this morning because I became concerned that it could be misconstrued as mean-spirited. I didn’t mean it that way, but sometimes it’s hard to write about experiences without saying things that could be misunderstood. I never in any way want to come across mean-hearted, even if that means not having content. If you happened to have read this morning’s post and I came across that way to you, I hope you can accept my apologies, and PLEASE know that it wasn’t my intention – only to write about the odd things that happen to me in as humorous a way as possible. This is the first time I’ve pulled a post after publishing and I’ll try not to make a habit of it.

In case you’re curious, no one objected to the post – I just felt uneasy in my heart about it.

I’ll be back soon!

22 thoughts on “Apologies.

  1. I found it hilarious. :-) But am totally in support of you doing what you feel led to do.

    Growing up in the contracting world I have a fair share of stories to tell. My dad had this one tile guy who would lay down a piece of tile, then sit on an upturned five gallon bucket, and stare at the tile. For hours. When my dad asked him what he was doing, the dude responded in complete seriousness “I’m waiting for the coordinates.” You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Hi Rachel. I just got back from my run and sat down to drink some water and was excited to read your post. When I looked down at my phone again, I noticed you had this post, so, dang it, I missed the first one. :/ Anyway, from looking at a comment, it looked like it was maybe about contractors. Several years ago, we had a contractor who was hired by the insurance company to fix some stuff in our house. He hired an older guy to paint our house. One day I walked in a room to find the painter asleep on the floor. :/ He also hired someone who started smoking in our house! I quickly let the guy know that we don’t smoke and don’t want people smoking in our house. Oh man, the joys of remodeling. Whether you do them yourself or hire them out, they are a pain.

  3. I thought the post was hilarious and unoffensive. I think it shows great character to remove a post after feeling led to.

  4. Arrrggg……now I REALLY want to read it! Not sure what that says about me, but I don’t think its anything good.

  5. I thought it was hysterical. Anyone that has had a bathroom redone could relate to your experience. My fave line was something about the U.S. Government affecting our ability to have a good ‘ol American bowel movement by forcing us to buy a low-flow toilet. I’m stealing that line…sorry you felt compelled to pull the post. It was a doozy.

  6. I missed your post but I sure wish I hadn’t. We just had our bathroom redone. Took a month of living with chaos, mess and strangers. One night before it was finished I happened to read the grout box and discovered the wrong grout was used in the shower. The next day I asked about their “choice” and got a good old story. We called the grout manufacturer, two tile experts and had a tile guy out to the house. Yup. It all needs to be demolished. We have already paid for almost everything. It looks good but they said it may last a year but then water will be leaking through the house. Demolition will cost $$$ and then we can start over. It’s like a bad dream. Yes we checked references and all we could…talked to customers etc…
    I know about the low flush toilets …we ended up checking out the ones they use at the gas stations figured they may have an edge and we do like the one we ended up with. Delivered by uPS and bought on Amazon…that was a fun package.
    Sorry for your troubles but I am in it so I get it! Hope the day comes when I find it humorous!

  7. I enjoyed it, but then you know I’ve been LIVING it for six months. I get why you took it down … if it didn’t feel right, you couldn’t leave it up. You have no idea — NO IDEA — how many blog posts I could’ve gotten out of our renovation. EASILY one a day, if not more. But I knew that even if most of it was tongue-in-cheek, it might be perceived differently, so I held my tongue. So I get it.

  8. I thought it was hilarious, and also, want the name of the plumber, lol. ;-) we are hoping to do a bathroom renovation soon, so I totally get the feelings of dealing with all the strangers working in your home.

  9. I thought it was funny and in no way mean spirited at all but good for you for doing what you think is rights!

  10. I too found it hilarious, especially the Mike Rowe part. I actually read that part toy boyfriend and he even laughed. I suppose I could see how some other could take it as offensive. Perhaps I’m just one of those people that it takes a lot to offend. But as others have said, good for you to do what you believe is right! And may you never have to deal with people like them again and may you only get Mike Rowe plumbers! :)

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