Big Bang Theory MBTI Chart.

I can’t stop.

Making and discussing the Downton Abbey MBTI Chart was so much fun that I decided to give my other favorite television show a try, The Big Bang Theory.

(Despite my fears that there wouldn’t be enough introverted types to go around for such a geekfest of a show.)

(But in fact, there were just enough.)

There are a few things I have discovered from the feedback on my last chart:

1. There are zero ESTPs (“The Doer”) on social media. They’re all way too busy for such things, AS THEY SHOULD BE.

2. Personality typing television characters is a subjective science. There will be disagreements, and I’m cool with that.

3. INTJs are very sensitive about the fact that they’re always represented with villains (it was unfortunately true with Downton Abbey, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.) So I was drenched in overflowing joy when I discovered that one of the most lovable characters of The Big Bang Theory was the INTJ. You’re welcome, INTJs of the internet.

If you need a personality type refresher, here’s an explanation of the letters in the terms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:

First Letter: E or I – Extroversion/Introversion – Are you stimulated and refreshed by being with other people, or by being alone?

Second Letter: S or N – Sensing/Intuition – Do you use your five senses to interpret the world and prefer facts, or do you rely on your instincts and prefer hunches?

Third Letter: T or F – Thinking/Feeling  Do you lean towards using logic and objective criteria, or values and subjective ideas?

Fourth Letter: J or P – Judging/Perceiving – Are you purposeful, liking structure, plans, rules, and organization, or are you laid-back and flexible, open to change, and explorative?

And so, enjoy:

Big Bang Theory MBTI

Which character are you? I NEED to find that elusive internet-using ESTP.