I am guest-posting at my friend Katherine’s fantastic blog Grass Stains today. I’ve known Kat since the year I started blogging, 2008. We met at a Blogger Party and chatted for quite some time, realizing that we had the same Pediatrician and bonding over how awesome she was.

Then we didn’t speak again for two years.

(During that time, I might have assumed that Katherine couldn’t stand the thought of me, because that’s my natural assumption regarding the feelings of all people toward me.)

Anyway. Turns out, she didn’t hate me, and now we’re close friends. On her blog, she has a regular series called Uncomfortable Truths, where she shares her most awkward inner thoughts, secret OCD compulsions, and general meanderings that often fall into the “TMI” category.

(And Katherine knows how to do TMI right, since she’s most famous for accidentally sharing her hemorrhoids on Instagram and other hemorrhoid tales of woe.)

(Katherine’s blog is best read on an empty stomach.)

But, lucky me, she asked me to write five of my own uncomfortable truths, insisting that they MUST make me squirm at the thought of sharing them.

I won’t say that mine compete with Katherine’s tidbits of gold, but I did come up with five uncomfortable truths, and she published them today. So head on over and get to know my weird side a little better, then go back and read some of Katherine’s own Uncomfortable Truths – you’ll be glad you did.

9 thoughts on “More Uncomfortable in a Week of Uncomfortable.

  1. Wow! I am also a shower-tooth-brusher no matter the time of day or relation to last brushing. And I LOVE to pick! I cannot wait for my boys to hit puberty so I can help them take care of those pesky pimples! It’s so freeing to admit that publicly! Thank you for speaking out for closet pickers everywhere!

  2. Yours are every bit as good as mine. :-) And while I’m thinking about it, I hate that we missed out on two years of friendship that we could have enjoyed. How did that happen?! Neither of us was a veteran blogger at that point, I suppose, and I let my introverted tendencies completely take over. What a shame. Well, we’ve certainly made up for lost time! Thanks for pinch-hitting today. :-)

  3. I tried to comment on Grass Stain’s blog, but something freaked out and wouldn’t let me. Anyway, most definitely a picker.

    Also, my old initials were LBS, so I have to always consciously remind myself that we are talking about pounds and not something I’ve labeled. See how that just all came back to what you wrote? You are welcome.

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