On Saturday, I had my fifth eye appointment in a month.

Although I don’t wear contacts or glasses (except for reading…sometimes), my eyes can be real divas. And what’s worse, I’ve recently found out that I’m a “reactor” to most eye medications, especially steroids.

(Which means that the pressure in my eyes increases to an unbelievably painful level when using certain eyedrops.)

Thanks to two bouts of Bacterial Conjunctivitis (non-contagious Pink Eye) and three allergic reactions, my doctor has had to get really creative in treating me. And I have a much greater appreciation for the art of eye care.

So it made me happy to find out that Birmingham is on the top of the list for a newly released index on the Eye Health of our nation.



VSP is the largest not-for-profit vision benefits company in the United States, and they began analyzing claim data in 2012 to recognize the top cities whose citizens are getting eye exams as part of their healthcare routine. In addition to helping identify vision correction needs, eye exams also help ensure that the eyes and body are healthy, as eye doctors are often first to detect signs of serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Not only was Birmingham #7 nationally, but they just announced that we were also #1 for Women’s eye health – because we’re awesome like that! Here were the top 10 cities for women’s eye health:

1. Birmingham-Hoover, AL
2. Central CA
3. Bakersfield, CA
4. Greenville, SC
5. Lansing-Grand Rapids, MI
6. New Orleans Area, LA
7. Jacksonville, FL
8. Memphis, TN
9. Richmond, VA
10. The Greater Sacramento Area

Women are more susceptible to eye health issues (I know how sensitive mine are), so I’m glad we’re getting them checked out around here.

To celebrate our city’s health, VSP is giving away a pair of beautiful designer sunglasses to one of you, and the good news is, you don’t have to be a Birminghamian to win! I can’t say the name brand, but I personally selected them, and they’re GORGEOUS.

(Besides the fact that they retail at $200.)

EHCI Sunglasses Birmingham

If you would like to be entered to win a pair of Designer Sunglasses, simply comment on the post and tell me whether you wear contacts, glasses, both, or nothing – you guys know I love me some statistics.

That’s it! This giveaway will be open until Monday, July 1, and the winner will be announced on my Giveaway Winners Page on Tuesday, July 2.

Best of luck!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by VSP. All opinions are my own.

92 thoughts on “Birmingham Rocks Their Eyes. {And a Giveaway}

  1. I wear contacts during the day and glasses at night before bed. I’m hoping I get to have lasik at the end of the summer and eleminate both! The sunglasses would be a great reward!!

  2. I have 20/20 but do get regular exams to monitor my eye helth due to a medicine that I am on that can have a side effect including damge to the eyes. I NEED some new sunglasses. Fingers crossed!

  3. Right now, I wear glasses. I have worn contacts in the past, but have a phobia about putting things in my eyes :) I plan on trying them out again soon though. We also have had VSP insurance for several years and love it! I would love to win!

  4. I have great vision……for the moment. The last time I saw an eye doctor I was told I would probably need reading glasses in the next five years. I believe that was four years ago. I need to set that appointment soon. But I would love some new sunglasses. Anything would be better than the $10 pair I am sporting right now.

  5. I wear glasses and contacts. I prefer my glasses and wear them the vast majority of the time, but I’ll wear my contacts when I want to look extra dressy for a nice date with my husband or something of that nature. I rarely wear sunglasses since I usually have my glasses (and I’ve yet to find a pair of clip-on sunglasses like I could even pretend to like). If I were to win these, it might make me start wearing my contacts more often again.

  6. No contacts or glasses here, but I can’t stand to go outside for even a few minutes without sun glasses.

  7. I wear contacts during the day when I am out and about, and glasses at night or when I am just lounging around at home. BTW I love the roses on the glasses!

  8. Had perfect vision until the middle of my college career. Too much close up computer screen time. I wore glasses for a couple of years and HATED them. Finally got the $ to get Lasik. Best decision ever!!!

  9. I wear both glasses and contacts, depends on what goes best with my outfit! I also wear sunglasses whenever outside, bright lights trigger my migraines :S

  10. Ugh, all those eye problems sound horrible. Nothing is more annoying. I wear reading glasses, but cannot when I am pregnant for some reason? So I have to ease back into the habit once the baby comes. So I’m at an occasional wearing now. I’m here to add an exception to your statistics!

  11. I wear soft toric lenses as well as readers!!! (Can you say I’m getting old?) And I wear glasses when my lenses are not in…..LOVE THIS!!! WHOOHOO!!!

  12. I wear nothing at all on my eyes. :) They’re incredibly healthy and I’ve never needed eyedrops, glasses, or contacts. :)

  13. Just had my eyes checked last week…20/20 but need reading glasses for computer work. I never spend more than $10 on sunglasses:(

  14. I’m supposed to wear glasses, but I don’t like them, so I only wear them when occasionally. Usually just when I start getting a headache. :)

  15. I wear sunglasses only. I get my eyes examined every two years, as my doc recommends (and as insurance covers).

  16. I wore glasses and contacts until last year, when I was blessed to be able to have laser eye surgery. Such a miracle of science! I am so grateful!

  17. It’s funny – I only wear glasses when I am pregnant! So strange with babies will do to you while in utero, huh? But, I persoanally, HATE the eye doc. I freak out when I see anything or hear anything having to do with eyeballs. They just freak. Maybe I have some weird fear or something. You’d think that if I were scared of losing my sight, then I’d do something to keep them healthy… But I just don’t want anyone touching my eyes. EW!! LOL

    1. Pregnancy is the most bizarre thing. I have a list of things that changed while pregnant (some are different with kids) and another list of things that permanently changed from being pregnant!

  18. I wear glasses, but I have contacts that I wear once or twice a year, lol, because I too have extremely sensitive eyes and they react to EVERYTHING.

    Okay, this might gross you out, but here goes; did you know that breast milk or raw cow/goat milk will cure pink eye in under 10 minutes? I know, I know, weird, right? BM and raw milk both have really high naturally occurring probiotics, and that is what kills the bacterial pink eye infection. There’s lots of information on the internet (which is never wrong, of course, hee hee), but after becoming desperate myself I decided to try it and it was amazing. Worked almost instantly.

    (Btw, works on stys too.)

  19. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, and am now just trying out contacts. They are weird but fun – I can wear sunglasses for the first time!

  20. As a former optician in Wichita, I’m super glad to see we’re number 4. That’s pretty awesome.
    I’ve worn glasses for almost 17 years (DANG) and contacts for about 14. I wear my contacts about 90% of the time, mostly because I don’t get free glasses anymore, haha!

  21. I wear contacts. I’ve been rocking glasses or contacts since 3rd grade. I’ve had Bacterial Conjunctivitis before. No fun! It did however get me out of working the painfully early shift on Black Friday at Starbucks in Galleria so.. that was a good trade off! Haha

  22. I don’t wear contacts or glasses, but I wear my sunglasses religiously, to prevent retina damage (a persuasive speech back in college convinced me of the need to wear them all the time!)

  23. Contacts here. I started wearing glasses on and off in 2cd grade and by 9th grade was wearing contacts all the time. Now I am have reading glasses to go along with my contacts :)

  24. Funny, this has recently become a frequent topic at my house. Both kids just went for their school check ups and one needs glasses and the other doesn’t…unfortunately the one who wanted glasses didn’t get them and the one who didn’t did. So fun!

    I, on the other hand, only need glasses to see at a distance and ditched contacts and only wear glasses to drive and for the random tv or movie watching. I decided since I am saving so much money by not wearing contacts and wearing 10 year old glasses, I am splurging on prescription sunglasses and the ones I NEED, I mean want, are name brand, $200 before the rx lenses. My husband does not understand this need. So if I could win these, that would be perfect!

  25. Love this giveaway! I am a contact person. Started with glasses in 3rd grade and got contacts in 7th grade. Have worn them ever since. I have disposable, so I only take them out once a week. Have terrible vision. At my eye dr place when I have to go without glasses/ contacts for a minute during the exam, they lead me around like I’m blind!! Must be bad! :-)

  26. I wear contacts all day long and when I finally take them out at night I put my glasses on til bedtime. Would love to win these glasses!

  27. I wear glasses while working in front of the computer. Otherwise, I’m glass/contact-free. Speaking of, I don’t think I could ever put contacts in my eyes. Just the thought of something plastic floating around in my eyeball area? Um, no thanks!

  28. I wear glasses and contacts. Contacts 90% of the time – glasses if it is a rainy day (to give my eyes a break from the contacts) and right before bed when my contacts are out. You’re lucky to have 20/20 vision! That’s awesome!

  29. I wear contacts most of the time, but glasses in the evenings and whenever my eyes are tired. My eyes are a mixed-up mess…astigmatism in the left, near-sighted in both, and my glasses are bifocals. I first got glasses when I was nine, but went through a 15-year vanity period when I wouldn’t wear them at all. I also wear sunglasses religiously, and would LOVE to win that gorgeous pair!

  30. I wear contacts daily and change to glasses before retiring for the night.
    I’ve never owned sunglasses that cost more than $20, so I’m curious
    As to how much of a difference I’d be able to see…*pun intended*
    Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  31. Sunglasses!!!! fun!!! my glasses are for seeing distances only- which usually means only when i’m driving!

  32. I wear glasses to read although apparently since law school has annihilated my eyes- I am going to have start wearing contacts all the time very soon. :(

  33. I wear glasses all the time for distance. I’ve tried every contact under the sun, but nothing seems to be comfortable and my eyes get so dried out I want to scratch them out of my head!

  34. I wear one contact for distance and the non-corrected eye allows me to read. This system works great for me as long as I have my EYE in. The one contact is so comfortable sometimes I forget to take it out. Please mail my fancy dancy sunglasses to Nashville.. We are kinda neighbors so go ahead and draw my name! Beth

  35. I have worn both contacts and glasses. I switched back to glasses a few months ago for ease and comfortably, but alas they broke and I am back to contacts. Here’s the thing…I have only one pair of sunglasses and it is a cheap, pathetic pair that will soon bite the dust. Ah how nice it would be to have such a gorgeous pair as the ones you chose! I mean I’m just sayin’…. :)

  36. I started out with glasses at age 5, switched to contacts at 16 and back to glasses at 35. I still keep contacts around for the summer, but at heart, I am a glasses girl.

  37. I wear contacts most of the time and glasses before bed. I had pink eye twice in 6 months…I was like, what the heck? Am I 6 or something?

    btw…cute sunglasses!

  38. I wore glasses from when I was 9 until about 34 when I got Lasik. I love not wearing contacts or glasses, but I still have horrible floaters and very dry eyes. I also have very light blue eyes which dilate super easily. I have to remind the eye doctor’s assistant to only put 1/2 a drop of the dilating solution in each eye. Even with that I look like a drug addict for about eight hours after an appointment!

    Wow! I sound like an old lady complaining about my ailments. I hope your eye problems clear up because being able to see is pretty important!

  39. I wear glasses and I must say I look pretty adorable in them. :-) I tried contacts but just couldn’t get used to them. My hubby wears contacts and the things he can do to his eyes are gross.

  40. Hooray for just a comment! :D I used to wear glasses and/or contacts, then I had laser eye surgery, and I am happily glasses-free!

  41. I wear glasses infrequently, usually only if watching a theatre production, a movie in a theater, or sometimes (if I’m being good) watching TV. I really ought to wear my glasses all the time, though – I’m giving myself a nice set of 11’s between my eyebrows from squinting, unconciously trying to correct my astigmatism! :)

  42. Nothing for these eyes. My eyes can be divas, too–they are not so fond of spring or summer allergens. I therefore get asked a lot if “I”m ok?” Most likely because it looks like I’ve been sobbing in the bathroom. Perhaps sunglasses would help with the questioning :)

  43. I wear glasses – but only at a computer due to glare. I think my eyes are getting worse though and I need to go in for an eye exam. They TERRIFY me – I can’t stand eye drops or any instrument near my eye! Old age creeps up on you… I swear, I started falling apart the month after I turned 30!

  44. I use to wear glasses all the time (since age 8 and I won’t say how long ago that was), had cataract surgery on both eyes last year and so now I only need Readers. Yeah!

  45. Contacts all day, glasses in the evenings. Hubs has perfect vision – so fingers crossed that my daughter won’t inherit my coke-bottle strength prescription!.

  46. I wear none of the above, but either my arms are shrinking or I’ll be needing reading glasses real soon.

  47. I wear contacts AND sunglasses! I love those sunglasses, they are fabulous! I almost hate to admit that because I live in the NW I only use sunglasses a few months out of the year, so I tend to lose them and end up buying a cheap pair every summer…

    1. I meant to say, I wear contacts and glasses. Yes, sunglasses too, but in that first sentence I meant glasses. :)

  48. Oh man, I hear you about diva-eyes! I sunburned mine – badly – while snowshoeIng back in college (yeah I didn’t know that was possible either) and they have been insanely sensitive ever since. I wear glasses to see long distances at night, but absolutely HAVE to have sunglasses at all times, even on overcast days, or my eyes are weepy and irritable all day. Ugh.

  49. I wear both, I wear my glasses WAY more often, but I put in my contacts when I want to wear sunglasses or when I’m going out and I want my eye makeup to be noticeable. ::)

  50. Glasses for farsightedness & astigmatism. Thankfully, according to my Optometrist I only *need* them to drive at night, or when I’m tired.

  51. I don’t wear glasses or contacts, but I also haven’t had my eyes checked in awhile. I have a feeling I’ll need reading glasses soon, as both of my parents and one of my sisters have been using them for years. I do have a bit of a sunglasses collection – all from Target, Walmart, Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshall’s – so I don’t feel so horrible when they break or get lost. I have one pair from Oakley that I only wear when I’m pretty sure I won’t lose them – running! The ones you picked out are so cute!

  52. I consider myself a contacts-wearer, with glasses as a backup, but lately I’ve found myself wearing glasses most of the time, and just wearing contacts when I have the motivation to put them in.

  53. I wear glasses for driving and when I’m in church. I should wear them all the time, but my kids don’t care if I can’t get their names exactly right all the time.

  54. I have worn glasses and/or contacts since I was 6 (that’s 22 years!). Nowadays I wear contacts during the day and glasses at night. I totally understand keeping my eyes healthy, my eye doctor is my BFF (he’s also really cute!).

  55. I wear glasses for driving. Based on that statement you would think I am 80, but I’m only a nearsighted 27 year old. ;)

  56. I wear glasses. My family has VSP coverage and it is GREAT! My 4 year old just got glasses and we didn’t have to pay a dime :)

  57. I wear contacts at work (I’m a teacher and need that peripheral vision!) but glasses the rest of the time. I’m trying to wear contacts more this summer so I can wear sunglasses..

  58. I don’t need to wear glasses or contacts, but I imagine the day will come when my aging eyes will need them. :P

  59. I wear both and I need a new pair of sunglasses! Mine are over ten years old – yes, that was 1-0 years, but I love them! Also, VSP is the best vision insurance around. And this is coming from a person who used to do the office filing. There is a difference b/w doctor side and customer side, just saying.

  60. I wear glasses to read and watch TV and when I’m on the computer so basically I’m wearing them all the time ha! And when I’m outside I have on sunglasses, always.

  61. I wear contacts. At 52 I still don’t need reading glasses, which Im a little too proud of. I had a detached retina requiring emergency surgery 7 years ago. At the time I was told one of the side effects of the surgery would be cataracts. At my visit in March my Dr told me I am the longest out from surgery of anyone he has seen who hasn’t developed cataracts. I contribute that to a healing prayer one of the ladies at church did. She approached me after my surgery and ask if she could annoit me with oil and pray for healing. Give God the glory.

    I have never owned a quality pair of sunglasses. Would love to win these gorgeous glasses.

  62. I have worn glasses for 31 years. Since I’m 33, that I started wearing them when I was a wee little 2 year old. I’ve had two eye surgeries and will never be without my specs.
    I also have very curly hair.
    So it super annoys me whenever a character in a movie goes from being an ugly nerd to a gorgeous babe because she loses the glasses and straightens her hair.
    I’d like to see a nerd portrayed with straight hair and without glasses and when she becomes beautiful she gets glasses and embraces her naturally curly hair. That’s a movie I’d watch.

  63. I wear glasses on an “as needed bases” with far away objects I have to look at for a long time. But with each kid I pop out “as needed” is becoming “um where are my glasses, I can’t see a stinkin’ thing!” So contacts, here we come!

  64. I’ve gone back and forth between glasses and contacts….but since I’m in the lab now basically 60 hours a week, I only wear glasses (because chemicals can go through contacts and get stuck…YIKES!)

    Those sunglasses are super cute!!!!!

  65. I wear contacts most of the time. I sleep with them, which is probably not the best idea. I do change them out about once a month and if my eyes are raw from the constant use, I do have a back up pair of glasses. I would love to win a pair of designer sunglasses!

  66. I got my first pair of glasses at age 7 and thought a miracle had taken place because I could see individual leaves in the trees. Since then, in addition to my coke bottles, I have worn soft contacts (extended wear and daily wear) and gas permeable contacts. Finally, I forked over the cash for LASIK (best money I ever spent!).

    I live in the Seattle area, and with all the rain we get one would think i had no use for sunglasses…however, by the time summer rolls around and we actually need them, I can’t locate last years shades because I haven’t seen them in so long…or they are so scratched from being in storage that I can’t see through them any longer. And yes, I definitely need them because my eyes go into shock when the sun comes out and I can’t see through the tears that are running down my face from my eyes watering so much. So these shades would definitely be a lifesaver for me! :)

  67. I wear glasses about 90% of the time and contacts the other 10%, unless I’m in a show in which case the contact wearing goes up to about 40% of the time. Glad to see my area made it into the lineup too!

  68. Move to Boise, the #1 overall eye health city! I don’t wear glasses or contacts, but have periodic freak out sessions that my perfect eye sight is not so perfect anymore:)

  69. I don’t wear either, but I feel like my eyesight is worse than it used to be. I should get them checked.

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