Birmingham Rocks Their Eyes. {And a Giveaway}

On Saturday, I had my fifth eye appointment in a month.

Although I don’t wear contacts or glasses (except for reading…sometimes), my eyes can be real divas. And what’s worse, I’ve recently found out that I’m a “reactor” to most eye medications, especially steroids.

(Which means that the pressure in my eyes increases to an unbelievably painful level when using certain eyedrops.)

Thanks to two bouts of Bacterial Conjunctivitis (non-contagious Pink Eye) and three allergic reactions, my doctor has had to get really creative in treating me. And I have a much greater appreciation for the art of eye care.

So it made me happy to find out that Birmingham is on the top of the list for a newly released index on the Eye Health of our nation.



VSP is the largest not-for-profit vision benefits company in the United States, and they began analyzing claim data in 2012 to recognize the top cities whose citizens are getting eye exams as part of their healthcare routine. In addition to helping identify vision correction needs, eye exams also help ensure that the eyes and body are healthy, as eye doctors are often first to detect signs of serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Not only was Birmingham #7 nationally, but they just announced that we were also #1 for Women’s eye health – because we’re awesome like that! Here were the top 10 cities for women’s eye health:

1. Birmingham-Hoover, AL
2. Central CA
3. Bakersfield, CA
4. Greenville, SC
5. Lansing-Grand Rapids, MI
6. New Orleans Area, LA
7. Jacksonville, FL
8. Memphis, TN
9. Richmond, VA
10. The Greater Sacramento Area

Women are more susceptible to eye health issues (I know how sensitive mine are), so I’m glad we’re getting them checked out around here.

To celebrate our city’s health, VSP is giving away a pair of beautiful designer sunglasses to one of you, and the good news is, you don’t have to be a Birminghamian to win! I can’t say the name brand, but I personally selected them, and they’re GORGEOUS.

(Besides the fact that they retail at $200.)

EHCI Sunglasses Birmingham

If you would like to be entered to win a pair of Designer Sunglasses, simply comment on the post and tell me whether you wear contacts, glasses, both, or nothing – you guys know I love me some statistics.

That’s it! This giveaway will be open until Monday, July 1, and the winner will be announced on my Giveaway Winners Page on Tuesday, July 2.

Best of luck!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by VSP. All opinions are my own.