When you come across those people in life who express interest in beginning to use social media for the first time,

(You know, like the people who say, “I really need to get on the Twitter!!”),

And you want to help them jump in, just share this graphic with them.

Social Media Guide

So. What did I leave off?

16 thoughts on “A Teaching Tool for the Internets.

  1. I love this! The Twitter bubble is my favorite! Haha!!! For FB you could add: various & sundry memes! And for instagram: 1,000,000 pictures of your child doing things only you think is adorable (guilty-as-charged)!

    1. You know, I’ve been surprised by the number of single people who even like a million pictures of people’s kids. I think they’re just so much better than the alternative (like various and sundry memes) that they’ll take it!

  2. I thought it was funny, and I don’t even use twitter or instagram…. Wanted to let you know, though, I’m making something ffrom the Nabeel’s cookbook tonight! Mmm, can’t wait :)

  3. This is awesome. For the Facebook bubble, I would add “vaguely threatening chain-letter-style shares.” Like the ones that say, “Like if you hate child abuse, ignore if you think think it’s ok.”

  4. How about sharing every family members’ health status for FB? I have several people who post daily, “Joey has a runny nose. :(” and “Livy has another fever.” And “the baby has ANOTHER diaper rash!” Really? Once in a while is ok but I don’t need to know every detail of your family’s medical history! :P

  5. Need to add:
    Instagram – raindrops on windows, a note you typed on your iphone notepad
    Facebook – snarky ecards, shared posts of every dog that’s ever been in a pound.

  6. I didn’t realize bloody flesh wounds were that common…I thought it was just the crowd I’ve somehow linked up with. Gag. I actually just scrolled (quickly) past one today. Then blocked that person.

    On facebook you should add: daily updates on time spent at the gym (congrats on your 10 pushups, I saw on the couch while you were doing that); shared articles that probably weren’t read by the person sharing; awesome posts about the things students say/do (these are from me).

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