Chris and I took a few days to ourselves last week and skipped town to celebrate our upcoming anniversary.

As such, I got behind on writing.

As such, you get a few reruns.

I originally shared this post in 2011. But we’ve recently pulled our Wii back out, and I’ve been shuddering all over again at the people with which Ali associates.

Ali loves to play on our Wii.  She especially loves it because not only have we created a Mii for her,




and Chris,


but  we have dozens of our friends in there also, which she easily recognizes as they pop in and out of her games because I am, if I may say so myself, a FANTASTIC MiiMaker.


When Ali asked to make some of her own Mii characters, I took it as an opportunity to meet some people that I’ve long been wanting to see.

You see, Ali has Party Friends that she plays with every day.  They’re her pretend friends, but are called Party Friends because they have many birthdays each year, and, therefore, many parties.

Besides all of their birthdays, they regularly die, come back to life, get married, move next door, have their houses destroyed by tornadoes, and many other soap-opera-like story lines.

(They even have their own god – his name is James Brick.  And he’s just like the real God, except that he’s sick.)

So, since I basically live with these Party Friends, I thought that it was a brilliant idea to let her create their Mii characters so that I could actually see these people that I feel like I already know so well.

So she started out with a more recent addition to her Party Friend Repertoire, Vowel.

After we finished the creation, she excitedly told me, “That’s EXACTLY what Vowel looks like, Mommy!!”

Let me introduce you to Vowel.


Vowel is now the definition of the word “creep” in our house.

Next, Ali wanted to create Samuel – her longest-surviving Party Friend, to whom she was also married to for a short time.

Also – he is Ali’s son.

(I told you it was a soap opera.)

However, as much as I knew about Samuel, I didn’t know until I met his Mii that he is apparently some sort of human-gopher halfbreed:


(Fortunately, they’re not married anymore, as Samuel died and came back to life unmarried.)

(Also fortunate, there were no part-rodent grandchildren produced from their union.)

She was on a roll, and was loving introducing me to all of her friends.  So next came the witches.  They usually live in Mississippi, but they visit sometimes to cause trouble.

There’s Nice Witch,


the aptly named Silly Witch,


And, the most common visitor and curse-word-teacher, Serious Witch.


(Serious in that she’s not happy and she’s not mad – she’s just “serious”.)

Finally, there was the newest Party Friend, Door-Fractions.  There was some debate over his (yes, it’s a he) hair color, but she finally decided on red.


However, that didn’t stop her from panicking the next day, while we were in the car and couldn’t do a thing about it, over the fact that his hair NEEDED to be yellow, not red.

I’m sure it will ease your mind to know that this great crisis has now been put to rest.

Ali’s Party Friends have considerably spiced up the appearance of our Mii lineup,


But now that I’ve met them in person, I’m having nightmares about waking up in the middle of the night and seeing HIM staring down at me.


15 thoughts on “On Meeting the Party Friends.

  1. Our youngest had an imaginary friend named Ash when she was small. Everything bad that happened in our house or anything that got broken was blamed on Ash. One time he even hid my wedding ring under the couch. Needless to say we are glad he is gone.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that is genius! and so very freaky! she rubs her imaginative shoulders with some truly freaky looking people. that was an awesome post. wow. so great.

  3. This is still one of my favorite posts of all time. I think of it when I start wondering what’s going on in my kids’ imaginations. Sometimes I’m better off not knowing!

  4. Oh my goodness…this is hilarious! Her creepy little buddies are like walking Amber Alerts ;)

    I think our girls would rather make miis than actually play anything on the wii. We’ve managed to create a very realistic looking president obama.

      1. Yeah, I’ll take a picture of our TV. I’m sure there’s an easier or more tech savvy way, but I’m quite technologically impaired. I don’t know how I manage to blog ;)

        Oh, I forgot to mention that his name is Barocket :)

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