Giveaway: Get Pampered By Birmingham’s Finest!


Birmingham Fashion Week kicks off tonight! Although the entire week is going to be spectacular, I personally cannot wait to see two of my favorite Project Runway Designers, Anthony Ryan Auld and Joshua McKinley, show their collections on Friday night.

In preparation for the week, I was invited to visit Gus Mayer, which is the heart of Birmingham High Fashion and the host of the Kick Off Party tonight.

(Which, by the way, everyone is invited to – no ticket required!)

Although Gus Mayer started in New Orleans, it was bought by a Birmingham family in the 70’s, and is now one of the last remaining Birmingham-Based Department stores. When I was a kid, I remember going to the mall and seeing many stores such as Pizitz, Parisian, and Gus Mayer, all headquartered in my own city. Since then, almost all have been bought out, one by one, by corporate giants such as Belk and Macys.

In the midst of the superstore takeover, Gus Mayer has held out and remained local. As such, they offer luxurious personal service and attention to detail, like their Facial Room.

Tucked privately away in the back of the store, the Facial Room is a gorgeous enclave (with stunning wallpaper, might I add,) where you can relax and rejuvenate. Melanye Morris is their full time Esthetician, and has managed and worked in spas and medical spas all over the United States. She trained in Paris, and has a philosophy of mixing medicinal skincare with relaxing aesthetics.


Being the professional that she is, I’m sure that she immediately sensed my inexperience and apprehension with the facial process. Thankfully, she didn’t let on and was gentle with me, explaining everything as she went along, and asking me many questions about my skin and preferences.

She gave me a Taylor to Fit Facial, which is specifically targeted to each person’s particular skin needs. She explained to me that I have naturally oily skin, so she chose a pumpkin-based treatment, which replenishes Vitamin A and helps combat breakouts.


My poor neglected face was singing in ecstasy at being so pampered, and after the treatment, my skin was literally radiating.

(A good blogger would have a before and after photo here, but the delicious sights and smells completely distracted me from the task at hand.)

The benefit of having a facial at Gus Mayer is that you’re conveniently just a door away from several top end makeup counters armed with attentive professionals ready to finish your newly invigorated skin off with a complimentary makeover.

Melanye passed me off to the fabulous Chanel duo, Terry and Eva.


Eva had the fastest hands I’ve ever seen, applying with perfection all of these products (and more) onto my face before I realized she’d started.


I’ve always been baffled as to why the smoky eye look made me look like a Goth Girl, and Eva explained that it was because I had deep-set eyes – I need to have lighter shadow on my lids and darker shadow above my lids.


Life makes so much more sense now.

Terry aided Eva perfectly, reading her mind and handing her the products she needed while simultaneously snapping photos for me. The choreography between them was fantastic to watch – I’m pretty sure that they could double as a top-notch surgical team if, let’s say, I came down with Appendicitis while sitting in their chair.

(Which, due to my body-part-removal-rate, I fully expect to have my appendix taken sometime in my lifetime. It’s only a matter of which day it chooses as it’s own.)

Eva finished her magic on me,


And then wrote and drew it all out for me, even going out of her way to make it accountant-ready by numbering the colors and steps.


I may not be naturally talented at makeup, but I can follow a numbered legend.


Once my face was complete, I was escorted off to play dress-up in Birmingham-Fashion-Week-ready looks (of which I will be talking more about next week on Alabama Bloggers.) This was my favorite – I especially adored the long shirttail and lace overlay on the pants – it was a magical combination.

Gus Mayer Outfit

It was fun – very fun. And lucky for you, Gus Mayer wants to give one of you the same treatment, except with the added bonus of a $50 Gift Card to spend on any facial products that you fall in love with! They even wrapped both gifts spectacularly in Gus Mayer fashion:


If you would like to win a One Hour Tailor-To-Fit Facial (worth $90) along with a $50 Gus Mayer Gift Card, simply follow Gus Mayer on Twitter or Facebook (or both) and comment here to let me know!

For extra entries, you may do one or all of the following:

And if you’re really desperate for some pampering, for a bonus of five entries, stop by Gus Mayer’s Birmingham Fashion Week Kick Off Party tonight between 6-8 pm and tweet, Facebook, or email me a picture!

Be sure to leave separate comments for each of your entries – and hurry!  This giveaway will only be open until Thursday, February 27.  I will announce the winner Friday, February 28 on my Giveaway Winners Page.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was given a facial and makeover in order to review this prize. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  5. I’m not sure if this will post twice but I put the wrong email address the first time. I would live to enter this giveaway to win for one of my daughters. I live in another country but I have 1 and soon to be 2 daughters living in Birmingham and it would be such a blessing for me to be able to give them a gift like this so p,ease enter me:):)

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