Observations of the Sleeping.

I don’t often get to see my children sleeping.

Some of our friends go into their kid’s rooms every night to check on them and kiss them on the head, but we are not one of those families.  We do nothing that might possibly disturb their sleep – especially if it is just for our own viewing pleasure.

Some people sleep with their children so that they can glance over at any given moment in the night and bask in the preciousness of their sleeping offspring.  We are not one of those families.  We do nothing to disturb our own sleep – because we’re selfish like that.

So it is a thrill to catch a glimpse of their sleep – and it makes it all the more endearing due to the fact that it is such a rare sight.

So this morning when I woke up gloriously late in an empty house and saw Chris’ tweet about waking the children to take them to the football game,  I absolutely swooned over this photo of Noah.

Noah Sleeping Baby Mould

There is just nothing more loveable than that pose, is there?

So cute.  So cuddleable.  So kissable.  So…

Until Chris’ Aunt Kitty pointed out The Great Similarity.

To my post yesterday.


Noah and the Baby Mould

My son IS the Sleeping Baby Mould*.

So much for enjoying my sleeping baby photo.  Now all I can think about is whether he’s butter pecan or vanilla on the inside.