Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

The average woman’s size in America is a 12/14. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a statistics class, but I’m pretty sure that indicates that around half of the female population is above that mark. So it only makes sense that with every denim post that I’ve written, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails and comments requesting tips on how to find great jeans for those in plus sizes.

Sadly enough, most denim designers blatantly ignore any semblance of fashion in plus sizes. The pocket placement is typically wrong, the styles are insultingly dated, the material is often cheap.

So I set out on a two month research journey with the help of four fabulous volunteers.  We visited half a dozen stores and used my own denim stash, tried on every pair of jeans in every store, and photographed them all.  I spent approximately 30 hours gathering, analyzing, and summarizing our findings.

We discovered that it may take some digging and a lot of dressing room action, but there are a few good pairs to be found.  My hope is that this project will help many women feel great relief that their problem may be their jeans, not their body.

Here’s a sample of our results, with more details to follow:

Subject A is a size 18.  She is petite, and expressed to me that “If I found jeans that fit, I was thankful for that and bought them.  I never even looked at the back, because I didn’t really think I had earned a good-looking butt.”  I am happy to say that she now feels differently:

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

Subject B is a size 24/26.  She shared with me that she struggles to find jeans that look right because she carries a lot of “junk in the trunk.”  By finding the right fit, we visually shrank her booty by at least three sizes:

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

Subject C is a size 12/14 who thought she was a 16.  Her problem area is her belly, and so she would size up to fit it, and her tiny legs and butt would completely disappear.  By finding the right kind of jeans, we rediscovered and flaunted her adorable legs and butt, without making her stomach uncomfortable:

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

(I realize that not everyone likes prominent stitching on the pockets.  We will discuss that later in the post.)

Subject D is a size 16/18.  She struggled to find jeans that fit her correctly, as they all had too much room in areas where she didn’t need extra room.  She could pull handfuls of extra fabric in the crotch, but would find her jeans uncomfortable in other areas.  She, too, found choices for comfortable, properly fit jeans:

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

The following are the points that we discovered.  Although every body is different, you should be able to use these guidelines to find the perfect jean for you.

1.  Pocket Placement.

This is easily the biggest issue with all jeans, and the problem is only magnified in the plus-sized jean world.  It is critical to the health of all jeans.

Here are the keys to proper pocket placement:

a. Proportionally sized pockets
b. Correctly Placed Pockets – covering the bottom curvature of the butt
c. Width between pockets – minimize as much as possible.

Proportionally sized pockets are a must – if you have a larger butt, you need larger pockets achieve butt balance.  If you have a smaller butt, you need smaller pockets to prevent butt flattening.

Basically, you want the pocket to properly cover your butt, but not overcover your butt.

Your pockets should come down an inch or two PAST the bottom curvature of your butt to prevent Long Butt, cover to the sides of your butt to prevent Elbow Butt, and have as little room as possible between the pockets to prevent Wide Butt.

The left pair in this photo doesn’t cover enough of the sides or middle,

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject D

the left pair in this photo doesn’t cover enough of the top or bottom,

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject B

and the left pair in this photo is just all-around too small.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject A

As already stated, pockets should never end before the bottom curvature of your butt.

If they do, they will make your butt look wider, longer, bigger, and older.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject A

(Also, try to find pockets that are completely vertical, not curving out to the sides, which also creates Elbow Butt.)

Although you need to check your full-butt visual (which is hard to do without a camera or a trusted friend), checking from the side can also help:

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

Subject A

And finally, minimize the width between your pockets to have the smallest, most streamlined butt footprint (buttprint?)

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject D

The exception to this rule is if you have a very small butt.  A wide pocket, even paired with non-centered stitching, can assist in making your butt look more curvy.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject C

So let’s talk about stitching.

On my last post, I got questioned many times about the use of stitching on pockets.  Many people feel that stitching is a young look, or a cheap look, or a trend they simply don’t prefer.

(In fairness, there were many more people who loved the stitching.)

The popularity of stitching varies with geographical location, and it is completely a matter of taste.

If you don’t like stitching, don’t do it.

I’m not here to push a fashion choice or to share what is “on trend” – my goal is to show the most flattering fits, and stitching can be very flattering.  It can break up space, add visual interest, and actually minimize butts.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject B

However, excessive fading and distressing combined with pocket stitching can be too much.  Don’t buy jeans that make you look like you’ve been through a garbage disposal and back out the other side.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject D

Pocket flaps were something that several of my models were skeptical of, simply because they were afraid that they would add bulk.

The pocket flap does not add bulk, but when done correctly, offers proper and nice curves.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject A

Look for flaps that have a modern, pointed flap, and never, ever, EVER have a flap without a pocket.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject B


2.  Leg Width.

Many people assume that the bigger the leg opening, the smaller the body will appear.  This is definitely not the case.  Although I hardly ever recommend a stick-to-your-ankle skinny jean for anyone, a narrower leg tends to slim, where a bulky leg can weigh you down and shorten your legs.

Also, it should be noted that the term “Skinny Jean” has come encompass a vast range of leg opening widths, from a jegging that clings to every curve and dimple, to what used to be called a straight cut or barely boot.

I adore the Barely Boot version of Skinny, so even though in stores it’s called a skinny, for the purposes of differentiation, we’re going to refer to it as a Barely Boot.

Subject D shows the typical Bootcut/Flare as compared to a Barely Boot,

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

And Subject A shows the narrowing effect of the Barely Boot as compared to the Trouser Jean.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

(Forgive the ridiculous length on the trouser.  We were so exhausted by the time we got to that store that we didn’t even bother hiking it up.  But trust me: narrower is better, whether your jeans have a Princess-Wedding-Length Train or not.)

(Extra Note: Be willing to get jeans hemmed.  Lengths are rarely perfect off the rack, it usually costs $10 or less, and it is totally worth it to get great jeans.)

If you carry your weight almost entirely in your stomach, and therefore always find your jeans ridiculously too large on your butt and your legs, go for an all out Skinny Jean – because skinny jeans tend to have a stretchier waist, allowing you to size down to fit your legs.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject C

Note: The unattractive upside-down triangle effect that skinny jeans can sometimes create is caused by hip width, not stomach width.   Skinny jeans minimize stomachs, but maximize hips.  See this post for more illustrations.



3.  Fabric Color and Fading

As a rule, darker jeans are almost always more flattering.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject B

They minimize, streamline, and cover over a multitude of cellulite.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject A

However, this is just a rule.  If a light pair happens to look really good, go with it.

Also, don’t be afraid of color.  I personally was very frightened by it for a long time, but have recently come around.  And my models agreed: color was fun, surprisingly flattering, and added a lot of character to their outfits.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject A

(I’m still scared of prints, though.  Check back with me next year.)

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

Fading is a tricky art, because it can either be slimming OR widening.  As a rule, when in the front, you want it to leave some darkness on each side of your leg, thereby adding contour.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject B

In the back, avoid the below-the-pocket fade, unless it is very subtle.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject D


4. Fit

Jeans should be fitted but not clinging.  I use the back of the thigh and the butt to determine all good fits.

Don’t have a saggy butt, but definitely don’t have The Upside-Down Heart Crack Cling.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject A

Make sure that your thighs are fitted to the point that the denim wrinkles finely and horizontally, but are not so tight that your leg is squishing out from between the wrinkles.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.Subject D

And finally, I urge you to find an honest friend to shop with you.  Because you literally cannot see all of your own butt.  Trust me: I almost broke my ankle trying to see mine last week.

If you can’t find an honest friend to shop with, then take cell phone pictures of your butt and text or email them to an honest friend.  If you can’t find an honest friend to accept your butt texts, then feel free to email your butt to me (graspingforobjectivity at gmail dot com) – I get several butts a day in my inbox and don’t mind adding yours to the stack.

Remember: you can’t see all of your own butt, and if you buy based on what you can see, you’ll end up with something like this:

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

 Subject D

The right jeans can be a miracle for your body.  So take notes, find a friend, and go shopping to discover a better butt!

Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I find the jeans pictured in this post?

I do not recommend buying jeans online without first trying them on, but for reference, here were the jeans that looked best on some or all of the models:

  1. Code Denim Skinny (Barely Boot) Dark Washes – (Discontinued)
  2. Silver Suki Surplus, Available at Maurices, $90; Amazon, $95; Torrid, $95
  3. Emerson Edwards with pocket Dark Washes,  (Discontinued)
  4. Torrid Isabella Bootleg (also referred to as Source of Wisdom Slim Boot), Available at Torrid, $58.50; Amazon, $58.50
  5. Emerson Edwards Colored Jeans (Discontinued)
  6. Torrid Sophia Skinny, Available at Torrid, $58.50; Amazon, $58.50
  7. Miss Chic and LA Idol Jeans, Available through Amazon, $50 – 70

Once you know what fits you, HauteLook is a fantastic resource to find designer jeans at half the price – I buy all of my jeans there, and they often feature Plus-Sized Jeans.

Surely the before and after photos aren’t the same model.  Some of their shirts are even different!

All photo pairings are of the same woman, even if the shirt colors aren’t the same. Because of the time commitment needed, we conducted our research over several weeks.

I noticed that you are a Vault Denim rep.  Did you just write this post to sell jeans?

Nope. Update: I’m not affiliated anymore, and due to the fact that they are selling significantly lower quality jeans, I no longer recommend them in any way.  I was a blogger first, and have been writing posts about how to find great jeans for years.  I became affiliated with Vault last year because I needed easier access to great denim to help people that wanted my consultation – and their prices were up to half off retail prices (Updated To Note: they no longer carry those great brands.)  I often recommend other brands (as can be seen in this post), and I gave away almost all of my referrals to other reps across the country because I highly discourage buying without trying on, and unfortunately, not everyone lives in Alabama.

My goal is to help women achieve better looking butts and better self-images in the process, whatever that takes.

I am a total jerk and left a comment saying cruel things about your models, but now my comment isn’t showing up.  What happened to it?

The purpose of this post is to help plus-sized women find great jeans. My models were brave, enduring, open, and infinitely helpful in helping me understand their needs. Feel free to disagree with my conclusions or even mock me if you feel the need, but please do not insult my models. Any degrading comments will be deleted.

Why do you show so many butt views and so few front views?

For one, butts have always been my specialty.  Also, I focus more on the rear views of jeans because we all tend to focus on the front of pants because that’s what we can easily see. My assumption is that you know what to look for in the front, therefore, I tend to guide on the areas to which most may not pay as careful attention.

I’m your friend and I’m Plus-Sized.  Why didn’t you ask me to be a model?

I didn’t ask anyone – I only took volunteers.  It would only be completely awkward to walk up to you and say, “Hey – you’re plus sized!! Can I photograph your butt a few thousand times?”

How do you feel about Gap and Old Navy Jeans?

You can read my thoughts here.

What did you do while your models were trying on jeans?

Stooped to photograph their butts so much that my legs ached for days, ran back and forth getting new sizes and styles, and allowed them to pile their discarded jeans upon my lap so that I could make copious notes about each pair.

Jeans for Most of America: A detailed guide on buying great, flattering jeans for the plus-sized woman.

How can I get a private denim fitting with you?

Come to Birmingham, Alabama.  But email first – I don’t prefer stalkers.

What if I’m not Plus-Sized?  And/Or where can I find your other posts?

If you’re afraid you might have Long Butt, click here.
If you’re over 50 years old, click here.
If you want more specific tips and tricks to pick out the perfect jeans, click here.
If you are wearing Gap or Old Navy jeans, click here.
If you want a list of every post I’ve ever written about denim, click here.

You didn’t answer my question.  Now what?

Leave it below in the comments!  If you ask a question, I will answer within a few days.

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  1. I have to tell you how much I love this series on denim. And now you’ve added a piece on plus-sized denim and if I lived closer to you, I would run to your house and kiss you I am that grateful for this. You are The Denim Goddess! All hail Rachel!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to share the link to this post on facebook.

  2. I think Stacy and Clinton need to come to Birmingham, do a denim only special and hire you! Great Job!

  3. Hands down, THE best article I’ve ever read on plus sized fashion.

    YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR my friend! Thank you so much for this post. I enjoyed it, from start to finish. ;)

    The best take-away from this post– Lane Bryant isn’t the end-all be-all for plus sizes. In fact, they might be the biggest offender for horrible looking mom jeans. Go to Maurices, my plus sized friends!

  4. Oh Rachel – every time you write one of these, I cross my fingers and wish really hard that you’d move to Toronto. I haven’t worn jeans in 4 years because I just can’t find the right ones. I’ve actually cried in dressing rooms.

    Thank you for your ongoing mission to help all of us jean-ily (sure that’s a word) impaired people.

    And thanks to all of your models too!

    1. I’m so sorry! I Know I could find the right ones for you. If I’m ever vacationing in Toronto, I’ll let you know!

      (Which, for the sake of accuracy, DID happen once in my life – when I was nine.)

      1. I’m reading your blog for the first time, and I love it! I, too, wish you could do a comparison of jeans found in Canadian stores. Your general tips are super helpful, though. Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more.

  5. Great job Rach! I hate that I’ve been too busy to help with the research… Loved all the different things to look out for while shopping!
    Hmmmmm maybe you need to develop a Jeans Fit Guide iPhone App!!! All your handy dandy tips in one place! :)
    I have needed new jeans for a while…I’ll call you soon, or you’ll at least get some butt emails from me! :) I think I’m still in between sizes at this point. Boo. But i’m getting there!

      1. LOVE your posts on denim & really your whole blog now!! I’m officially a fan…found you on Pinterest. I think the idea of an app would be so so so fab!!! If you ever really want to do it, I have a friend here who creates apps & could help you out! :)

    1. I do love 7 For All Mankind, but they don’t come in Plus Sizes. Seven7 does, but the few we tried on didn’t work on my models. However, the stores we went to didn’t have too many choices in Seven7 – I’ll make a note to do some more research on them!

  6. Oh my goodness! I love you even more now! Totally not in a stalker way, though. You suggested one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted (from Nabeel’s) and now I have the information to find the perfect pair of jeans. Now, just to budget for them… :)

  7. Fabulous!! My group of friends and I – a group of diverse sizes and shapes – have been discussing these posts & you will find butt-pic texts in our phones! Thank you for the candor & inspiration… and a special thanks to the extra brave models in this post who look beautiful!!
    (PS – I would like to know what in the world some of these clothiers are thinking with the 17′ leg openings! I’m 5’6″ and even with 3″ heels I have at least 4 extra inches of fabric – ridic)

    1. I’m 5’9″ and often buy “average” instead of “long” I just don’t understand that… I am not average height at all.

  8. Great post! Thanks as a plus size person it is nice to have some ideas on how to find the right pair of jeans. But here is my problem. I am plus size 22/24 currently but going down, however I am also 5’2″ and for some reason most clothing makers think if you are plus size you must be tall. Half the time if I find a nice pair that flatters the rest of body they are so long they drag the ground making me look even shorter. But I need a new pair of jeans so I may print this out and take it with me.

    1. All designer jeans are too long. They just are. But it’s TOTALLY worth it to get some and have them hemmed. Your confidence and attitude about how great you look in them will cover the cost of the hemming!!!

      1. I have the opposite issue- my inseam is about 33 inches and I have a heck of a time finding jeans long enough. Then add in that I’m about an 18, and getting a decent butt look is next to impossible. Nevermind WORK pants!

        1. Try Ashley Stewart for work pants. Their signature line fits me perfectly and is the only place I bother with for work pants.

    2. My biggest tip is don’t be afraid to get them hemmed! I get all of my jeans hemmed (and I’m 5’5″!), and it’s so worth it for a good pair of jeans. It usually costs $10-20.

      1. Yes, getting jeans hemmed is inexpensive and the best way to go. However, as the OP said, and in my experience, you can get away with maybe hemming 3-4 inches off jeans at the most. Anymore than that and you destroy the shape of the jean. It’s *impossible* to find petite plus-size. Let alone a non-mom jean. At 5′ 0″ I buy short jeans and still have to hem them. And no, petite plus-size isn’t an oxymoron. Petite simply means short.

        1. The working definition of ‘petite’, at least in the world I inhabit, doesn’t just mean ‘short’. If it did, there would be no difference between a 5 foot/300 pound woman and a five foot/95 pound woman. Petite means short AND slim. Almost child sized. You can be a size 22 and ‘petite’ at the same time (in the real, working definition of the word).
          In other words, just because Lane Bryant has a petite section, doesn’t mean that’s the way the word is used in the real world. Ask any man you know.

      2. I’m petite-plus too, and the problem is that hemming often only solves one problem. Regular pants are often too long in the crotch too because they are sized for people who are longer in every proportion, so even if the leg length is right, the pants still look and feel ridiculous. This is also my problem with wrap-style shirts and anything cut to show cleavage — they are expecting a much longer torso (I guess), and I don’t have it so everything droops. Since nearly ALL plus-sized clothes are designed to show cleavage (to draw your attention upwards to show what is probably an asset), I am constantly flashing people and falling out of my clothes. What drives me crazy about this is that I’m nearly 5’4″, so not THAT short! I have no idea how people who are 5’0″ dress themselves without making it all by hand.

      1. I was going to say the same thing! I am about 5’8″ and every time I find a pair of jeans that fit me in tummy and butt they are far too short! I am 24/26 and apparently should be about 5’4″ according to the jeans manufacturers.

  9. Love love love the jeans posts. :)

    One minor quibble tho: “It’s been a while since I’ve taken a statistics class, but I’m pretty sure that indicates that around half of the female population is above that mark.” Nope. If 12/14 were the median, then yes, it would mean that half were above and half were below. But an average only means that the extreme high end and the extreme low end were included in an overall averaging. It’s possible that the majority of women fall into the 12/14 range with extreme outliers at either end. Or it’s possible that very few women fall into 12/14 and there are a lot of women equally balanced on either side. Or any number of other combinations. :)

  10. So next will you do a segment for people with bigger calves? I’ve figured out how to get jeans to look good in the butt, but often times the jeans (bootcut normally) will be bunchy at my knees because the lower part is too tight around my calf! And skinny jeans are out of the question for me – often I can’t even get them to pull up because of my calves!

    I just realized this makes me sound totally bizarrely shaped… It’s just that I run. And curvy jeans fit my thighs and butt just fine… It’s the calves that are a problem! I’ll even send you a picture to demonstrate if you want!

    1. I’ve had several people with this issue, and we just have to find the right bootcut that starts at the knee, not halfway down the calf, so that it doesn’t catch on the calf muscle.

      (Oh – and by the way – my husband mentioned this comment to me this weekend, as I was feeling his extremely muscular calf muscles. He said he understood your pain.) :)

      1. I have the same “runners calf” problem, could you recommend a few brands/fits that flatter a size 28/29, 5’1″ gal with RC?

        BTW, Love, love, love your jeans blogs! I bought a pair of ON jeans post-baby and had my hubby take a pic of my butt… it was eye opening.

        1. What you’re looking for is a boot cut that starts at the knee, rather than halfway down the calf. LA Idol and Express have these I know, as well as J Brand.

    2. Oh yes! I have the exact same problem! If you find a nice pair of boots that will fit these calves, feel free to share :)

      1. CLARKS has wide calf boots that are high quality and comfortable. They aren’t necessarily labeled wide calf, they just are.

  11. I love reading all yours jeans posts! I am not plus-sized, but I have a question for you. My thighs are larger in proportion to the rest of my body than average, so I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit me well. (I tend to do a boot cut, thinking that the extra fabric on bottom will balance out the thighs.) So I’ve come to a place where I’m starting to think that maybe I should buy my jeans one size up, so that they fit my thighs and don’t make them look like stuffed sausages, and then have the waist taken in. This would also give me many more options to pick from. Do you think this would work? Am I overlooking a brand that would be particularly well-suited for my body type? Thanks!!!

    1. Yes, or just find a pair of jeans that has more room for thighs. LA Idol definitely fits curves better than most. But definitely try the waist-taking-in, too, if you can’t find anything.

  12. Nicely done, Rachel! I absoultely LOVE your jeans posts. Also love Silver Suki Surplus jeans. So happy to see them in this post. :)
    You’re changing the way people wear jeans, one butt at a time, and for that, I am thankful. :)

  13. I had a pair of jeans that I really really liked. They fit perfect, however I no longer wore them because of the dreaded lighter color. I bought a box of dark navy dye & dyed them in a plastic tub on my kitchen counter. I figured it couldn’t hurt since I no longer wore them I had nothing to lose. They turned out so well even my 16 year old hauled up some of her jeans for me to “fix” the color. If one chooses this fix (a) wear rubber gloves when turning the jeans in their dye bath or one will look like they have been fighting with a smurf and (b) fold the jeans flat in the tub so they don’t get uneven weird fade marks.

    thanks for this series on jeans, thanks to you I’m no longer afraid of the dreaded jeans shopping excursion!

  14. OMG!!! Rachel you are a sweetheart!!! I used to be able to fit inot your other postings (and I’m talking 10+ years ago) but now, I am a size 14-16 and I have dreaded how my once athletic and fabulous butt (it’s how I snagged my hubby you know, LOL) is the dreaded heart shape I swore i would never have… or so my jeans would have me believe…
    Now I know what to look for in a good fitting jean and what the right proportions should be:) And FYI, I have not purchased ON jeans in a long time and I have always felt GAP was made for super skinny-need to eat a dang sandwhich model types… I have purchased a few pairs of AE jeans which seem to fit me well and feel good… problem is that you have to order online for sizes greater than 14 (I take a 16 in American Eagle)… I am waiting on a pair of LA Idol jeans to arrive that I purchased thru ebay… I have my fingers crossed they will fit AND be flattering… Living in Canada, it’s hard to find good brand named jeans that fit… again with the only made for super skinny-need to eat a dang sandwhich type…
    And I have shared yourpost with a couple of my friends who also don’t fit into the typical “designer” size:)
    Thanks again for all your hard work and for giving us svelt ladies a guide to great fitting jeans!!

  15. I just recently found your site via your first and second jeans posts. You confirmed what I had thought for a while about Old navy jeans (saggy, baggy, etc). I’m a plus-size, nearly identical shape as Subject C. I appreciate everyone’s efforts on this. I had seen the benefits of skinny jeans on my shape but noticed the upside down triangle you mention. Thus back to the stores to try to reopen my eyes to all the tips you mention.

    You are a denim wizard!

  16. Thank you! I am shaped like C (tummy issues but nice skinny legs and flat butt.) Plus I am tall so I cannot usually buy regular (always flooding if I find a cheap $20 pair) I guess I need to email some butt pics to see if what I wear is ok. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Did you ever get a response or figure out a brand & size that fits you? I’m so tired of going broke & uncomfortable getting jeans that fit horribly. I sure hope you still get messages from this website since it’s been almost 2 years. It doesn’t look like the lady that wrote this article bothered to get back to you. Please let me know if you get my message? I’m gong to send it through this site plus click on your name above this to see of I can send a message another way. Sorry if I get to intrusive. I’m your size & I hope you can imagine my frustration!

      1. Hi girly (graspingforobjectivity) – I just saw that each message is awaiting moderation. Could you PLEASE let me know that you saw my message & if you have any advice for me? I saw you were awesome enuf to have her send a pic but I got confused about whether or not you replied. HELP ME WOMAN!!! I’m smiling…..

  17. I’m even more confused now… I think some of the “good” look just as bad as the bad, or I can’t see the difference, which I fear means I’m definitely wearing bad jeans on my size 18 body.

    It looks like many of these fits give (or accentuate) muffin top – I have always worn my jeans over my belly to prevent this; can you comment on this? What’s the preferred way for the plus crowd to go?

    Jeans make me cry. Help!

    1. So sorry it was confusing!

      Definitely try to not create muffintop when you’re able to avoid it – either have a stretchier waist, a wider waistband, or a waist that hits at just the right point (either low or mid) so that it doesn’t press into your belly.

      1. I have to wear my jeans right at my belly button. If I dont I either have the dredded belly overhang if I wear at hips, or if I wear at mid waist they end up rolling down to my hips and I get the overhang again. I think that is what Andie was talking about, because she said she wears hers OVER her belly, which I would assume is somewhere around the belly button like me. Again I am a 24/26 so I am larger than your models.

  18. Can we chat about Vault denim? You know my email, and if you email me we can either set a time to chat, or we can chat via email. You tell me.

    We got to wear jeans to work today, by the way, and according to my husband I looked great in them today. Not exactly an objective opinion, but I’m taking it! :)

  19. Very good information! Hmm, all my jeans: BAD. :( Now, tell me what to do about dress pants which typically don’t even have pockets! ;)

  20. After I made a big long comment asking for help on another post, you go and post this handy dandy little guide! It solves just about all my problems :-) The only thing you didn’t really address was the top of the jeans. Do the better ones in this post hug the hip, or is the top of it meant to be sitting just under your ribs? I know that you have said that good jeans shouldn’t do that, but you don’t mention it at all in this post.
    Also, and I know this might be way beyond your area of expertise, BUT have you ever had the fortune to come across good jeans PATTERNS? I figure that the only way I am ever going to get the perfect pair of jeans is to make them myself, but I need a good pattern to start with…
    Lastly, if I ever get around to crocheting a pair of pants, I plan to add pockets the the butt following your tips so that the pants hopefully don’t make me look like a whale, lol!

    1. I think a mid-rise is best on most people – where the jeans hit right under your bellybutton.

      And nope, I’ve never seen a pattern of jeans that looked right, nor have I ever seen sewn jeans that did! I say stick with the professionals. :) But then, I’m a terrible seamstress…..

      1. The problem with a mid rise, is when you are overweight, it tends to not stay up where it is supposed to. If you get it up over the huge tummy (if that is your issue) then they don’t fall off.

        My sister has a very long torso so even a higher waist doesn’t go up high enough, and they slouch back down. She has resorted to belly bands to cover it. I don’t have that issue, typically, as long as I get a higher waist.

        I would a thousand times prefer that, over horrid muffin tops and crack shots, that I see most woman do.

        As for the skinny jeans. Many of us that are overweight, have not only large butt, large tummy but large thick legs which makes it impossible to even get those on. I think that is why many of us end up with Lane Bryant because we can at least get the dang jeans on. cheaper brands are to narrow, and more expensive brands then Lane Bryant, same problem. Can’t win!

  21. Thank you for your post! I appreciate this SO MUCH! The comparison pictures really show how much difference pockets make. This is the only denim guide I’ve ever found for someone my size that will actually help. All of the magazine articles about finding your perfect jeans show one “curvy” model (who looks like maybe a size 6) in $200 jeans, and they’re useless.

  22. A while back – maybe I’m showing my age – denim was denim as in 100% cotton. I can’t tell you how much I LOATHE the stretch denim that is the norm today. I’ve purchased cheap, and I’ve purchased expensive and it doesn’t matter the dang pants stretch out and a pair of pants that fit in the morning look like I’m wearing a loaded diaper by the end of the day. Any brands that are 100% cotton like the good ole’ days? Your fitting posts are great, wish you in WI. Next time you are doing a jean shopping research I’ll be a model and fly to AL. Anyway I was so upset about stretch in jeans I wrote a blog post long before I found your blog.

    1. I’ve had several people ask for 100% cotton, and I haven’t run across any yet. Some of the newer fabrics stretch a lot less than others, though – it’s all about finding the right brand.

    2. Look for jeans constructed of 75% cotton/ 25% polyester. They stretch with you but don’t grow bigger throughout the day. Silver actually makes a few of their styles in this fabric and it’s sooo much better than cotton/spandex!

      1. I agree with you Winnie. Although I do like to sometimes to wear a jean with stretch I would like a pair that is thick denim and fashionable. I ride a motorcycle and need protection from the elements but still want to look good in all of those vacation photos,, lol I was wearing American Rag which had a style relatively thick with a small stretch. However, since I’ve gone from a size 3 to a size 14 in one year that brand is not working for me now. Ralph Lauran has regular denim…definately mom jeans.

  23. Do you have a co-representative in the Denver, CO area. I promised myself that when I hit my goal weight I would spend some money on good jeans (inspired by your many posts on the topic, of course). As is typical of a busy mom, I’ve been at goal weight since April but have yet to go jean shopping. Now that we’ve finished our relocation to the other side of the country, it’s time.

  24. This is a wonderful post! Also, I totally want to go drag one of my near and dear plus size friends jean shopping now ;-)

    “No no, that butt is SO wrong for you”
    “Why are you staring at my butt?”
    “Um… because we need to go shopping??”

  25. I, too, love your denim series. As I’m one of those who has historically preferred less ornamentation on the pockets, I focused on that in this post and found that some of them actually might be okay with me. (The enormous fleur de lis is an no-go however.) Maybe I can expand my denim horizons just a bit….

    1. Just one stitch at a time. :) I don’t like pushing anyone too far out of their comfort zones, but always encourage people to try on different things. You never know what you might like…

  26. Oh, Rachel, you’re a genius!! I think you have found ONE of your callings… to help us have better butts in great jeans! Thanks so much. When I get down to Alabama to see my friend, Natalie, I will definitely let you know and schedule a fitting with you.

    You rock! Thank you for taking the time to do all of this for your readers.


  27. Another awesome jeans post! You are truly the expert in this.

    I’d love suggestions for mid-rise jeans for a curvy figure. I have an hourglass shape (about an 11-12″ difference between my waist and hips) with lower tummy poochiness from a vertical emergency c-section. The only jeans I’ve found that fit me are the NYDJ brand, which give that awesome mom butt. Am I just resigned to wearing tunics to cover my rear view?

    1. A VERTICAL C-Section?? Oh my. I didn’t even know that they did those.

      The options are definitely out there, it just takes a lot of trying on. Also, it depends on what size you are. What size are you?

  28. I don’t think I’ve seen any references to the rise on jeans in any of your posts. I find most designer jeans to be super low-rise and my muffin top just can’t handle that. But all the mid-rise jeans give mom-butt. Any advice?

    1. Most of the jeans pictured here are mid-rise, meaning that they come up to just below the bellybutton. That’s what I recommend for most people!

  29. Rachel – I adore you, girlie!!! Thank you for another great post on jeans!

    AND because of your great advice, I found THE perfect jeans at Maurice’s. I went in with the list I made from your recent jeans “do’s & don’ts” post and told them what I was looking for in a pair of jeans. They knew exactly what I meant and I walked out with a pair of the most amazing pair of jeans I’ve ever worn…for 20% off with my Hip Chip coupon! I’m 5’6″ and weigh 150lbs. I wanted a pair that minimized my butt, sucked in my gut, and made my legs look a mile long. SUKI bootcut were my answer from heaven!! No gaps in the waist, perfect whiskering and color, and no muffin top. When you mentioned that a bootcut was more figure flattering and updated than a wider flare, you were absolutely right. Last week, people at church asked if I had been working out lately (which I had but I’m attributing it all to my!) and I actually caught my hubby checking out my butt later that day! Woo hoo!!!! So THANK YOU, Rachel (and my butt thanks you, too)! You totally rock!!!! ♥

    So, girls….if you’re a little curvy in the butt, hips, thighs, and calves….ask for Suki Bootcut jeans at Maurice’s! You’ll walk out singing the Halleleujah Chorus!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  30. YOU. ARE. AMAZING! Stacy and Clinton need to give you a call sista! Jean specialist right here! (You know…What Not To Wear on TLC). Great, great, great information! Love the detailed break-down and photos. I can’t even imagine how much work that was!

  31. I am so stressed out over finding jeans that fit me, I am having dreams that I need counseling. I think that I am classified as an hourglass shape. My main issue is a pretty large rear with equally wide hips and thighs. I always seem to get the “back gap” no matter what brand I try. I look so much better in workout pants than I do jeans. Most jeans seem to flatten my rear, making me look much wider than I actually am. I am in between a 9/10 and 11/12 depending on the brand. I would appreciate any input that you may have. Thank you so much for trying to help all of us who do not fit the typical “skinny jean” type!!

    1. The best brand I’ve found to help people who typically have a gap in the back and need more room for butt/thighs is LA Idol – they’re super flattering, stretchy, and don’t usually gap in the back.

  32. I am so excited to find this blog! I’m currently experiencing a midlife wardrobe crisis as I am turning 46 but feel 26!! My body, however, is certainly showing it’s 46 years of wear and tear. Being 5’9″ and 200 quite proportionate pounds I would fill out a NFL uniform quite impressively, however, a pair of hot jeans is a bit harder to find. I am currently a victim of laziness and frustration and must admit to owning several pair of both ON and GAP jeans :*(. In my heyday I splurged and purchased a pair of Lucky Jeans (which is how I snagged the hubby, boy did HE get Lucky!) but in the years since then they’ve certainly shrunk as I can no longer wear them. I’d love input on brands and suggestions for the more amazonian types amongst us. I’d also be interested in information about Vault Denim as my own research in my circle of friends has revealed many a pair of mom jeans….

  33. Ok, I’m desperate for your help. I have larger thighs and while I’m not skinny, I have an issue with needing to go up a size or 2 in jeans to fit over my hips and thighs, but then they’re way too big on my waist. Nothing ever fits! Even with belts, when I have to tighten a belt that much it looks goofy and otherwise I’m constantly pulling my jeans up. I would LOVE some advice!

  34. I saw a commercial on tv the other day advertising the new Lee jean with claims of it not being a “mom” jean. I just laughed out loud and thought of you. The glimpse of the jeans in the commercial definitely qualified as “mom” jeans. Maybe Lee needs to hire you as a consultant…or stop claiming to be the anti mom jean.

  35. Do any of the Vault Jeans come in Petite plus sizes? I’m a size 22, but I’m only 5’2″ tall. Generally, I can’t just hem the bottom of average jeans. The crotch hangs too low on mid-rise, and low-rise never sit right on my hips.

    1. I don’t think that they do yet. They’re just starting to get petites, so I’m hoping that they’ll continue that into the plus sized line. Subject A, however, is also very petite, and the jeans worked well on her (except for the length). The low-hanging crotch tended to be in Lane Bryant, whereas the others seemed to fit my models better.

  36. OMG!! THANK YOU!!!!

    I read your post on Old Navy/Gap few days ago (found it on Pinterest) and could not get it our of my head!! Though I don’t own jeans from them I began to think *gasp* I may have mom jeans!!! ack!!! So after this post kept haunting me I decided to head back here and see if I could find some info on Plus Size jeans. *ahhhhhh* (heanvely bells ringing) there it is!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I plan on sharing this poct and grabbing a pal to shop with.

    I am so thankful you also included the info on where jeans were bought. Now all I need is to be willing to spend $70+ on a pair of GREAT jeans!! Thanks again!!!

  37. Hi there!

    Thanks for all of your “butt-tastic” pictures! :) My issue is that I’m a size 16/18, but I’m also 6’1″. I need at least a 36″ inseam, and my hips are definitely bigger than my waist. Can you help me find tall jeans that are also plus size (perhaps through Vault Denim)? Apparently there isn’t a market for both issues!

    Thank you!

    1. Hm… this is a bit hard to find. All of our plus size inseams are 34″. I’ll keep my eyes out, but I don’t have a good recommendation for you right now!

      1. I had the same question. I’m 5’8″ and my legs are long proportionally, which is why I’ve gone with the Long lengths at Old Navy and Gap. Since the above comment was posted, have you run across any jeans with a 35″ or 36″ inseam in 16/18?

        Love your articles. It means so much when someone writes a quality fashion article and doesn’t just ignore the issues that come with being over a size 12.

  38. I noticed a lot of the jeans on here were really expensive. Any advice on where i could get some that aren’t so pricey? Thanks! =)

    1. I highly recommend just waiting for sales, or saving up. I’ve tested cheap and pricy and pricier jeans, and the long-term quality and durability is drastically different when you are willing to pay a bit more. I don’t have any cheaper recommendations right now, but I am keeping my eyes out for good options.

  39. I loved this post! I’m an “X” plus sized girl, getting up to roughly size 14/16, and now I’m down to a 6 or an 8. I really wish I had seen this at the time, maybe not because bad jeans attributed to the weight loss. I was so discouraged by jeans when I was heavier because they never looked quite right. I felt as though my rear always looked “dumpy.” I was never really satisifed with how they looked, and what was even more disheartening is the fact that I was shopping at the designer stores with very expensive denim. I could have really used this post and I know it is helping women out there who are encountering the same problems I was with denim. Now I’m reading all your other denim posts to learn how to dress my now slimmer lower half correctly! Thanks for your research! :)

  40. High five! And I say that as someone who really did never think about how jeans looked on my plus-size tookus, only if they buttoned. And who knew about that heart-shaped crack cling – eek!

    Thank you for taking the time and energy and butt-focus to help the rest of us!

  41. Just had my first Vault party today! Thanks for connecting me with a local rep! We had about 50% success finding great looking jeans (I ended up with 3 pair!). My poor mom couldn’t find any. She looked great from the rear but awful from the front with a smiling crotch or bagging crotch each time. She says her shape is like an egg in an egg cup – she is very short waisted. One other gal has a tiny waist but very wide hips. She wasn’t comfortable wearing anything that felt tight and had horrible gapping in the back. We had tons of fun though! I’m curious – are you planning on showing us how to find great looking jeans for our men? I’d love to know!

    1. Excellent! I’m so glad it went well! Although I’m sorry everyone couldn’t find something.

      And yes, Dad Jeans is next on the horizon – but I need a bit of a break first!! :)

  42. What do you recommend for people in between sizes? I know that is my biggest problem right now as I am losing the weight.

    1. It depends on how quick you’re losing. If it’s going to be a slower process, go ahead and get jeans that make you feel good where you are. Go for stretchier ones that will tend to somewhat shrink with you. If you’re losing weight very quickly, set yourself a goal weight and buy jeans when you get there – that’s what I did!

  43. Thanks for the plus size post! I got here through Pinterest, following a skinny pinners pin…lol Read the whole thing thinking “yeah, but what a bout me?” Then I saw the link *facepalm*
    I live in Spain, so I don’t have access to most of those wonderful brands, and I refuse to buy jeans online. But I am printing a list of pointers, and will take it with me. It’s time to go out and buy some jeans.
    Thanks a million!!!

  44. This post has inspired me to actually shop for jeans! I have a hard time finding jeans that fit my legs/butt and my waist correctly and have basically given up. I wear the kind that look great for about an hour before the legs and butt loosen up and I have saggy everything.
    So thank you for this inspiration, I won’t settle or give up anymore I am going to go jean hunting!

  45. I love all of these denim posts! I am a consistent size 12 (lol I’m proud that it doesn’t change with different jeans so far since I used to be a 18-20) but my problem is my hips and thighs. I have a smaller waist and a thicker lower half which causes my jeans to gap horribly in the back. I’m not a belt person (don’t like the added bulk under my shirts) but I have to wear it anyway else you can see everything underneath! So then I wind up having that horrible bunching in the back from the belt…it’s awful! Any suggestions?

    1. Find jeans that are stretchy through the butt and hips and go back in at the waist. They can be hard to find, but they’re worth the search!

  46. I noticed in your skinny post that your biggest issue with Gap/Old Navy is that they stretch out badly. Lane Bryant does that to me. I have three pairs from them and after wearing them for 15 minutes they go from fitting perfectly to literally FALLING off me. But I continue to wear them because I have fibromyalgia and its so hard for me to find denim that’s soft enough that won’t cause pain (my skin is so highly sensitive that sometimes even cotton feels like sandpaper against it). I definitely miss Torrid!

  47. Are most of these jeans lower cut? That’s the biggest problem I feel I run into – the fun, stylish jeans are too low cut, thus making a muffin top and love handles look worse. Any advice for avoiding those areas while having a great rear end view?

    1. Most of these are mid-rise – there’s a couple mixed in that are higher or lower. I recommend trying to find a waistband that is very giving so that it doesn’t cut into you – a lot of the newer waistbands are really stretchy, which is helpful.

  48. Thank you!! Oh my gosh. I’ve been diligently trying to lose weight for the last year and finally feel like I have the confidence to buy clothing that fits and flatters and not simply hide behind bulk. I was like your friend for years and have a closet full of jeans that I bought simply because they fit on my body and weren’t $150 a pair. Finding a pair to fit that didn’t have elastic waist was an accomplishment. I’m forty pounds lighter and in hot pursuit of a hot pair of jeans. I will keep you post on my phone as I shop!

  49. I think I’m gonna cry! Someone actually helping me find jeans that will work! It’s a horrible experience shopping for clothes. Most stores even ones that have decent sized “plus” sections never have any clothes that will work for me. I am pinning and printing this now!
    Thank you soooo much! God bless you! :)

  50. “If you can’t find an honest friend to accept your butt texts, then feel free to email your butt to me (graspingforobjectivity at gmail dot com) – I get several butts a day in my inbox and don’t mind adding yours to the stack.”

    Oh my gee. Laughed way too hard about butt texts!!!

  51. I was thrilled to find your denim comparison! I am plus size (24wp) and absolutely cannot find a pair of jeans that fit me properly. I have a large stomach area and have, in the past, worn Lee jeans with side elastic and front pleats. I find that the front pleats give me plenty of room to sit down. I find that most jeans ads only show people standing up and the jeans “slim” you, but I just can’t stand the jeans without the front pleats. Of course, I haven’t been able to find front pleat jeans in about 5 years and the ones I have are wearing out! I absolutely hate the low rise jeans – my stomach hangs out and I find that to be so horrible. Any ideas for me? I have pleaded with Lee jeans to make 24wp’s with front pleats – they make the khakis with front pleats, why not the denim? Thank you for your work on the project!

    1. You might also try some extremely stretchy jeans – it might help you get the stretch you need without pleats. The stretchiest we tried were the Code Denim and Emerson Edwards.

  52. I would love to be connected with a Code Denim rep in Philadelphia. Would these reps to fittings as well? Willing to shell out for good jeans!

  53. Bless you for writing this. It’s always hard to feel like I can find clothing that makes me feel fashionable in plus-sizes, but now I know where to start!

  54. Ahhhh!!! I’ve been wearing the worst offender- Old Navy Sweetheart Bootcut!! Why didn’t my hubby tell me I had Mom-Butt! LOL In my defense, I’ll say that I purchased 2 pairs at an Old Navy outlet within the year after I had my first child because they fit and were comfy–not because I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror. After reading your Gap/Old Navy post and this one, I immediately texted my friend to schedule a ladies only shopping day to replace my mom-jeans :) Thanks for the eye-opener ;)

  55. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! I am a new mom my little girl is 7 months. I am adjusting to a new “mom body” and I was totally discouraged from trying on jeans because my body isn’t the way it use to be. Well your blog is fantastic!! I am from the south as well and I wish u could come to Texas lol! But this post has inspired me to go out there and try on some jeans!!! You are awesome!!!!!!

  56. Rachel,

    Thank you so much , I doubt I will ever get too visit you in Alabama but this is a great help and i will never wear a bad pair of mom jeans again.

  57. After reading this, I have just determined that Levi’s 515’s are terrible! The back pockets fall way below my butt, and they are always falling down. :-( I definitely need to go shopping soon! One issue is that I wear Long/Tall, because I am 5’11’. Any suggestions?

    1. The jeans shown from Vault Denim were all fairly long, and the jeans shown from Maurices and Torrid can be bought in long, so any of those should work for you.

  58. Thank you SO much for this! I am a bigger girl and usually settle for Lane Bryant jeans because it was my go to shop. Now more places seem to be coming along with plus size clothing. I am curious about the Vault Denim reps. I am from the Dallas, Texas area. How could I find someone to help me with a jean fitting and to see what is available?
    Thanks again!!!!!

  59. I stumbled across your blog from a friend’s Pinterest post and your blog is very informative and helpful for so many women! Finding well fitting jeans is something I have struggled with since I was a teenager! I am definitely pear-shaped, curvy in the hips and thighs and smaller in the waist which seems to be opposite to how most jeans are designed. Trying to cinch the waist in with a belt only paritally works and usually leads to more muffin top, and I still have a gaping waist which is very uncomfortable and I’m constantly trying to wear longer shirts and pulling them down in the back every time I bend over to prevent overexposure of my rear!

    I am currrently in the third trimester of my fourth pregnancy, so my jeans shopping will have to wait until 2013, but I am already dreading it! As bad as it sounds, there is comfort in my current maternity jeans with a huge belly panel that stretches everywhere around my waist and there is no muffin top or love handles to be seen, only baby belly. But soon I will have to face the reality of my body and wearing normal clothes again, lol, and I am afraid I have gone up a size and my pre-pregnancy jeans are not going to fit! I need help!

    What are the best jeans you recommend for curvy fit? I think you mentioned LA idol, do you have any other suggestions? Is Maurices the only store that carries those? I am about 5’4″ and I was wearing a 10/12 before but probably a 12/14 post pregnancy until I can lose this baby weight. I will be arming myself with your denim techniques and advice in the new year when I venture out to buy new jeans and hopefully it will save me from dressing room tears! Thank you for your mission to give all women more self confidence in thier bodies and booties and flattering them with the right kind of jeans!

    1. Good jeans for your shape are:

      LA Idol (available at boutiques or through Vault Denim), Silver Suki Surplus, Express Stella or Eva Cut. Let me know if you need help when the time comes – and don’t dread it – there are great jeans out there now!!

  60. Is there anywhere in Birmingham to try on Miss Chic or LA Idol Jeans? I REALLY need new jeans, and I’m so excited to find your blog and see that you are in town!!

    1. Since I am a Vault rep, I carry both of these. I haven’t seen them anywhere else in town yet, though. I do private fittings once a month – my next date is 12/3, if you’re interested.

  61. Thank You SO much for this post!! I hate jean shopping because I can only find “Mom” jeans in my size!! I have wanted a flattering “hip” pair for so long! I’ve just avoided jeans altogether for a while!! I’m going shopping today….. Armed with your blog and my sister to help make sure my butt doesn’t look frumpy!!! FYI I had no idea that I had options! I was stuck in OLDNAVY and lane bryant! Im going shopping somewhere else!! What a relief!!! Thank you again!! You’ve totally saved my butt!! Lol!

      1. It went great!! I ended up with two pairs of Silver Jeans!! I probably tried on 30 different pairs!! Not even kidding! Itried on one pair that was way wrong… They were mid-rise but nearly came up to my boobs!! I looked like I had a front butt!! TERRIBLE!! We couldn’t stop laughing! ! It was pretty funny!! But when i found a great pair i was excited!! I actually want to wear jeans now that I have the right fit!!!!! Thank you again!! My butt looks awesome…. And my husband likes them so much he doesn’t care that I spent 100 on one pair!!

  62. Thank you, Rachel, for your advice and intelligent writing style. I am terrible when it comes to clothes, and most of that is probably due to the fact so few of them are actually made for my body type. Your tips have helped me determine what to look for instead of just thinking “Ew” or “that’ll do”. I look forward to possibly looking forward to shopping. PS– Your afterward and explanation of the plus-size edition was simply awesome.

  63. Holy WOW. I’m so excited I found this blog. I’ve recently lost 15 lbs with some clean eating and exercise (that stuff really works. who knew?!) and am eager to get into some smaller, sexier and way less mom-ish jeans. I already stuck your email into my phone. You have butt pictures coming your way soon. :)

  64. Thank you so much for doing plus size as well!!!
    Ive been plus size my entire life and always have had a hard time shopping, most manufacturers seem to make ill fitting clothes on purpose!
    Thank god for Torrid for making good fitting clothes and for old navy going up to an xxl.
    I got the torrid skinny Sophia this fall and love it!! They are sooo flattering. I have been trying to get a second pair since, but something keeps popping up finacially. Hopefully after Christmas!

  65. My biggest denim problem is that I have “no butt”. Its rather flat. I am plus size (18-20) and carry most of my weight in the front. My jeans fit for about 10 mins and then they start to sag in the butt and head south. This happens even when I wear a belt. Any suggestions?

    1. It just takes a lot of trying on to find a brand that’s made for less butt. It seems like the Silver Suki Surplus worked well for that, as well as some of the Torrid brands…

  66. I didn’t read all of the posts but I want to know about jeans for big hips. If I buy them to fit my hips there is about a 1-2 inch gap at the top of the jeans. If I buy it so the waistband fits then they are like a second skin around my hips and that’s not cute. So I have just been buying them to fit my hips and keep hiking them up all day. ANy help and/or advice you can give would be great.

    1. I desperately tried to find a model for this post who had that shape, but none volunteered. It’s really just a matter of trying on jeans until you find jeans that don’t gap. I know that’s not a ton of help, but they are out there! Hopefully I can do a “big hips tiny waist” sequel in the future.

      1. I have a friend who says there is no such thing as “ready to wear”. It is all “ready to be altered”. If you’ll hem a pair of jeans, why not get the waist altered if they are perfect otherwise? That’s assuming you’ve found the “great butt” jeans, and the only flaw is needing the waist nipped. I think this is especially true if you’re laying down $50+ for a pair. What’s a few more dollars to get them tailored for you?

  67. Can I just say that I love reading all of your posts on jeans? They are absolutely hilarious while being incredibly informative at the same time. :) And, I love all the terms you’ve coined (“Crack Cling” being my newest favorite). Love it!

  68. I have difficulties finding jeans to fit me…as do most women. Have you, or could you do a blog about girls with pear shaped bodies; small upper, curvy lower. I always have found it hard to find jeans that fit my hips AND my butt, and not look ridiculous in my waiste.

  69. Please let me know if you have done a fitting for a petite jeans in a not so petite butt! I’m under 5 ft and have a heck of a time finding non mom jeans in my length and inseam.

  70. I emailed you a while back. I was so excited to see that you had gotten this post written! Unfortunately, the only store anywhere close to me was a Torrid, so I finally drove over there yesterday. I’m proud to say I had the sales girls taking photos for me with my phone so that I could analyze them, and between you and them I not only found jeans I LOVED, but they were skinny jeans! (Not just barely boot, either!) Thanks so much! (Oh, and I gave them your website – as I was leaving they were both looking it up on their phones and they had already written it down at the counter for future reference!

  71. What do you do if you have really narrow hips and a flat butt? Whenever I try on jeans they usually end up sagging in the butt or being too tight in the waist because I’m trying to fit my little hips.

    1. Skinny jeans look great on people with narrow hips, and they’re usually cut much smaller. As for the butt, look for small pockets or flap pockets – they help add curves.

  72. I just had a baby and lost some weight, and all of my jeans are too big. Are there are Vault reps in Virginia?

  73. Hi, I have noticed that the trend with jeans seems to be to give people a flat butt. The long pockets and unflattering cut give the illusion of forcible butt-flattening at the bottom curve, as well as a huge waist. Is the man-figure “in” now? As an hourglass-shaped woman, I find this alarming. Even “curvy” fit jeans try to force my butt into a man shape.

    The photos in the above post are really confusing. Most of the “before” pictures look better than the “after” pic. The “better” jeans totally make their butts look super flat and squished. The only way to know they even have any curve to their butts is the side view pics! And, what is wrong with the inverted heart shape? Is it wrong to keep from looking like a square butt?

    Is this really what looks good to people now? The flat butt? The square, shapeless butt? Please tell me there are jeans out there that don’t force curvy girls into a gross man shape!

    1. I’m not sure that I am seeing the photos as you are, because I feel like the newer jeans still look very feminine, while being flattering. So it’s hard for me to answer your question, but if you feel more comfortable in a different shape, then by all means stick with that shape.

  74. I love your posts. I struggle so much finding jeans, and maybe you can suggest something to look for in a reasonable price range (I can’t afford to spend a ton). I wear a 12/14, but have a wider, completely flat butt. I’m also very short (long torso, and extremely short legs-30″ inseam). Do you have any brands that you recommend I look at??

    1. I would look for a modern flap pocket, because that will give you curves, coupled with a bigger pocket. Some brands that have these are LA Idol, Rock and Republic, and Emerson Edwards. I hope that helps!

  75. After following your first post on the “right” jeans to here…all of a sudden after looking at all of these pictures makes me not want to buy ANY jeans. I have a very large hips/buns and none of these are the way I want to look. Not your photo problem…my body problem. I have lost a considerable amount of weight and have a hard time finding ANY jeans to fit at all because of so much excess skin…The first article encouraged me so I guess I’ll stay over there. I agree with another reader, many of the before’s I thought looked better than the “afters. Also so many of these were too long for the people. But I really enjoy your blog and will keep up on your posts as they are very valid and useful information.

    1. The perfect jeans are out there – keep looking! And yes, many jeans are too long before hemming – hemming is a very worthwhile investment for a great pair of jeans.

  76. I loved this, I first read your post about old navy jeans because that’s where I get my jeans. What you said was so true. They look good at first after an hour they look like I have a saggy butt but they are they only place I can find plus size jeans in short that are actually almost short enough to fit me. I would look at the places you listed but the jeans are just too expensive for my taste. I’ll have to stick to mom jeans for now but thanks for the advice.

  77. Loved your comment “Sadly enough, most denim designers blatantly ignore any semblance of fashion in plus sizes. The pocket placement is typically wrong, the styles are insultingly dated, the material is often cheap.” I’ve been teetering on the boarder of plus sizes for years. When I finally admitted (or my Mom convenced me) it was timr to check out Lane Bryant I had the same thoughts. This is suppose to be a place where us big girls come to look beautiful. All I felt was worse about my body. Thank you for your encouraging post. I’ll share it with my mom. By the way, I’m 36 and have children of my own but my Mom and Sis are still my best shopping buddies. Sis I can trust, but Mama has let me down quite a few times in the booty area. Keep up the good work!

  78. Help!! I can NEVER find jeans to fit right, which is a shame. I’m told by almost everyone I meet that I have a nice butt. I had pretty much given up on jeans before reading this. My problem is that I have a 36in waist and 50in hips. My hips, butt and especially thighs are big compared to the rest of my body. So what happens is if it fits the waist its tight everywhere else or if it fits everywhere else its huge in the waist. The other problem is that I’m 5’2 so unless its petite the crotch area is too long…Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

  79. Thank you, thank you for your plus-size article/blog, it was amazing! For years I have never been happy with Lane Bryant jeans. They just never seen to fit me right, even when they came out with “right fit technology”. I woukd try on every pair in the store and left empty handed, frustrated, hot, and depressed. Old Navy jeans have never been my friend either, or Gap for that matter. I’m so glad to read that it’s not just me, but that there is definitely something lacking in their design process… Perhaps they aren’t using “true” plus-sized women?
    Anyway, I’m in Mobile, AL, and we just recently got a Maurice’s at our mall. About a month ago I bypassed Lane Bryant and decided to go into Maurice’s. I tried on all their brand denim, not too impressed. Then I found the Silver and Hydraulic. Amen!!! I found fabulous jeans!!! They look great, feel great, and best of all, my husband can’t stop smacking my booty when I wear them! So yes, here is a real life testimony… All my voluptuous curvaceous sisters… Go to Maurice’s. Super friendly staff, too!! :-)

  80. Ok, loved this. I just figured having 2 kids morphed my butt into a bizarre shaped thing attached to my legs. Love Torrid, I guess I just need to have more patience and actually go into the dressing room…lol.

  81. I really like the look and style of the express rerock jeans but did not find anything that said where they could be purchased. Where could i find a pair of these jeans. I love the back pocket designs!

  82. When I looked up all of these jeans online, they seem to sell them with the waist measurement as the size… My waist is 41″ and my hips are 47″ but I normally wear a size 16. None of the websites that I have looked at for these jeans go past 37. I saw that you said what size they usually wear in your blog, can you tell me what size they are actually wearing and what size am I supposed to wear?

      1. Can you hook me up with those measurements too? Do you have any brand recommendations for apples? My measurements are pretty similar to Amy’s. It’s soooo hard to fit apple shapes. It seems more people have the opposite waist issue of gapping. My pants fall down b/c an upside down triangle (from the waist down) doesn’t have anything to keep it up (like a waist or hips). A belt does little but create more muffin top. I read all the comments and didn’t find anyone mention this issue specifically. I saw the ones that have a tummy but are small otherwise and am trying to use those tips and combine them w/the other tips. Oh, how I wish I had a waist…

        BTW, I’m a short-legged, short person (5’1″) so hemming is a way of life for me. Here are 2 links that demonstrate the same FAST, EASY, face-palm-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-? hemming technique that I guarantee will save tons of money, time, and frustration for those in need: and
        Even better – they are perfect for pants w/cool, decorative bottom hems that get removed w/normal hemming and ideal for growing kids as they can be taken back out as needed. I hope these links help others, as they were a god-send for me.

        Thanks Rachel! I, too, think “Jeans Whisperer” is the perfect nom de guerre for you.

  83. I AM DEVASTATED to learn I have a pair of mom jeans due to the back pockets – Old Navy…I cringe everytime I wear them, I say everytime because yes, I still wear them. Issue being: I NEED 36 inch inseam and it is so hard to find jeans that if they are long enough and fit in thighs I wear them – any suggestions to great fitting women’s jeans for extra tall???

    1. 36 inches is doable – anything above that is hard to come by!! Some brands that come standard in 36″ are: Red Engine, Rock and Republic, 7 for all Mankind, Brown Label, and Citizens of Humanity. Granted, they’re more expensive than Old Navy, but they’ll last a lot longer and look a LOT better!

  84. I still disagree with this weird looking dropped pocket style. It is NOT flattering to anyone. It gives a butt-on-the-shelf look, literally cuts your butt in half and looks like your butt is going to fall off a shelf and roll down your leg!
    And if that’s not bad enough, with those dropped, low, saggy pockets, it looks like your butt cheek creases are trying to devour your pockets! Yuk!

    And the “Upside-Down Heart Crack Cling” is much more preferable to have than the Sponge-Bob Square Pants look that these kinds of dropped pockets give!

    No thanks. These are just ugly! Say NO to the Mom Jean look AND these, too!

    We need something more attractive!!


  85. Help please!!! I love your site! I was lucky enough to have a mom who taught me how to pick out good fitting jeans and your website reminds me of all her comments in dressing rooms over the years. However, I’m in trouble now. I am living in Asia for the next couple of years and have [happily] lost weight. Unfortunately, I don’t have jeans that fit anymore and the shops sell to tiny Asian women. I have looked on-line figuring I can always return, but I’m completely daunted! what advice can you provide to help with on-line jean shopping?

    1. That IS very hard! If you can tell me more about your body (size, proportions, height, preferences) I will try my best to direct you appropriately. Pictures are even more helpful!

  86. So, my problem is that I have a waist that is in between plus and regular size. 18 is just a bit snug and the first plus is huge. The next problem is that my butt is absolutely not plus sized and doesn’t match my waist size….it’s completely flat….non existent. I am also five foot tall. Do jeans for me exist?

    1. Yes – look for jeans with smaller pockets or flap pockets to give your butt some curves, and I would go with the waist that’s a bit snug, because they typically stretch out. Also try and find a brand that has a stretchy waistband, because that will help also.

  87. Slender Secret jeans, by Lee, I have found them and love how they feel. But after seeing this, I wanna take a long look in the mirror. How have they stacked up in your opinion? I think they are fab comfort wise, and I’m a curvy 16-18. I physically move around a lot with my job, you see.

    1. I’d need to see them on. I know that Lee is making strives to improve their jeans, but historically they’ve been extremely unflattering.

  88. Could you let me know if there is a Vault Denim rep in my area? I am in west Tennessee, outside of Memphis. Thanks!

  89. I have a hard time finding jeans to fit because I have a big butt & thighs but a small waist. When I find them big enough f o r my thighs, they gape ALOT in the waist. I am probably a size 18. Any suggestions???

    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any models with this body shape volunteer for this post – I SO wanted one! So I don’t know for sure, but I would try Torrid first – I think some of their waists were smaller.

  90. Thank you for the invaluable information. I want to further support your statement that investing in some minimal tailoring, hemming etc… can make a near perfect pair of jeans – perfect. Especially if you are like me – and “live” in your jeans when they fit right. The way you feel in a good pair of jeans is worth the investment.

  91. Thank you so much for these posts! I’m in between regular and plus sizes (a 12-14) and its always been hard for me to find jeans. I’ve gotten so fed up with trying on jeans and shopping that I’ve just relegated myself to yoga pants the past couple of years. I own a total of two pairs of jeans that never get worn, both from Old Navy, and both look horrible.

    I would love to see a post on maternity jeans – maternity jeans are SO unflattering!

    1. Maternity jeans ARE the worst!! I can’t stand them. I wore my regular jeans rubber-banded for almost my entire last pregnancy. I blogged about them, but only to say how horrid they were! Unfortunately, I have no solutions yet.

  92. I just helped my jeans-challenged gf pick out jeans, and figured out one o your advice by trial and error.

    Please tell me you are as wise on guys jeans…

    Your articles are amazing, you need your own tv show, seriously. I have read hundreds of articles on choosing jeans and yours are so much better than any I have seen.

  93. You address alot of great issues and differences in body/butt shape. I have an issue you haven’t addressed and would love some pointers if you have some. I have a tiny waist and an almost-flat tummy, but my butt and saddlebags are not in porortion to my waist. (Usually a 14 fits my rear but gaps 3-4 inches in the back of my waist). Finding jeans that fit my butt (regardless of if they are flattering) NEVER fit me around the waist. I rarely buy jeans for this reason and I usually buy cheap ones (family of 5 and a single income explains that). I suppose if I found a great pair that I loved, I could have them altered, but that pair still seems to escape me! Would love your feedback.

    1. I definitely need to do further experimentation with this particular body type – I’ve had a lot of people request it, but I had no models volunteer! I’ll try to see what I can find.

  94. Thanks for posting this. Based upon your research, I ordered two pair of jeans from Maurices, and I love them. I am pear shaped and it’s always a struggle to find jeans that fit right and flatter my shape. Thanks to you, I found two pair of jeans I like wearing! This is great!!!

  95. Thank you so much for this!! Please feel free to take me shopping if you ever visit the UK. I am going in search of some new jeans this weekend as I only have 1 pair at the moment and now want more xx

  96. I am horrified and going shopping today… Luckily, I was able to locate a Maurices near me. Thank you for saving me from Mom Jean Purgatory. I had no idea.

    Now, if you could only work miracles for scrubs!

  97. This is absolutely fantastic! I found this post through Pinterest and have fallen in love! I have always had a hard time finding jeans that fit right and don’t leave a gap when I sit down. I will most definitely be using your tips the next time I go out to jeans shop! I might even have to drive the few hours from Auburn to Birmingham!

  98. I found your blogs on Pinterest. I was surprised when you said you were in Alabama, and elatedly shocked that you are in Birmingham! I live a mere 45 minutes north via I65, and am definitely considering making a trip down just to shop for perfect jeans. I am plus sized and have always struggled to find jeans that fit comfortably, much less styled to a flattering appearance. Cato and Factory Connection (a store that may be local to the Decatur area) have been my go-to stores for the past 10 years. Can you give me your opinions on their jeans, if you are familiar with them?

    1. I’m not sure about Factory Connection, but what I’ve seen of Cato is not so good. The quality and fit is lacking, even though I know they are very inexpensive.

      I have monthly private fitting days – my next two are this Monday, 2/11, and then 3/18. Let me know if you’d like an appointment!

  99. dear,my cousin in Canada posted ur site for me to read since she knew i m a GAP enthusiast:) loved every bit of it.keep it coming,thnaks for all ur hardwork..

  100. Hi Rachel, Do you have any suggestions for which jeans will last the longest, particularly without becoming thin and ripping in the inside thigh area? I’ve lately been having trouble with new jeans rubbing bare within a couple months on the inside of my thighs. I mainly wear Lane Bryant jeans (which I might reconsider from seeing them on the “Before” side of so many pictures in this post).

    I see that many of jeans recommended here cost close to $100, and I’m wary of spending so much on a pair of jeans if they aren’t going to last very long. Is there anything I can do to preserve my jeans for longer than they are currently lasting?

    PS: This post was so fantastically helpful and so well written. Thank you for putting in the time to help plus-sized women look fashionable, because so few in the fashion industry do!

    1. Well, I don’t have personal, long-term experience with a lot of these jeans, but from my analysis of the fabric thickness and quality, I think that the Silver Suki Surpluses and the Emerson Edwards would last the longest.

  101. Great post! I’m really interested in the “Code” denim, but the size chart is a lot different than others I’ve used. I’m a consistent 18 at Torrid, so what size do you recommend in Code jeans based on the size differences between Torrid and Code on your test subject?

    1. They fit just the same as Torrid’s jeans – my models wore the same sizes in each, and I had two size 18 models. I agree – the sizing chart seems to be off on those – I have no idea why!

  102. Hi there ! Your blog is absolutely great, congratulations ! I have learnt so much. My biggest problems are my saddlebags. I have a full butt and my saddlebags are really adding extra width. Do you have spoken anywhere on your blog about this problem ? On your photos nobody seems to have them ! Thanks for your reply !

    1. I haven’t done any photography for this exact problem, but my best recommendation is to find a thicker, darker colored denim that will help hold you in and minimize your lines.

  103. I found you on pinterest and read all of you denim posts. Super helpful! Have you ever researched flattering pregnancy jeans? Mine are terrible and if there is ever a time a girl needed to minimize her butt, it’s while she’s growing another human being inside!..

    1. I KNOW – maternity jeans are the WORST!! I did write about it, but only to vent my own frustration about how my own wouldn’t stay up. I have two pairs here now that I’m hoping to test on someone, but I don’t know if I can recommend them yet or not. So sorry!

  104. Love these posts!!! I have a 10 month old and I am still wearing my maternity jeans because I can’t find jeans that fit my post baby body!!! I’m still working on losing the weight I gained from pregnancy, so it’s hard to find something I look & feel good in and that doesn’t give my tummy red irritated marks that don’t go away for hours. You should do a maternity post too lol!!! Get the preggo mommas in on this :D

  105. So, I have a problem with buying jeans. I have gained weight recently and when I go jeans shopping I get so upset and frustrated that I give up and buy something else like shoes to make myself feel better. I found a pair of jeans that fit great around my legs and thighs but too tight around the hips/waist area. But when I find the right fit for that area the legs are too big and I mean WAY too big. I can’t find a happy medium and don’t know what or where to look. Any suggestions?

    1. All of the girls in this post pretty much have that exact same issue, so definitely look at what works on them and try those jeans. If you’d like to send me pictures, I’ll try to help more specifically!

  106. I have a problem…I found your post via pinterest (yes I’m addicted to that site) but find the prices of these jeans to be something I simply cannot afford, regardless of whether they’re “half-off retail”. I am a single mom of 2 small toddlers who take up 95% of my income. I’m subject to discounted jeans ($30 and under) about once a year. What suggestions do you have for jeans like that? (ps I’m plus size at a size 16/18)

    1. I would highly recommend trying to shop sales at Maurices or Torrid. I don’t have any fantastic recommendations for really inexpensive jeans, because at a certain point, you do kind of get what you pay for. So my best recommendation is to try to find $60 jeans on sale for $30. And I know it’s doable, because I’ve gotten $200 jeans on sale for $30 before!

  107. To echo those comments above, thank you dearly for this article. I am from the twin cities area of Minnesota, would you be so kind as to recommend a Vault Denim rep is this area? Thank you!!

  108. How on earth does one find a rep for Vault here in central Florida..?? I would love to check these jeans out.

    I can’t find anything that fits me at 22/24, 5’2″ It’s nigh on impossible for me. Most places near me have small pockets, super huge legs, inorder to fit my waist as I carry my weight in my stomach and tight unside down heart on the front end it’s a living nightmare. Please help me find someone who can help in the area!

    Thank you!

  109. I’m interested in a private denim fitting with you! I live in Tuscaloosa, so distance isn’t a problem. Can you email me details please? :)

    1. Sure! My next available fitting dates are 3/12 and 3/18. And also, a lot of our jeans just got temporarily marked down to $27.50, so that’s an amazing thing!

  110. I’m so excited to have some new sources for plus size jeans! LB jeans don’t fit me AT ALL but I wear them because I wasn’t aware of other brands (and they are relatively cheap).

  111. Thank you thank you! Stumbled across this post about a month ago, and didn’t pin it. Now I need to buy some jeans and through a careful google search and about 20 minutes I found it again, and pinned it! Thank you. I’m in Germany so I have to trust ordering them without trying them on will be ok. Thanks for the commitment to flattering jean butts.

  112. Where do you find the Emerson Edwards jeans and the Code Denim jeans? Also I am familiar with the Silver denim, but there is so much going on with the embellished backside. I much prefer the streamlined look of the other two. Does the embellishment provide any better “look” for the plus size women?

    1. They are available on the Vault Denim website or through a Vault Denim rep. The Code Denims just got marked down to $27.50.
      For access to the Vault Denim Website, go to and type in access code 217946.

  113. Thank you! After turning thirty and going through my 4th pregnancy I feel like my body has crapped out on me. Right now I am sitting at a size 12/14 (32-34) jean size, but my biggest problem is a big belly that will not go away. I feel like I can’t wear lower rise jeans in any way because my muffin is a jumbo Costco size, and I am also very tall needing at least a 34″ length if not longer. Do you have any suggestions for a mid-rise fit, longer length that are not Gateway mom jeans? I live in Canada and would like to not pay too much. The only ones I have been able to find are H&M higher rise jeans. Though I wonder whether the butt is borderline Gateway. What are your opinions on H&M jeans? Thank you for your help!

    1. I would definitely try LA Idol – they have a more forgiving waist and look really great. Also, William Rast might be a good option.

      1. I looked online at LA Idol and they are described as low rise and 33″ long. Do you find they fit as a higher rise? Do they come any longer? Thanks!

  114. Thanks for writing this! This gave me some really good pointers that I will remember when shopping. I had different experiences than your models though, but probably because I am a different shape (thick thighs, toned butt and smallish waist). I will say that I have had Orchid bootcut jeans by Maurices that looked really good on me, so they might be worth a try for some people.. They did change them a year ago though, and they are ok, but I don’t like them as well as I did before. I’ve also gotten Visgoss Jeans from Maurices that look good, but that certain didn’t go for all their jeans.

  115. I also found ur blog via pinterest and love it! Thank you for helping so many women plagued by the mom-jean syndrome. I am 23 had my son 6 months ago and am currently a size 22. I saw a lot of comments from plus sizes women struggling because they claim “designers expect large women to be tall”. But I completely disagree! I am 6’2 and find it so hard to find plus size jeans that are also TALLs! The average jeans are about 5 inches too short, or they look long enough until I wash them. Do you have any suggestions of stores or brands that carry those cute bold stitching-modern styles in plus size tall/long?
    Thank you again!

    1. You’re right – it’s very hard!! I think the SIlver Suki Surplus comes in talls, and I believe that Torrid carries talls. Also, all of the jeans that come through Vault are 34″ inseams at least, but it sounds like you need a longer one than that.

  116. Hi. I live in birmingham and wear jeans to work nearly every day. I would love to know where your plus size girls are getting these “good jeans”. I have a hard time finding ones that fit and wear old navy every day, pretty much for lack of choices. Please help!

    1. The “Good” jeans came from Maurices at The Shops of Grand River in Leeds (there are other locations as well), Torrid at the Galleria, and from Vault Denim, for which I’m a dealer and have inventory at my house.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  117. THANK YOU! This is amazingly helpful advice.
    I have another little dandy tip: Alterations! Seriously. I am a 16-18 (down from a 24 – woot woot!) have a small waist, good butt but thunder-thighs and huge calves. I am also short-legged, but not petite short. I have found that for around $20, you can have jeans taken in at the sides, waist and shortened. This has been a good fix for me. If the butt looks good (thankfully, I have an honest mother) but there is too much room in the thighs, or too long in the length – I can have that fixed. When shopping, I always mentally add $20 for alterations to the price of the jeans.
    Keep the advice and examples coming. Your time has made the rest of us much better educated. It is greatly appreciated!

  118. So I loved this post! I loved even more that I own a pair of the jeans you wrote about!
    Now I was reading through some comments and I saw someone say that you can’t find petite plus jeans…. And I really hope the shorter curvy girls don’t listen to that! I am 5ft… On a good day! Lol and I can go into Torrid right now and buy a pair of jeans off the shelf and be able to walk out of the store and have them fit great!
    They have plus size petite, and I was so schocked that they actually look like and fit like petite pants!

    But other than that little bicker moment, I loved eeverything that I read! You did a great job in this blog! :-)
    Brittany B

  119. I am plus-sized, and have am 6 foot tall. Plus sized jeans with a 36-37 inch inseam are extremely rare to find. Any ideas? I am in dire need of boot cut jeans! I have been wearing skinnies tucked into boots for about 3 years!! Help a girl out!

  120. I am between plus sized and normal, headed more towards plus size, and I’m very short (barely 5 feet tall!) but I’m a teenager and these women’s sizes never seem to fit me correctly. Do you have any plus size juniors suggestions?

  121. I found your jean articles to be great. My daughter is a plus size and has a terrible time finding jeans. I read your faq’s and feel I must ask as another did about the front view. My daughter has some ‘junk in da trunk’ and she is short waist-ed. So we have issues with the crotch area. They are to loose or to long or invariably sports a Camel toe. How can we get over this tremendous hurdle? Any suggestions are appreciated.

    1. Look for thicker denim – that happens the most with thinner, more spandexy denim. The thicker the better! Lucky Brand makes thicker denim, as does Antik and Silver.

  122. so, I wear 12-14, but I’m also very tall, so I don’t look plus sized. Do you think different rules apply? Because seriously, I saw a couple of my favorite jeans that make me look so much skinnier than the jeans I have been buying, but they were on your ‘bad jeans’ list.

  123. Wow I’ve totally been a victim of Gap/Old Navy jeans :/ and always had the problem of them losing shape. I’m 5’5 and a size 10 sorta. See usually jeans that fit my hips and butt are too snug on my waist creating a muffin top so I buy a size up and then they sag on the butt and are loose in the thigh area and that’s because my hip/butt/thighs are not skinny but neither is my waist :(. Any brand recommendations for this?

  124. I just found your blog and have spent some time reading through your demin posts.. I hate shopping for jeans. I’m tall – 5’11” – but carry extra weight in my stomach. I wear 16-18 in waist, and have to buy longs for length. Problem is, I have NO BUTT!! and most jeans just make my bum look saggy :( Any suggestions on brands to shop for? Reasonable prices too – I’m a mom of two who barely scrapes by and rarely has money for frivolous things such as clothes for me ;) haha

    1. Hm. I would try LA Idol or Silver jeans. LA Idol is a little cheaper than Silver, but both can be found on sale. Also, Torrid has long jeans!

  125. Hello!

    Having just turned 30, I am hitting that age where my once amazing metabolism is starting to sloooow down and I can no longer squeeze myself into low rise size 27 jeans that were once the norm. I’m more like a 29-ish now and carry my weight in my “love handles” and lower stomach. Therefore, most jeans I’ve always worn hit me in the WORST spot ever, making it impossible to wear any shirts that aren’t super flowy. Any recommendations for cute higher waisted jeans? Not like 1960’s retro ones, but regular ones that are cute. I love in Canada by the way if that helps in terms of brands!!!

  126. I love the way the LA Idol jeans look but there are no stores that I’m aware of in the Philadelphia area that sell them! Do you think it’s worth the risk of ordering them on-line?

  127. my whole life, finding the right jeans has been a never ending battle. i have an odd shape (to those who make jeans, i guess). im somewhere between a pear & an hourglass. i have a smaller waist (its not tiny, i wear a 12 & have a 5 year old) but i will say that i have a VERY large rear end. pants either are too tight & make my butt look strange or fit it well with a loose waste band. i did find one pair recently was made mostly with ramie? i love them them but i cant seem to find anymore like them (they dont stretch out either) the few i have found look cheap. HELPPPP

    1. I would try Torrid or Maurices. Just try on a LOT of jeans and find one that works! I think the Silver Suki Surplus would look nice on you.

  128. You are doing a great service, so thank you! Do you ever do consultations by photo? I have found that the “boyfriend” jeans of a few years back were by far the most flattering on my 5’11”, size 20, smallish waisted frame. But now they are so hard to find. What would be a comparable fit in styles available today?

    1. I can do consultations by photo, but I’m not always super quick to respond since I get so many. Please feel free to send your photos my way and I can tell you anything that I think would be comparable! Also include your size and any “issues” you have with jeans (muffin top, gapping waist, etc)

  129. My biggest problem buying jeans is that I have such a short torso that all plus size jeans end up buttoning just below my bra *yuck so I don’t really know where to buy low rise plus size jeans. And I’m only 5 feet tall I’m having the hardest time finding anything thay fits right let alone at a decent price.

    1. I would try Torrid – they carry short lengths. I don’t remember how exactly the rise was, but it was a LOT lower than Lane Bryant.

  130. OK… I love you.. now that we have the giggly fan moment out of the way……. I am 6′ tall and wear a size 15/16…here is the kicker… I carry all my weight in my hips, butt, and thighs (oh I have huge calves too…thanks Mama)…. I CANT find jeans for under $200 that fit me that are LONG enough!! I have a 35″ inseam and those are barely long enough….. and if I do find them long enough they are funky on my butt! HELP!!!!

    1. I’m so sorry – that IS hard! Long inseams in sizes above a 12 are so impossible to find, and I’ve been looking for sure!! I would try Silver Suki Surplus – I’m pretty sure they come in Tall, and they tend to have more room in the areas that you need them. I hope that helps a little anyway!

  131. I love this post! I am so tired of feeling so frumpy in my jeans :( I never can find jeans that fit right, either too tight or too much material in the front area or just really look terrible on me. I have never heard of several of the brands of the “right” jeans, now I want to go out shopping! Unfortunately, we don’t have the greatest selection of stores here and finding those brands will be difficult if not completely impossible. I hate ordering online because I never know what size I am in different brands plus returns are such a pain. Do you have any suggestions for finding these great jeans when store selections are not an option?

    1. I agree – ordering online is tough, because every brand fits every body differently. If you’re going to order online, make sure the company you’re ordering from has a great return policy, and maybe go ahead and buy two styles or sizes to have a couple of options to try on.

      Maurices and Torrid should have the ability to order online, and I know you can buy Silver jeans through Amazon.

  132. I am really interested in the code denim jeans! I always have a horrible time finding jeans that fit. I’d love any advice you can give me!! Please help!!!

    Thank you!!!
    xoxo Suzy

    1. Unfortunately, since I wrote this article, Code Denim has been discontinued. I have a few pairs left here, but not many. What size are you looking for?

  133. I’d love to get in contact with a Vault Demin rep….I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Could you help me with that?

  134. Ok, I want to form a co-op with the gal up there who says hers are always too long! I’m six-foot and its all in the legs, and I have never ever in my life felt good in jeans. I’m size 18-ish? Post-baby belly squish, short rise and a wide backside, and I swear it is like finding the holy grail, jeans that fit tall plus-size me! It’s a nightmare. Like many others I wish I could borrow you; I have one pair of Old Navy jeans that alternate between way too tight (fresh from the wash) and way too baggy (ten minutes later) and the NYDJs go up to my friggin’ armpits! Ugh. Send help.

    1. You are right – it is really hard to find jeans for really tall people, except for designer jeans that are expensive and have very narrow size ranges. I would check out the Silver Suki – it does come in long lengths. Also, Torrid has longs.

  135. LOVE this post! I had a ? on where I can find these jeans IN PERSON to try on? I see that most are available on Vault Denim or Amazon, but where in person? I have been wearing Gap and Old Navy so I don’t even recognize many of these brands. Help!

  136. My biggest problem with jeans is that no matter what brand or size I buy they sag terribly. I have a flat butt, but my thighs and stomach keep me is the larger sizes. Right now I am wearing 16s.

    What do you recommend in order to avoid the sagging.

    1. So sorry for my late reply – my email got the best of me!

      It’s hard to say without seeing pictures or trying to fit you, but nicer jeans will stretch out less and be cut better, which will prevent some sagging. I’d check out Silver jeans if I were you.

  137. Hi. I really appreciate your post. I really want to try a pair of the Code Denim but can’t seem to find a place to purchase them online? I am hoping you could direct me to a website? Thank you for your help!

    1. Sorry I’m so late in responding, but I haven’t done much shopping at Kohl’s. I’ve seen some that are good on other people, though!

  138. Love this analysis so much! I have never understood flattering clothes or what constitutes a pair of cute jeans. I have many smart, funny, wonderful friends who aren’t very fashion savvy, so finding really solid information like this is a gold mine to me. I’m also kind of tickled that you’re in Birmingham, because I moved to Tuscaloosa about 2 years ago, go figure.

    Question for you : How did you figure this all out? How do you know when you’re wearing something that’s flattering? I’m usually at a loss, and try to mentally cobble together what I’ve seen other people wearing combined with those fluke outfits that get a lot of random comments or glances from strangers. So what’s a better way to do that? Do I need to find some fashionistas to hang out with?

    1. I think just a lot of staring at people and myself, to answer your question! I’m a ridiculously analytical person, so I find myself breaking everything down in my head to see why it works or doesn’t work.

  139. Since I’m pretty much the same size as Subject B…and sitting here wearing THOSE EXACT JEANS (the “before” ones, sadly), I have to say that love love love this post. Thank you so much, you’ve opened my eyes! I always bought jeans for price and judged success based on whether I could zip them up. No, really.

    I’m wondering what you think of the system Lane Bryant and its cousin stores had with jeans and pants, of assigning the yellow triangle, red square, or blue circle to their cuts.
    I found I wore a significantly different size in the blue square jeans. (Normally I’m a 24, the blue dotters I’m sitting in are size 20. Go fig.)
    However, my hips are SO wide, that they still gap at the back and fall down in the back when I bend over every. stinking. time.

    WWYD, and did you find any merit in that system of classifying the cuts of jeans?

    1. You’re welcome! And to answer your question, not really. They didn’t prove to be helpful on my models (we tried them ALL on), and just seemed confusing, really.

  140. I loved this post. I am definatley plus size. I desperately need to lose weight but have a condition that prevents me from exercising and I have nothing that fits. I am hoping that you have some advice on some other things like tunics, shirts, dresses that may be somewhat flattering. I love the boho style of long tunic-type tops but have no idea what would look good. I guess I am style illiterate. HELP!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  141. You are a total rockstar. I’ve been slowly losing weight and have been just buying whatever I can find for cheap, but I really need a quality pair of flattering jeans as a reward for reaching a big goal. This guide was an absolute lifesaver. THANK-YOU!

  142. Ah! I live in Corinth, MS. We should meet in Florence, AL and do a denim consult for me. I have a small butt and legs but hold weight in my tummy. I HATE shopping for jeans. It makes me cry. I only own two pair because of this. Help!!

    1. Well, my life doesn’t allow for traveling consults, but I would be glad to give you some long distance advice. I have a friend with this exact shape, and the key is to find jeans with a stretchy or proportionally larger waistband so that you can size down to your legs. Also, skinny jeans might be great for you because they tend to stretch all over and fit more closely on the legs and butt.

      A brand that is always proportionally bigger in the waist is William Rast.

  143. I love your blog! I live in Fort Rucker, AL. I am 5’6″ 178 pounds and am super curvy. I want dark wash jeans with large pockets to minimize my rear (its wide). I love pockets with flaps and stitching and dont care much for distressing or whiskering. Whats the best place to go try on jeans in sizes 14-16? Thanks in advance. I need some help!


  144. Wow. WOW. I have never been so educated! Basically, if it kind of fit, I would wear it, because the alternative is to go naked, and I get too cold for that! Thank you so much! I am currently wearing CJ Banks “mom jeans” (pockets too small and too wide) because I really didn’t know what to choose & why. Thanks to your models (I would love to be one of them, but I’m a little far away in Utah). You are fabulous! Now I know. Thank you.

  145. Awesome! Thank you! One of my biggest gripes with buying jeans or any pants is that often, I get the dreaded sock showing. Or, the “back gap” in the waist. But I’ve always wondered about pocket placement so this is great!

  146. Great post!
    I can always find jeans that fit, but none fit in length. I use to put them back until I learned how to fix it myself. Now, I always hem my own jeans. Focus on the look of everything then fix the length when I get home.

    It’s extremely easy to do, and no one can tell!! Just cut off the bottom inch or so, then cut to desired length. Sew the bottom inch that you cut (you know the nice-looking-bunched-up part) so that when you flatten it out the seam falls near the original pant leg seam and becomes invisible.

    **Turn the bottom inch inside out — both cut edges together (the cut inch and the jeans’ edge should not be even when you sew them or it’ll turn out wrong and longer than expected with the seam also higher), sew them together close to the seam (but not on it!!) flip it down (so that the same color jean is facing you and iron to flatten. Voila.

  147. Hi! I love your post for curvy girls. i feel like my body is not right for jeans. ive only owned 1 pair of jeans that i was in love with, but i cant fit any more (baby weight) i am 5′, 150lbs, and i carry all of my weight in my hips, butt, thighs, and calves. my waist is very tiny, so i end up finding a pair that fit my butt, but they give me a terrible gap, they are too long, the crotch usually isnt long enough, and they are sometimes too tight on my calves. i usually shop at old navy, because they sell short sizes that actually fit me. any tips on how to fix my problems, or what kind of jean i should be looking for??
    thanks so much!!!!!

  148. This has been AWESOME!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ABUNDANT RESEARCH!! SOOOOooo I’m a plus size girl who was tired of the “chub rub” and my jeans only lasting a year because the inner thigh would always wear out! So I googled and my search led me to this post!! OMG! I knew things were not quite right with my jeans (LANE BRYANT) but I didn’t have the wonderful descriptive terms that you provided! Long But, heart but, OMG such a huge heart but offender!! This post has revolutionized my perspective on shopping for jeans and my outlook and how I will look in my jeans! Phenomenal! THank you! Umm the only bummer is that some of the jeans that I preferred the most are NO longer available! Alas, by gones! Again thank for this awesome toolkit for finding AWESOME fitting jeans! Now, I’m off to get that trusted friend to the mall!

  149. I’m trying to shop for some of these jeans that I like (not a fan of heavy stitching) and am having little luck =( Vaultdenim has like nothing currently listed in plus sizes and none at all like the ones showed (I love the Emerson Edwards ones!), any chance of getting you to do an updated list of style/places to actually get some of these? I have to order online sadly, as we’re stationed overseas =(

    1. I would try Torrid, Buckle, or Maurices online. They won’t have the Emerson Edwards, unfortunately – those have been temporarily discontinued. But there should be some other great brands available, especially Silver!

  150. I am an 18w, and NOT fan at all of decorative stitching. Cannot find jeans my size in stores. None of the jeans in this post are available online any more. Could you please do another trial soon with jeans that are available to buy? That would be a lifesaver for me and many others!!

  151. Excellent suggestions!
    I am a mom to 6 (SIX) very busy girls. I am lucky to get out of the house along for a grocery shopping trip every couple of weeks.
    I need a starting point for jeans shopping.
    I am barely 5 ft. tall, heavy in the saddlebag area & have a “poochy” lower belly, I end up buying size 16 usually to fit in the thigh area, but jeans are always waaaaaay too big in the waist. Way too big. I don’t mind hemming my on jeans, but seriously, who wants to tear apart the waistband?!
    Any suggestions on where to start would be a huge help since a babysitter ill cost me a small fortune for this excursion.
    Thank you!

  152. Rachel, you may have answered this question but for comparison sake what size(s) are the jeans you tried on?

  153. Where is the best place to buy jeans in talls for curvy? My entire life I’ve struggled with jeans. I’m 5’10” and a 14. I’ve been wearing Old Navy sweetheart bc it’s the closest thing to “fitting”.

  154. Thanks for this post – I actually found it from looking at the GAP/Old Navy Post! I’ll be in Birmingham on Sunday!

  155. I loved this blog. I have major problems with jeans. I am big in the waist due to skin stretching from being fat and dropping weight fast. Of course being pregnant didn’t help either. I can wear plus size if I don’t mind the legs being extremely wide so much that I look bigger. If I find jeans that fit hip and thigh it doesn’t fit the waist or if I can button and zip the jeans I get muffin top. I’ve never heard of the jeans you recommended. I live about an hour from dothan Alabama what kind of shops/retail would I find to shop for great jeans instead of ON or Lane Bryant? sincere thanks!

  156. I almost cried when I found this today. I’ve NEVER seen a fashion blog with pictures of butts like mine. Sometimes (and not often enough) you see big girls, but they’re always perfectly proportionately curvy. It’s like the internet doesn’t believe slim hipped chubby girls exist. But we do, internet, we do exist!

    I’ve been wearing dad-jeans (Old Navy men’s relaxed fit) for YEARS to go with my thick thighs, thick waist, and lack of hips. But you just convinced me to give women’s jeans another shot.

    And FYI, Macy’s has started stocking Silver plus-size jeans online, yay!

  157. Thank you for this!! Both myself and my oldest daughter are considered Plus Size and have trouble finding jeans that fit. this will help both of us, as we both don’t like the way jeans look on each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  158. I love to read your reviews. I am 4’11” and wear and wear between a 10-14 jean. Depends on the jean as which size. I would love for you to do a review on short people. All my jeans are to long. If I get boot cut by the time I cut them off I feel they are to wide at the bottom. I could use all the help you can offer. Thank you

    1. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for my next project! Although I can go ahead and say – hemming is your best friend. It opens up many options! And also, Subject A in this blog post is right around 5′, I believe.

  159. Hi Jessica-

    I am plus-sized and have the issue of wearing a big size to fit my tummy, plus i have no butt whatsoever to speak of. :( Unfortunately most of these jeans are well out of my price range. Are there any affordable options for plus size or am I stuck spending no less than $50 a pair? I love fashion and want to look nice but I find that simply isn’t an option when it comes time to pay for it. I’m wearing the horrible Old Navy Mom Jeans because it is all I can afford. They look awful and fall apart at the seams (literally) after a few months. Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks!
    P.s. Kudos to your models for allowing you “photograph their butts a 1000x.” It takes courage to allow anyone near you with a camera when you are plus sized…I know b/c I avoid it like that plague!

    1. To be honest, I would say a minimum of $40-50 is what it is going to cost to get a pair of quality jeans. BUT it’s so worth it because they last longer and they look so much better! If your other jeans are falling apart in a few months, you’re spending more replacing those than if you bought one good pair that would last for you.

  160. My struggle is that I’m plus sized (size 20) but I’m 6′ tall with long legs. I’m most comfortable in a 36″ inseam. Pretty hard to find in plus size jeans. 34-35″ inseams seem to be common, but not 36″. Plus, I really don’t have a huge budget. Any suggestions?

  161. I don’t know how I’m just now finding this post, two years after this party started, but here I am! I’m not even sure how I found it to begin with. Anyway – thank you! I don’t know why it is enlightening to me that there’s such a big difference in the way different jeans look, but holy crap! There’s a huge difference!

    Now, if I ever make it down to Alabama, I will absolutely be calling you for a consultation! (It’s not all that improbable – I have some good friends there and have been meaning to visit!)

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  162. Any ideas for petit,e plus-sized (20ish), pear/hourglass shaped women? My waist is 12-13″ smaller than my hips and my legs are thick all the way down, so skinny jeans of all shapes look ridiculous on me. I usually have to get wide leg cuts just to fit my calves. (Luckily I don’t have cankles, yay.) *Sometimes* a boot cut will work, but rarely. The skinniest look I can pull off is Macy’s Charter Club’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans, but even in “short” the rise is a little too high. Thanks!

  163. I just sent this link to my sister. We are both plus-sized, and we go shopping together on occasion, so this is a huge blessing for us. lol. We are in Fairhope, AL, so we may have to drive 4 hours north and stalk, erm, email ;) you.

  164. You didn’t mention thighs as a problem area for fitting. That is my struggle! It seems the waist is always too large and my thighs too large. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I have this same problem. It’s all in finding the brand of jeans that has the right proportion for your body. Ones that work well on me are Red Engine, Joe’s Jeans, Dylan George, Express Stella Cut or ReRock, and Hudson Jeans. Also, Lucky Brand is great for a little extra thigh room.

      I just realized this question was on the plus sized post. Sorry – I’m answering hundreds of questions today. :-/ With that in mind, here are a few extra brands to check out: Silver Suki worked well with bigger thighs, as did Torrid’s jeans. I unfortunately didn’t have anyone volunteer with bigger thighs for that post, so I don’t have too many other specifics to offer. Let me know if you find one that works great on you, though!

  165. What part of Alabama are you? I seem to be stuck at a 24 and I oils live in jeans but have been so frustrated trying to find any that are flattering. I have been a pretty classic pear shape, but since my hysterectomy have started getting more tummy than usual..

    I hate shopping, but mostly because I have no idea how to find things that look good (probably because I think it ALL looks bad right now ;)

    I may be in for a road trip.. Depending on how far you are from Nashville.

    Thanks for all the info!

  166. Ok, I have the problem where most of my weight is in my legs, and most jeans are now being tailored for women with slender legs and big butts/stomachs. In the past two years, the market changed so I can no longer find any pants! I wear a size 26, but if I want my legs to fit, I need to go up to a size 32 practically, at which point I cannot wear the things in public because… Yeah, shove a size 26 butt into 32 jeans and try not to vomit. It’s horrible. I’ve hit this point were I cannot find jeans in my size anymore, not at thrift shops, Lane Bryant, Catherines, high end plus women’s boutiques, walmart, target, old navy… Well, most stores don’t even carry anything in the 20’s anyway, so that’s a wash. I’ve only been able to find jeans that fit online at Woman Within. At this point I don’t care what they look like, or that I can pull them down without unzipping or unbuttoning, because they fit my legs. And if you think availability of jeans is bad, then slacks for business purposes (I am a business professional) are even harder to find, and I look like a wreck in a skirt. At this point, I’m grateful I work from home, but when I need to attend meetings it’s all but a crisis of searching for acceptable wardrobe options in every store in my area. So for the ladies whose weight is carried in the thighs and calves, what would you recommend? Last time I went to a meeting I had the frumpiest stinking skirt on, which I bought as a last minute attempt to not wear ill-fitting jeans to an executive meeting and it nearly broke my heart.

  167. There is a question I have that I hope you can answer (great article by the way!). I am borderline plus-size, trying to lose weight. I have a problem finding the right jeans because I’m big around the thighs, butt, and stomach. That makes it extra difficult to find pants because companies will only think about accommodating for one or two of those. Do you know of any good brands that aren’t too expensive? I want to look good while I’m losing the weight, but not spend a lot of money doing so. Or is it a better idea to stick it out with what I have and make good purchases afterward?

  168. LOL. . You KNOW everyone out there is going back to high rise AKA normal jeans AKA MOM jeans. You just think that fashion in Birmingham is going to stand still forever. Come on!!!!! Just try to see the facts. YOU look better in high rise jeans. Everyone does. I may not be a mom yet, but this Empress will wear her mom jeans. I threw out all my low rise anyhow. They just make my legs look shorter, and my butt look short and wide. Why do you want jeans that hit at the widest part of your body? You like short big butts that much? Effin’ weird. You think they are what? Not selling out at Top Shop or Urban Outfitters or Saaks or Nordstroms or wherever? Mom jeans fly off the shelves.

  169. So I’m plus sized, but I have a very athletic form. I’m completely proportional and have a bit of pudge, but it isn’t jiggly and is pretty firm. I don’t know where to get jeans to fit my body? And they have to be pretty cheap, I’m broke. I wear a size 16/18, depending on the brand. I’ve always had a hard time finding jeans because I have naturally wider hips, an athletic build, and a few extra pounds. Could you help me find a place that has what I’m looking for?

  170. I loved your blog, I actually think your blog is the first, i’ve ever read entirely. Can you do something for tall girls?

  171. So… 2 hours of poring over your denim related blog posts and half my battle is won. The other half is one I was hoping you’d cover in future blog posts and I imagine would enlighten all of your readers, maybe even more so than your previous posts (not to minimize what you did there – every little bit helps). Before reading you here I’ve had problems with putting a pair of jeans on that I liked in idea (i.e. great color/fade, great stitching, etc. yet pocket placement is too far apart or sits on the wrong part of my butt) and after turning around would have to take them off because they made my butt look flat or elongated or too horizontally tubular.

    Now what I am asking, because you really seem to know what you are talking about AND are prepared to go into detail about it, is for you to do a series of posts on fitting your denim to your body shape. There are tons and tons of articles/blogs/etc. that cover this all over the internet and I’ve probably been to every single one. I find them lacking. They show me pictures, they give me some theoretical calculations and/or shape ideals to tell me what my body shape is, they suggest jean lines in brands for those body shapes, but I am always left wondering if I am one of three different body shapes based on the information they’ve given and they don’t explain to me how to know if a jean is going to flatter my body type or not when I am looking at it in the store or online. When I shop for jeans I tend to stick with what I know and even worse I do pretty much all of my shopping online, so it’s always hit or miss. Any time I have taken a chance and assumed that a pair of jeans would fit me I have ended up wasting money and the time it took to find them. Then sometimes when I find a pair of jeans that fit me well or perfectly, when I go back to order more of that line I may find that the next pair is nothing like the first.

    To help you understand my predicament, I have around 100 pairs of jeans all purchased in the past 3-4 years and I probably only wear about 20 of them, yet not all 20 of them are comfortably worn, if that is understandable. Meanwhile, another 20 of them that I don’t wear probably fall into the category of wrong pocket size and placement…. 10 into the too short in the legs category… and a whopping 50 fall into this wrong jean for my body shape category. I have recently begun cutting the legs off of a bunch of hundred $$$ pairs of jeans (a lot second hand on e-Bay) to make shorts out of jeans that I simply have not been able to wear due to their wonkiness on my body.

    So, pretty, pretty, please, could you, would you, do a series on how to know what to look for for each individual body shape and references to jean lines that you know flatter a certain body type (of course why they flatter that body type)? And the course should most definitely be prefaced with a very definitive guide on how to determine your body shape, because even after reading hundreds of articles and blogs I am not 100% positively sure what mine is. You could even do a Q&A after just to be sure everyone is clear. And I promise to never send you nude/half-clothed photos asking you to determine my body shape, if you just help me learn how to do it myself.

    Again, please and thank you!

    1. I am not plus-size, I just commented here because it was the last post I read. I just wanted to clarify in case… because I was hoping you would cover all body types and body sizes. I know I’m probably asking for a lot, but it could be your “next chapter” in denim (shoulder shrug & convincing facial expression).

  172. Hi,
    I’m British & live in Switzerland (so I automatically have less choice in affordable jeans than you lucky people in the US)

    I’m a US size 12-14 (I think – I usually wear 33-34″ jeans). I have no idea want counts as plus-size over there but I know it’s difficult to find those here in standard clothes shops.

    Apart from availability, my problem is that I have pretty much NO butt. From the front,I have hips but they are kind if squared and, if you look at me from the back my butt is pretty much non-existent (goes straight down from back to thigh). This means that, whatever the style, if I have jeans that fit my hips then, even with a belt, they just slide right down as there’s nothing bigger below the waistband to keep them in place. This either results in saggy folds beneath my virtually invisible buttocks or, if left too long between hauling them up, a certain level if embarrassment!

    Can you give me any pointers? I would be forever in your debt.

    Thanks in advance.

  173. I did not see any male comments here so I thought I would write to give you the perspective from a male with good taste, that likes females with even better taste.

    Here is what a guy thinks regarding your denim choices:

    1. If you wear heavy stitching on your pockets or flaps, it’s a big turn-off. Why? Because modern denim contains polyester and automatically makes your expensive jeans look cheap. Add stitching and now we’re talking K-Mart cheap. No brand or price can fix this. If there is poly in most of your jeans it makes you look cheap and you are going to attract cheap men. If you are paying 200$ for polyester(Spandex)/cotton jeans you need help.

    2. Modern jeans have a distinct “grainy” look. It’s because of the Polyester. If all of your jeans look grainy, throw them out or be prepared to attract similar men with zero taste.

    3. I’m not going to give the solution into buying denim correctly, but it does not include going to the mall or paying over $50. One day you will stumble on this and realize how much you have wasted on polyester denim, and why your husband/boyfriend is low-rent even though both of your jeans are high-rent.

    4. Price has no correlation to quality. In fact, the more you pay for new jeans the worse they probably are.

    5. Don’t believe that if a celeb or model is wearing poly jeans that it’s okay. Celebs are some of the worst dressers, and many hire stylists that compound the situation.

    Supporting Examples: a celeb that IS doing it correctly, and the exception to the rule is Nicole Ritchie. She has a stylist, but you will NEVER EVER see her wearing polyester denim. A celeb that is doing it WRONG: most of them.

    In summary: stay away from heavy pocket designs, grainy denim, polyester-denim (spandex, etc..), don’t follow trends or celebs and NO POCKET FLAPS, EVER!

  174. Do you have any advice for petites? I am 5’3″, 118 pounds and I have over 40 pairs of jeans that don’t fit. My problem areas are my butt and upper thighs. Jeans are tight in those areas ad gap at the waist. Any ideas? Please email me any advice. I would greatly appreciate it!

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