Noah and I are close.  Very Close.

My friends were right – there’s a particular bond between a mother and son that is like no other – his adoration of me is quite taking.


Although I am equally close with Ali, there’s a different feel to how Noah appreciates me.  While she is quite independent and often indifferent towards me, he follows me everywhere, offers generously an unending supply of hugs, kisses, pats, and well-meaning slaps-that-bring-tears-to-my-eyes, and asks for me immediately if anyone else gets him out of bed.

So, albeit a little creepy, I took it as more evidence of his unending admiration of my personhood when he started regularly chanting, “Hot Mama, Hot Mama, Hot Mama.”

(After all, he had heard his father say it a few times…)

Every few days, Noah would make sure  I knew I was looking especially good –

“Hot Mama, Hot Mama, Hot Mama!”


“Why thank you – I did curl my hair this morning.  I’m glad the improvement was noticeable!”

a few days later…

“Hot Mama, Hot Mama, Hot Mama.”


“Aw, thanks! I like this new shirt too!”

a few days later…

“Hot Mama, Hot Mama, Hot Mama!”


“I DID do a good job on my eye shadow this morning, no?”

a few days later…

“Hot Mama, Hot Mama, Hot Mama!!”

…and then that day I realized the connection.

Every time he’d said that, I had been holding a cup of coffee.

And it was a request.



25 thoughts on “Self-Esteem and Sons.

  1. This. is. awesome.

    Seriously. I was waiting for the punchline, and it was as good as I was anticipating.
    : )

    I have two boys, and since they are both considerably older than Noah, I get the satisfaction of knowing when they really are complimenting me, which they do regularly and profusely.

    Seriously, I get, “Mama you’re so bootiful and pwetty and lovely,” multiple times a day.

    There is a slight problem, though.

    They are just as likely to say it and with just as enthusiastic an appreciation when I’ve just rolled out of bed and have major frizz-hair and puffy eyes as when I’ve gotten all gussied up and am wearing a dress.

    I would love to attribute this to the fact that I am attractive no matter what my state, but my mirror says otherwise.

    So, instead I must chalk it up to sweetness on their parts and excellent training from their daddy.

    Either way, a compliment’s a compliment…right?

  2. P.S. My secondborn (a boy) was majorly obsessed with Mama until he was 3 or so (I was actually worried when my daughter came along right about that age that he wouldn’t cope well with the competition, even though he was quite the little man at that point). So I have definitely experienced the mother/son connection at its sweetest (my firstborn likes me too; but his Softa–my mom–holds first place in his heart).

    But my daughter?

    Oh my goodness. She makes me feel like a celebrity most moments of every day. If Mama is an option, she will have NOTHING else. And she is the biggest cuddler you can imagine, lavishing me with leg-hugs and kisses, and wanting to crawl up into my (nonexistent) lap pretty much every chance she gets.

    It’s pretty freakin’ fantastic.

    P.P.S. #2 is currently snuggled up against my shoulder as I sit on the couch writing this, and he’s almost 5, so I think you have many more years of son adoration to enjoy in your future. : )

  3. Haha. Gotta love kids. I can’t believe he is almost TWO. That’s how old Ali was when I first started reading your blog. Makes you want to slow down time a bit doesn’t it?

  4. We wanted a girl so badly and when we found out our little one was a boy everyone kept saying “little boys LOVE their mamas”. I thought, well duh! Every kid loves their mother. Now our little one and only just started kindergarten and man does he still LOVE his mama. Dad is his buddy but mama is his first love. I hope it lasts forever.
    I also get “mom, your shirt is pretty”, “mommy, you are so beautiful”, “mommy, I love you more than anything in the world” on a regular basis. It makes my day! And only sometimes is there an ulterior motive!

  5. I have FIVE boys (no girls), and yes, boys love their Mamas! :) All of mine are still willing to hug, kiss and snuggle any time, day or night. My oldest is eight, and he’s just now gotten to where he won’t kiss me goodbye at school. So he makes sure to kiss and hug me before we leave the house. lol

  6. Haha! How cute! You are one brave woman- I hardly let Landon have sweet tea for fear of having to strap him down or something as a result of having caffeine. I guess I should allow him to venture out a bit in the beverage dept. – maybe if he calls me “Hot Mama” I will! :)

    1. He only gets slight sips…. Ali has never had caffeine! I’m not sure where the double standard came in, except that Noah is so CUTE drinking coffee, and Ali thinks all carbonated drinks are spicy and all coffee is horrid.

  7. Too funny! :-) My 2-year-old has just recently started saying “Pretty!” and it melts my heart. Of course, he also says it to Daddy when he’s getting dressed for work…the other day Daddy had to wear a suit and tie for something and the 2-year-old kept patting his shoulder and saying “Wow, pretty!” LOL

    The 2-year-old also looooooooves anything we’re drinking out of a mug. I drink tea every day and he asks for tastes frequently – “Tea? Tea?” Sometimes he even asks me to make some so he can share it with me!

    And it’s true, little boys have these affectionate hearts we don’t always expect. I read somewhere that boys actually have a really deep need for affection, so I try to snuggle and hug and kiss and whisper “I love you” to my boys as often as I possibly can. The 2-year-old is a huuuuuge Daddy’s-boy but he’s still very affectionate with Mommy. :-)

  8. Ally did the exact same thing to me. “Mama’s hot! Mama’s hot!”

    Why thank you kid…. oh nvm. you just want my coffee.

  9. It’s so true. I have a 7 year old girl and 3 year old boy…while my Maci is certainly my little mini me adn we have so much fun together and I love her with all my heart…my michevious little Gabe will just steal your heart…He loves his daddy, but it is real true love with Mommy!

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