The 15 Stages of Having Nothing to Blog About.

The 15 Stages of Having Nothing to Blog About

Impending Doom
– In thinking through one’s long list of blog post ideas…and realizing that there aren’t any.  Not a single one.

2. Optimism – Surely something will come to mind.  Something always does.  It will be totally fine.

3.  Annoyance –  Clearly, Mental Mutiny is afoot.

4.  Blank Stares – THINK, computer screen!! Why haven’t you learned how to think for yourself??  Do I have to do everything for you???

5. Desperation – Surely, surely, SURELY if I take my kids to the mall in seasonally inappropriate clothing and with no naps, SURELY something bloggable will happen.

6.  Depression – It’s happened.  It’s finally happened.  I’ve run out of original thought.

7.  Justification – Why is this so important anyway?  It’s a dumb blog with little redeeming value.  Who cares if I don’t have a blog post up at 7:45 Monday morning??  It’s not like people are waiting here hitting refresh because I’m giving away an iPhone 5 to the first hundred commenters or anything.

(Mental Note: Should try that.)

8.  Blank Stares – Come ON, computer screen!! WHY AREN’T YOU INSPIRING ME?!?!

9.  Vocalization – Maybe if I tell my husband that I have nothing to blog about, he’ll happen to have half a dozen fabulous ideas…

10.  Inspiration – Wait a minute…I can blog about having nothing to blog about!!

11.  Glee – Problem solved!  Now I can relax!!

12.  Self-Doubt – Blogging about having nothing to blog about is the stupidest, most inane blog idea of all time.

13.  Defensiveness – Dear Self: Unless you’ve got any better ideas, shut up!

14.  Blank Stares – Seriously, computer screen?? You can’t even write about having nothing to write about?!?  You are dead to me.

15.  Impending Doom – But what will I write about tomorrow…?